The elves didn’t come and clean my house after the party. Strange. Maybe if I go take a nap they will come. Seems like a solid plan. I will let you know how it goes. In the meantime here are a few freebies. Enjoy!

When the Heart Falls
Karpov Kinrade
4.6 Stars (78 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Contemporary Fiction | Romance

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“One star breaks off from the others, shooting across the sky, a bright light trailing behind it, and I finally understand why people wish on dying stars. Because something always has to die for life to give birth to a new dream.”

Winter Deveaux knows pain. She knows fear. She knows heartache. What she doesn’t know is love. Which is a real problem for someone trying to write a romance novel. When a chance to spend a summer in Paris promises her a cure to her writer’s block, she packs her bags, never suspecting that the source of her darkest secret will follow her across the world.

Cade Savage is a man torn between two worlds. As son to the wealthiest ranching family in Texas, being a cowboy is in his blood, but his heart is set on architecture. He has one shot to decide his fate: a summer course in Paris.

Winter and Cade leave everything they know behind to follow their dreams to the city of lights, but they soon learn you can’t run from the demons that haunt you.

In a story of heartbreak, humor, forgiveness and finding love, these two lost souls must face their darkest fears before they can claim their heart’s desires.

But summer love can’t last forever, and soon they must choose between their future and their past. Between their dreams and their love. Between their secrets, and forgiveness.

Can they forgive the unforgivable in order to find happiness? Or are some people beyond forgiveness?

Both editions include mature themes.

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Gnome Wars (Adventures of the Fae Realm)
Barbra Annino
4.0 Stars (48 Reviews)
Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales | Romance | Fantasy

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This is a story for grown-ups. It’s a madcap romp through pseudo-reality for those who understand the nasty ways of those creepy little dudes in the pointy hats.

When Doug Baker moved into a new apartment, the last thing he expected to inherit was a gnome with a nasty temper claiming squatter’s rights. Doug has tried everything to get rid of the gnome but the little bugger refuses to leave. Now it’s war. And Doug is just about at the end of his rope until he meets Trina, a kooky chick who claims to have the answer to all his problems.

Have you hugged your gnome today? 5,000 words

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The Sinner King: Book of Fire
D. R. Crislip
4.3 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Ripped apart and separated by 3,500 years, two souls are about to reunite. . . .

Time magazine journalist William Coulee was covering the war in Iraq when he met a mysterious beauty unlike any woman before. Rebecca Badeau was supposed to be a volunteer helping restore the National Museum; however, it was only a cover for her real mission: locating a world-altering power not seen since the reign of King Solomon. But when tragedy struck–and Rebecca was killed–William was left to pick up the pieces. He uncovered Rebecca’s secret and discovered an unbelievable truth about life after death–one that went beyond his accepted reality . . . and spirituality.

Thousands of years later, William’s journey is discovered, and its shocking outcome is revealed; however, the person doing the discovering isn’t ready for what she reads or the terrible effect it has on her life. Where William’s quest ended, Rebecca Badeau’s re-begins–launching an epic race to recover the biblical power before it falls into evil’s hands . . . for a second time.

Amid terrifying twists and heart-pounding suspense, The Sinner King: Book of Fire is an action-packed enigma filled with captivating history and perplexing predicaments that will leave the reader mystified and pleading for more.

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The Barker’s Dozen – Reminiscences of an Early Police Dog
Robert Warr
4.6 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Romance

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The detective got the praise, but the dog did the digging.

I had reached the top of the stairs when I heard a small gasping cry from a room towards the back of the building.

‘Shall I kill the dog, Mr O’Neil?’ A cold voice asked and my heart fell.

‘No Sean. We need her to ensure our host’s further co-operation.’ A more cultivated, but infinitely colder man replied with a cruel sarcasm, ‘anyway the poor dog didn’t write that note so I think the guilty should suffer.’

‘What are you going to do then?’ There was an air of gloating anticipation in the first voice.

‘Nothing much,’ O’Neil replied. ‘I think I’ll just cut off a finger, just so he knows I mean what I say.’

Beside me, Canary gave a small shocked meow and glancing at her, I saw her claws extend.

