It’s not that I feel completely betrayed or anything, maybe just a little hurt. While I was out shopping for some craft supplies the boys built a few Lego sets from my youngest bassets birthday. When I walked in the front door, there they were, and airplane and a Bat mobile completed. Directions tossed to the side no longer needed. My heart sank….oh the pain.

The Honeymoon Cottage (A Pajaro Bay Mystery Romance)
Barbara Cool Lee
4.4 Stars (135 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Romance

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Camilla Stewart desperately needs to start over: her despicable ex-fiance stole her life savings, embezzled from her job, and then disappeared, leaving behind nothing but his eight-year-old son, Oliver.

But when she arrives in the little beach town of Pajaro Bay, she immediately runs into local sheriff’s captain Ryan Knight, and finds escaping her past won’t be easy.

Because Ryan soon realizes that Camilla and little Oliver may be the only people alive who can identify a serial killer… and they are next on his hit list.

In this first Pajaro Bay story, readers are welcomed to the little village with its cast of quirky characters and funky cottages overlooking the sun-drenched coast.

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Ike Hamill
4.7 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

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Do not speak of them. Your words leave a scent. They will come.

Somewhere in the middle of Maine, one of the world’s darkest secrets has been called to the surface. Alan and Liz just wanted a better life for themselves and their son. They decided to move to the country to rescue the home of Liz’s grandfather, so it would stay in the family. Now, they find themselves directly in the path of a dangerous ritual. No one can help them. Nothing can stop the danger they face.

To save themselves and their home, they have to learn the secrets of the MIGRATORS.

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Off Leash
Jenna Anderson
4.2 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Parenting & Relationships

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Candice Gunderson and her purebred pooch, Phoebe, are driving through the Indiana countryside on their way to an appointment with a dog breeder. If all goes as planned, the “meeting” with Charles the Conqueror will result in a lovely litter of puppies.

Unfortunately, Candice is hopelessly lost, the GPS in her car has gone haywire, and she needs to find a bathroom in the worst way. The pair pulls up alongside a little house in hopes of finding some helpful inhabitants.

What she finds is Bull Ramsey, a cute farmer, and his mutt, Jack, who is more than happy to have a “meeting” of his own with Phoebe.

Candice is determined to maintain control of the situation and prove she is an independent woman.A few unexpected events and mischievous farm animals won’t interfere with her plans. She can handle this, right?

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Absolute Zero
Frederick Aldrich
4.3 Stars (27 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Thoseresponsible for the security of the nation were now fully awake, more so than they had ever been.The colonel’s words had bored through their fatigue like a laser.”If this thing is unleashed, the population of the planet will be returned to the level of the dark ages or perhaps even earlier.The very existence of mankind could be threatened.”Like travelers awakening on a different planet, they were suddenly surrounded by a very unfamiliar landscape.

The gleaming silver tanker truck would not give up its secret easily.Only close inspection by a welder would reveal that the end cap had been skillfully reattached.Indeed, to motorists along the busy interstate, it appeared identical to thousands of other such trucks that crisscross the country each day.But, unlike them, it contained no liquid, other than the bottled water for the terrorists concealed inside.They slept fitfully, the endless scream of eighteen tires burning into their consciousness.From time to time they would awaken and smoke a cigarette, never looking toward the box at the rear of the steel cavern.It contained a weapon they could not fathom, a horrible weapon,

In the early years, Cuba’s president believed his regime would usher in a new world order, with Cuba taking its place amoung the great nations of the hemisphere.But the American embargo had put an end to that, plunging his country practically into the Stone Age.Gradually, bicycles replaced cars as fuel shortages compounded the scarcity of virtually every basic necessity.On walls throughout the capitol, Havana, dispirited citizens scrawled ‘In Cuba, death is redundant.’As his country slipped deeper into oblivion, his hatred grew and he resolved to repay the Americans for what they had done.

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Cheating on a Chicken Coop: 8 Cheap Ideas to House Your Backyard Hens and Save Money
R.J. Ruppenthal
4.6 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

FREE for a limited time

Brand New: Save Money on a Chicken Coop!

[Note: This is a short “idea” book, not a set of building plans. Wherever possible, I have included links to simple building instructions for these ideas online, but you’ll need to be somewhat creative with the materials available to you. If you’re ready to save some money on a coop and start thinking outside the box (‘outside the coop’), then please read on!]

You’re thinking of getting some chickens to lay eggs in your backyard. And then you look at the price of chicken coops. Holy manure! $900 for a fancy box? What are they thinking? You decide that maybe you can make your own chicken coop on the cheap. So you download some free building plans.

Browsing through the coop plans, your eyes fix on the simplest hen house design. Okay, you’re thinking, that might be doable…in about five weekends. Then you read on and realize you don’t own a table saw… and you’ve never even heard of an auger bit. So you put your coop-building project on the back burner for awhile. This is a real shame, because you’d love to have chickens.

It shouldn’t have to be this way. Somewhere between the overpriced, readymade coops and the major DIY construction projects is a middle ground. I wrote this short book to introduce you to some functional alternatives: coops and non-coops made of affordable materials that are fairly simple to create (even for a non-builder like me).

Contents Include:

1. Cheaper Alternatives

Skipping the High Cost Chicken Coops

2. The 8 Things Every Chicken Coop Needs

Add Them To Any Structure and You Have a Coop

3. A-Frame Chicken Ark

A Functional and Affordable “Normal” Coop

4. Garden Hoophouse

Really Simple and Dirt Cheap

5. Chicken Box

Minimalist Design for Non-Builders

6. Go Native

Use Local Materials

7. Repurposing Big Ticket Items

Curbside Treasures and Old Vehicles

8. Making a Small Bantam House From a Wine Barrel, or Pickle Barrel

How About a Garbage Can?

9. Converting a Doghouse, Shed, Storage Area, or Extra Room

Building a Roosting Room in Your Garage

10. The De-Constructed Coop

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