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Author: The Basset

Not Me!

No one gets the urge to bite into an avocado. Even after you read something like this you still don’t have the urge to grab the nearest avocado and bite it. So who on Earth was the first person to look at an avocado and...

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The Skylar Robbins Mysteries by Carrie Cross

Compared to as a modern Nancy Drew, the Skylar Robbins Mysteries have won multiple awards, and several have achieved #1 Bestseller status in Children’s Detective Books on Amazon. Grab your copy today and see for yourself why...

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The Joy Of The Season

I have the urge to become a minimalist again. Yup! The house is now decorated for Christmas. Not the trees though. That is a family event. It’s one of my favorite decorating activities. My baby bassets do all the work...

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Socks and Christmas Decor

How is it possible that last year I thought I might have gone overboard with the Christmas decorations, but this year I am finding I need a things to fill in a few gaps? I reuse the same decorations each year, how could I need...

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A Bit Of Romance For Christmas

Get in the spirit of the holidays with this wonderful collection by author Elysia Strife. Strife is best known for her sweet and clean (no intimacy) holiday romance and loves writing tough and humble male leads with feisty but...

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