I am an egg snob. My chickies produce the most tasty beautiful eggs I have ever eaten. A friend of my didn’t believe that there is that big of a difference between the eggs a backyard chicken would produce, and that of the organic free-range chicken eggs she buys at the store. Well the blurry picture below(I guess I need to download a free book on photography) says it all. Guess which one is Summer’s egg.


Inhuman (Book 5) (Post-Human Series)
David Simpson
4.7 Stars (255 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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Inhuman is Book 5 in the best-selling, smash hit phenomenon, Post-Human series. In this 400-plus pages, 109k word epic story (twice as long as any other individual book in the series) readers will get to rejoin all of the characters they fell in love with along the way in the previous 4 books. Inhuman not only ties the first four books together, it also introduces a new villain, one that has been lurking in the background throughout, and that will trump any villain in the history of literature, film, or comics. V-SINN is its name, and, this time, it may just be too much for the post-humans to handle. Inhuman is to the Post-Human series as The Empire Strikes Back was to Star Wars–the middle act when revelations emerge, old sins come back to haunt, and the journey of the heroes that readers have fallen in love with deepens, darkens, and entertains to a whole new level. Post-Human fans will be not be disappointed with this epic middle act! Enjoy!

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Complicated Creatures: Part One in a Romantic Suspense Thriller Series
Alexi Lawless
4.8 Stars (83 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Romance

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What happens when curiosity becomes obsession?

Luck is Jack Roman’s middle name– and Chicago is his Empire. He lives to work, loves to play, and makes no commitments. But when the mysterious Samantha Wyatt moves into the adjoining penthouse, he’s immediately drawn to her, a striking, elusive woman who transitions seamlessly from wood-paneled board rooms to high-stakes, high-risk rescue operations in the most dangerous parts of the world.

Intrigued by her self-possession, aroused by her incredible passion, and disarmed by a vulnerability she cannot hide, Jack pursues her into the nexus of her dangerous present and her enigmatic past. An entire world is revealed to Jack, where living for pleasure becomes fighting for survival. And the only woman he wants may be the one he cannot have…

COMPLICATED CREATURES is a mesmerizing, labyrinthine romantic suspense that will leave you wondering: Do you really want to know everything about the one you love?

Note to the Reader: Complicated Creatures is part one in new release ebook series of romantic suspense – Recommended for readers 18+ for mature content…

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Badon Hill (Historical Fiction Action Adventure Book, set in Dark Age post Roman Britain) (The Dominic Chronicles Book 3)
F J Atkinson
4.1 Stars (32 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Historical Fiction

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Rome’s protection had been withdrawn. Britain’s underbelly was exposed.

The Saxons had conquered South East Britannia, but the lands further west had always eluded them. Repeatedly,they had tried to break Arthur’s dominance of the West Country, but to no avail. Arthur and his stronghold of Brythonfort were a breakwater upon which the Saxon threat always faltered.

But now things were different; now they had forged an alliance with a rogue British tribe and the ruthless Guertepir; now they could attack in great numbers and draw Arthur from his bastion. Their immediate goal was the restored spa town of Aquae Sulis.

Above the town, the high ground of Badon Hill awaited. Here, the battle would make the ground shake. Here, the conflict would forge the destiny of Britannia once and for all.

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Short Stories
Thomas Ryan
4.3 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Short Stories | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Award winning thriller novelist, Thomas Ryan, is a prolific writer of short stories. Ryan’s short story’s span the spectrum of human emotions, from the creepy ‘Nightmares’, to the fun and humour of ‘The World’s Biggest Bun’. Ryan believes all good short stories should have unexpected twists and turns. Applying his thriller writing skills he manages to achieve this end and readers will find Ryan’s short story writing gripping but also easy to read. Quoting a recent review, ‘these are very intriguing, original stories, all well written and enjoyable.Ryan really gets inside his characters and makes their world our world, whatever its moral code or unwritten rules. These stories are powerful and stay with you once you’ve finished them.

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Herbal Remedies
Sanford Evans
4.7 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

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A Comprehensive Guide to Herbal Remedies. All you ever wanted to know about Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies are a way for you to stop being so reliant on prescription medication and get more in tune with nature! From curing your gout to arthritis to preventing cancer. Herbal remedies are helpful with it all. Of course you’ll need a variety of herbs on hand to truly be able to utilize the effects of herbal remedies.

From lavender to peppermint oil to ginseng. They call can be used to help you overcome high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and so much more. Keep a happier and healthier you while still staying safe with the help of herbal remedies. You’ll find the healing properties of various herbs to be nearly endless, and all of the herbs in this book can be commonly found in your local pharmacy or grocery store.

It’s easy to heal yourself and stay healing with herbal remedies. Just remember how to store them and always be careful with your measurements. With the help of this book you’ll have the basics down in no time at all.

7 Reasons to Check this Book Out

1.This book will teach you what herbs are known to prevent most types of cancers and how to use them.

2.Inside this book you’ll learn various methods of keeping away arthritis pain safely and effectively.

3.This book shows you how to soothe all of your indigestion issues using ginger and other herbs.

4.Learn how to prevent heart disease in this book and where to find the herbs that do so.

5.Inside this book you’ll learn how to lower high cholesterol and prevent it from occurring using all-natural herbal remedies.

6.This book teaches you how to use various herbs to help with ailments like the common cold and flu.

7.Learn how to store herbs, what to do in case of emergency, and even the proper way to use herbs inside this book.

What You’ll Learn from “Herbal Remedies”

•What Are Herbal Remedies?

•A Look at Aloe Vera

•Healing with Honey

•The Benefits of Hawthorn

•Eucalyptus & Its Benefits

•The Uses of St. John’s Wort

•Your Health & Tea Tree Oil

•Garlic Is Your Remedy

•Healing from the Devil’s Claw

•All the Uses of Lemon Juice

•How Ginseng Can Help You

•Hidden Benefits of Feverfew

•Using a Little Evening Primrose

•Clove Oil & How It Helps

•Look at the Benefits of Goldenseal

•What Stinging Nettle Can Do

•Using Just a Dash of Peppermint

•Get a Good Look at Ginger

•A Brief Look at Rosehips

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