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The Defendants (Thaddeus Murfee Legal Thriller Book 1)
John Ellsworth
4.2 Stars (80 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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The Defendants takes you back to the night he carved his name in her body . . .

The guilty party is found murdered. Or was he guilty? Ermeline is arrested because she had motive and opportunity. She hires rookie attorney Thaddeus Murfee, who makes his debut defending his first murder case.

Ilene is a beautiful widow who loves horses. Ilene is introduced to Thaddeus one Saturday morning as he is caring for his own horse. She invites him to Christmas dinner. Soon Thaddeus finds himself in great need of her care and she rushes in to help.

Paralegal Christine Susmann, home from the war in Iraq, uses her military training to help Thaddeus put together the defense. Together they discover the dark forces behind the case and Christine teaches him how to arm himself and how to shoot—a skill he will need. The suspense mounts while alibis fall away and the killer’s plot is discovered.

In The Defendants, John Ellsworth puts you right on the front row to witness how murder cases are defended. See the politics behind all criminal cases, and how love can grow out of the strangest beginnings anyone could imagine. In the end, Thaddeus is given a split second to save his own life. His reaction is amazing!

The Defendants is the first of three books in the Thaddeus Murfee series of legal thrillers.

The books may be enjoyed in any order the reader wishes.

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Janet Wellington
4.3 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance

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It’s funny how what you see in the mirror influences how you look at the world and your place in it.Especially when what you see is an curvy, struggling, lonely, almost-41-year-old woman. And that’s just how pretty, skin care salon owner Louise sees herself.

But sometimes–when you least expect it–life presents a chance to create a new future, and to maybe even reinvent yourself.For Louise this happens when her best friend secretly enters a photograph of her in a contest at Glow, a local skin care company looking for models of all ages…AND sizes.

Can Louise take a new path–a path that might just lead into a new life–especially when it requires her to step right out of her comfort zone and into a bathing suit photo shoot?Heavens!

Sure, she desperately needs the prize money to help keep her skin care salon from literally falling apart around her, but can she bare herself–and eventually her soul–to the cute photographer who keeps flirting with her?

Wait.He couldn’t really be interested in her when he could pluck any normal-sized woman out of the Glow Girl contestant pool….could he?Nope, the handsome Glow marketing exec is a better, more suitable choice…or is he?

What’s a girl to do, but lose “Louise” and become the happier, more exciting and desirable “Lulu”.

Can she?

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Hitchhiking Killer For Hire (Sharper Security Book 0)
Thomas Sewell
5.0 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Science Fiction

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Border Gangs? Special Forces?

A border gang beats Ex-Special Forces soldier Sam Harper and leaves him for dead in the desert. Sam must discover “Why?” in this story of government corruption and human smuggling in the near future west.

Dedicated to the memory of Louis L’Amour, consummate writer and fighter.

Warning: Story contains Human Wave genre action and adventure elements known to cause increased heart rate, lack of sleep and human sympathy.

A story of local corruption, human smuggling, kidnappers, and border truckers set in the desert along the Mexican-Arizona border. Set in the very near future, well before the events in the book Sharper Security, this story explains how Sam Harper changed his plans from beach bum to Sovereign Security Company founder. Contains Sam’s answers to questions like:

  • What if you woke up abandoned in the desert after being beaten by a gang of strangers? How would you survive and reach civilization?
  • If someone pointed a revolver at you during a truck-jacking, how would you disarm them?
  • If there was no time to summon the Feds, would you turn vigilante and fight corrupt cops? What if the CIA was after you at the same time?

Sharper Security Series Prequel

Prequel to the Sharper Security series, approximately 50 print pages in length, Hitchhiking Killer For Hire stands independently and is recommended as an introduction to the character Sam Harper.

From a series perspective, this story provides additional background on the character Sam Harper, how he deals with trials, tribulations, setbacks and disappointment and how his goals change over time without changing his essential character.

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Almost Persuaded: Miss Mary King
P. O. Dixon
4.3 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Short Stories

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Mary King admired George Wickham from the moment she first set eyes on him. Handsome and charismatic, he satisfied her every notion of what a consummate gentleman ought to be. She longed to garner his affection. He, on the other hand, never once looked her way.

What happens when Mary becomes an heiress of ten thousand pounds? As the adage goes, be careful what you wish for. In this engaging coming of age story, will Mary learn the meaning of this sentiment the hard way?

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Ocean Isle
Kevin Pickell
4.5 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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When Alex and Emma take refuge at Ocean Isle, an idyllic and picturesque island along the North Carolina coastline, it all seems too good to be true:

It is a place where Alex, a writer, can settle down and finish his novel. It is a place where he and Emma, the gothic beauty he is protecting, can hide and blend in. They can become faceless . . . safe.

Their one and only worry is whether or not the tiny island can contain Emma’s insatiable and forbidden hunger.

And now the deadly forces they so desperately tried to elude have at last tracked them down. Alex and Emma won’t be happy to see them coming . . . but they’re coming just the same.

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