Author Greg Strandberg provides something for everyone with his excellent mix of genres. From fantasy that is both brutally funny and violent, to thriller novels that take place in 1970’s Hong Kong, that are complex with more than just a tinge of police corruption. You will definitely find more than enough excitement here. Enjoy!

The Jongurian Mission (The Jongurian Trilogy, Book One)
Greg Strandberg
3.2 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Fantasy

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In the West, a fragile peace has held the bickering provinces of Adjuria together for the past twenty years. In the East, the Empire of Jonguria has been bound together for generations by force.

But now both countries are losing their grip. Will an Adjurian Royal Council offer up a solution, or will politics prevail? Can two ancient enemies bind their wounds, or is their hope for reconciliation, the Jongurian Mission, doomed from the start?

Join a motley group of war veterans tasked with opening up a reclusive country. But when their mission of peace suddenly turns deadly, all bets are off, and the Jongurian Mission takes on a whole new meaning: survival.

The Jongurian Mission sets you on a dazzling journey through mesmerizing lands filled with unforgettable characters that will thrill fantasy lovers young and old alike. A truly epic read that transcends the fantasy eBook genre!

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Black Walnut (Vigilante Justice Series)
Greg Strandberg
4.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: United States | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Tray Knight was just walking home from a friend’s house one night when Chicago’s finest stopped him.Maybe it was the hoodie, maybe it was his race, either way, Tray wound up dead.

The public’s up in arms but a DA up for re-election, a newscaster with her eye on National, and a station house full of racist cops could care less.

And that’s when one of the downtrodden steps up. Trained by the US government in Iraq, Afghanistan, and God knows where else, this urban vigilante is ready, willing and able to take the law into his own hands.Justice is coming to Chicago – and his name is Black Walnut!

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Wake Up, Detroit (Vigilante Justice Series)
Greg Strandberg
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Ernie Tanner has been sweeping streets in Detroit for twenty-seven years.That all changes when a letter arrives in the mail telling him his job and his pension have been cut.

Ernie’s not alone, however, and the motley group of Vietnam vets, frustrated city workers, and social-media-savvy pot dealers that he calls friends quickly make it clear that they’re ready to take the law into their own hands.

It isn’t long before the downtrodden rise up against their oppressors in this dark, dry-humored, and satirical short novel about the Motor City and those that love and hate her.

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Tarot Card Killer
Greg Strandberg
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

It’s 1973 and Jim Sharpe is sick of life, sick of being a cop, and most of all, sick of Hong Kong. He’s one of the few not taking bribes, yet he’s the one being charged with corruption. By the end of the week he’ll be kicked off the force – no matter what.

All that changes when a dead body’s found next to Victoria Harbour, a bloody Tarot card in its hand. Jim’s called onto the case, and what he discovers promises not just to upend his world, but the whole city as well.

With harrowing shootouts on the streets of Hong Kong Island, action-packed car chases down The Peak, and plenty of Tarot card mumbo-jumbo, you know this hard-boiled and international detective novel will take you to the edge of your seat.

Experience what readers everywhere will soon be talking about – Tarot Card Killer! So what are you waiting for? Draw your first card today!

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The Hirelings
Greg Strandberg
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Horror | Fantasy

It’s been six months since the horrendous incident atop Mount Misery, the incident that broke Beldar Thunder Hammer’s band of adventurers apart.

Now Beldar’s putting the band back together with the aim of heading back up Mount Misery to end the Kingdom’s Hireling system for good.

Of course that would upend the whole socio-economic balance of The Kingdom and usher in a time of peace and plenty for all.The powers-that-be can’t have that, and they’ll do everything in their power to thwart Beldar and his band of Hirelings from bringing that about.

Tired of Reading Rubbish Labeled as Fantasy?

If you’re tired of formulaic fantasy plots and tired tropes then look no further, this novel has none of that trash!Here’s what you will find:

Characters struggling economically; Graphic violence that’s not for the weary; A view of what really happens with battlefield spoils; The untold plight of monsters and the causes they care for; What becomes of the battlefield wounded; Sinister systems, not stupid villains; Characters that don’t suck up to you; Happy endings going out the window.

What are you waiting for?These characters could be kicking back a cold tankard at the tavern right now, but instead they’re waiting on you!


Several monsters are killed in this book.If this offends any members of the Kingdom Monster Guild, we do apologize.It was not the author’s intention to insult or demean stupid and brainless monsters with this book.These include:

Goblins Kobolds Stone Giants Giant worms Crawlers Man-eating Insects Slimes Oozes Harpies Pixies Nixies Unicorns Shambling Heaps Night Shades Waffle Tops and Blobs. If you or monsters you know are on the above list, the author apologies.If you are not on that list and want to be, contact the author right away!

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