Preoccupied with mounting professional barriers, Verity is almost unaware of the cracks beginning to form in the toughened glass protecting her wary heart. Discover for yourself how some things are meant to be broken in, A Heart’s Glass Ceiling, by Alicia Hope. Enjoy!

A Heart’s Glass Ceiling
Alicia Hope
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance

Corporate glass ceilings aren’t the only things meant to be broken… and when someone determined enough shatters the glass, watch out everyone below!

When ambitious career woman Verity Parker breaks through the glass ceiling of a multi-national mining corporation and snatches the job of CEO from the waiting hands of ruthless corporate nemesis Royce James, she finds herself in danger of losing more than just her tenuous hold on the job–her love-scarred heart and even her life are at risk. A web of workplace mischief, treachery and sabotage entangles the rivals, and Royce, guilty of his own resentful duplicity against his new CEO, suddenly finds his life in her hands.

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