‘Not now, little one,’ I spoke reassuringly. ‘This is dog’s work. When I’ve finished they won’t be interested in hurting your human.’

I looked round the doorjamb to see a middle-aged man struggling against a tough, labouring type who was trying to lay his victim’s hand flat on a table. O’Neil stood with his back to the door a large vicious knife dangling loosely in his right hand.

On the other side of the room, a partly open window looked out on a dingy yard. I needed a distraction so I threw the dynamite, as one would toss a dead rat, over the head of O’Neil and, to my complete amazement, watched it fly straight through the window.

I hurled myself towards O’Neil and bit him very hard just below the back of the knee. It was a bite to be proud of; I felt my teeth shear through trousers, skin and flesh until they grated on bone. He screamed, the sound shocking in that small room and, straightening suddenly, overbalanced backwards, his cruel knife flying from his hand.

I am not a terrier and know that when you are outnumbered it is better to bite and run rather than just keep savaging your first target. I gathered myself and jumped for the window. It was a tight fit, but I managed to squeeze through but not before something heavy cracked down on my right hip and I fell into the rough yard outside.

‘Get that dog,’ I heard O’Neil scream, his voice distorted into a pained falsetto.

‘You want us to bring the dog?’ a new voice asked, somewhat sleepily.

‘No, you fool, just the tag. Leave the dog in a gutter somewhere.’ The voice paused, and then continued, ‘I’ll give a guinea to whichever one of you brings me its tail.’

To stay was to die! I snatched up the dynamite and looked around…

The book consists of twelve linked stories that deal with the cases of Richard Thompson who is a Scotland Yard detective in Victorian Britain. Unlike Sherlock Holmes the hero is a member of the official police service. What gives these stories their special twist is that they are narrated by Snuffles, who is the Inspector’s Springer Spaniel.

Snuffles is an extremely likeable narrator although he is quite arrogant in some of his opinions and has a tendency towards bad puns, he is, however, a dog it would be a pleasure to know.

The settings for these stories range from the foggy streets of Victorian London to the grand country houses familiar to us from the Poirot stories and Downton Abbey. The prejudice that existed between different classes forms a theme (uncomfortable to our modern views) that runs through the book giving it a true flavour of its period.

Although Richard Thompson is a very good detective we learn that most of his cases are actually solved by Snuffles who interviews the animal witnesses. The dog is left with the problem of telling his master what he has learnt without revealing that he can talk. All I will say is that he is a most resourceful Spaniel.

Between each of the cases there is a journal entry written by Isobel Fraser a young American heiress who has been sent to Britain by her parents to end her infatuation with an adventurer. Her presence turns the book into a romance as her relationship with one of the main characters proves

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Offerings of Shiloh
Glenn Kleint
4.9 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction

FREE for a limited time

Historical novel of the American Civil War, Battle of Shiloh, April 6th and 7th, 1862

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Hot Doug’s: The Book
Doug Sohn
4.7 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | Cookbooks, Food & Wine | Business & Investing | Travel

FREE for a limited time

When it comes to hot dogs, Hot Doug’s head chef Doug Sohn is the master of the craft. His introduction of gourmet ingredients and professionally trained culinary flair to the world of encased meats has earned him national recognition and praise. In Hot Doug’s: The Book, Sohn takes the reader on a fun, irreverent trip through the history of hot dogs, his restaurant, and the many patrons — both famous and average Joe — who have declared Sohn the king of dogs.

As told through Sohn’s own stories, this book will combine photos, favorite anecdotes, lessons learned, and lists ranging from general restaurant etiquette to most-repeated sausage double-entendres (Doug’s heard ’em all). Stories included will reveal fact from the folklore of the restaurant’s founding, retell the tale of Hot Doug’s infamous 2006 run-in with Chicago City Hall, and even provide accounts of Hot Doug’s-inspired tattoos, which if presented upon order privilege the bearer to free hot dogs for life. Contributions from some of Hot Doug’s biggest fans will be spread throughout the book, with raves from Paul Kahan, Steve Albini, Dan Sinker, Mindy Segal, Homaro Cantu, Aziz Ansari, many other local and national figures, and an introduction from Graham Elliot.

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