I Wish and Hope
by Arindam Mohapatra
4.8 Out of 5 Stars (4 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

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“I Wish and Hope” is a non-fictional book by Arindam Mohapatra. It contains 33 articles that are purely based on the thoughts that come from the heart of a young Indian, who wishes and hopes that things will change in his part of the world. The thoughts are simple, moving and funny.

The author was born and brought up in a small town of India and post engineering he has moved to various cities to pursue his dreams. So this book describes the journey of a young Indian from an interior part of India to the much developed India.

This book describes thoughts like-
-How does the life of a young man change when he leaves his home town and moves to a city? How does he feel after being cheated by his own countrymen or when his own people treat him as an outsider because he speaks a different language?
-How disappointing is it for him, when he notices that people of his country are trying to create the illusion that India is shining; even though the reality is something else?
-How does he feel when he sees a child working at a tea stall, a garage or a hotel instead of going to school?
-How much does it hurt him when he comes across people of other countries who believe that “Indians are thieves”? How does he try to show them the real side of most of the Indians?

This book also describes how things like religion, politics, relationships, traditions, love, marriage, failure, hope, dreams affect a young man’s life.

Arindam Mohapatra employs humor to talk about some issues while the description of others is poignant because everything that transpires in a young Indian’s life is not funny and every situation that he encounters is not humorous.
Are you ready for this journey with him?

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