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Author: The Basset

Bearly Laughing

I’m so sad that my oldest baby basset won’t let me get a funny shower curtain for the hall bathroom. He says he wants plain old stripes. No giant octopus, no funny bear, no fun. I should respect his wishes....

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The Lake by Kevin Lynch

She thought a holiday would be good for her. She was wrong. The Lake by Kevin Lynch is a gripping and intriguing thriller that you won’t be able to put down. Grab your copy today! The Lake by Kevin Lynch (12 Reviews)...

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Any Bunny Around??

Happy Thursday! A long time ago a friend of mine told me “If you want to have kids, you need to put bunny figurines around your house.” I get real nervous around Easter when all of my Easter Bunnies are out. I spend...

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My Only Sunshine

I was promised a little sliver of sunshine, and I have yet to see any sunshine. They said the rain would let up and the sun would peek out for a few minutes. I am starting to think they lied. The temper tantrum will begin...

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From Enemies to Lovers

Looking for a real page-turner romance novel? Look no further! …Olivia Pearl is a master story smith creating fully dimensional characters, fully flushed backstories and side stories. I enjoy her books and while I always...

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