Construction on my looks is well underway. Showered, wearing a nice little facial mask, hair washed and brushed. I am once again a human being. The next question I have is, what the heck happened to my house? It’s a wreck. It’s like I left a trail of messiness everywhere I went. Am I this horrible when I am sick? I am going to blame it on that ugly stick wielding gremlin again. Ew.

Rogue Threat: Matt Garrett Defends the Homeland (Threat Series Book 2)
A. J Tata
4.3 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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When a fleet of unmanned aerial drones disappears, the U.S. Vice President turns to Matt Garrett, still nursing the wounds he suffered in the Philippines. As Matt leaps into action, a terrorist commandeers Garrett’s jet and a former Iraqi General with a startling link to Garrett’s brother emerges from hiding. Matt discovers that international terrorists have kidnapped the world’s leading expert on nanotechnology, who has enabled the missing Predators to locate, track, swarm, and kill… all by themselves. Meanwhile, the enemy has launched a flurry of attacks throughout America’s heartland. The country is on edge as citizens wonder whether the terrorists have the capacity to deal a devastating blow with weapons of mass destruction. But Garrett is beginning to suspect that the true enemy may be all too close to home. A chilling tale of intrigue and power written by an author who has experienced combat up close, this is the story of a nation on the brink of chaos and a man about to uncover an unthinkable conspiracy.

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The Bank of the River
Michael Richan
4.2 Stars (108 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Horror

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Steven is anticipating a quiet sabbatical at a new home. Recently divorced and with a son in college, he should have plenty of time to himself. Instead, he’s kept up at night by strange knockings- a series of four raps, a pause, and then another four. They arrive every night at the same time.

Steven is determined to find a rational explanation. When the knockings progress to strange apparitions, Steven believes he must have a brain tumor.

His father, Roy, recognizes the problems in Steven’s home because he’s seen them before. Roy has “the gift,” and can enter a place called The River, where he can see things others cannot. In The River, Roy discovers there are far more sinister forces at work in Steven’s home than just ghosts.

Steven shares Roy’s ability, but is skeptical of it. When the apparitions intensify and attack, Steven is forced to learn how to fight back if he wants to save himself and his father.

The Bank of the River is a fast-paced and suspenseful paranormal novel that confronts evil, ghosts, and the dead — and explores the supernatural gifts a father and son use to fight them.

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From The Ashes: A Dauntless Indies Anthology
Brandy L Rivers
4.5 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Anthologies & Literature Collections | Contemporary Fiction | Anthologies | Short Stories

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Since the 18th century, New Orleans has embraced their own extravagant twist on Mardi Gras celebrations. Set apart from the common revelry, the Louisiana elite host krewes, displaying wealth and power through the production of lavish balls, and stunning parades.

One such group, the Krewe of Magus, has extended invites for their ultra-exclusive fete in the Garden District. Run by the influential Deschanel family, access to From the Ashes is highly sought after, and rarely granted. Powerful alliances are formed, and deals are made. And behind the veil of silk and gold, debauchery abounds.

Slip behind the gilded curtain, and disappear into the five unique tales that make up From the Ashes…

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Assassins List
David Stanley
4.7 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Assassins List is an enthralling Espionage and Assassination plot cleverly picturing in the rendition, Assassins List is based on a true story delivering a masterful infuse of fact and fiction.

Author David Stanley has had steady success with two short story’s and now Assassins List his first full book is set to take readers by storm. A former victim to an I.E.D. He pledges 10 percent of his books income to aid the injured Marines.

Eulogy for Assassins List.

A simplistic yet brilliant tale of espionage, assassins list combines both fiction and fact, nicely written the book is based on a true story that comes alive as the chapters puzzle together.The Author depicts the journey taken, of a life transition from childhood to manhood the progression through military elite forces to government assassin. It pinnacles with a remarkable account of blood spilled as the assassin undertakes an international assignment.The cloak and dagger black ops mission spans over several weeks and results in two assassinations that headline around the world. “A memorable read in a well-balanced telling style of informative story writing that was almost impossible to put down.”

Eulogy by the Authors former Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Colonel C.J.Boyden Retiered.

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Small Batch Preserves: Jams, Conserves, Marmalades and Jellies
Chef Joe Bandler
4.7 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Small Batch Preserving Year Round

Making your own jams, jellies, conserves and marmalades can be a wonderfully satisfying hobby. You can make a small batch of goodies is as little as 30 to 60 minutes.A few of the recipes take longer to make, but that is usually in cooking time during which you can be doing some other kitchen related task.

Depending on the availability of ingredients you may be able to create a batch for nothing or next to nothing.You can take advantage of your own garden, goodies from friends and neighbors or wild fruits and berries. You can also wait until fruits are in season and buy them at bargain prices.

One of the most wonderful aspects of small batch preserving is that you can do it year round.In today’s supermarkets and farmer’s markets you can almost always find some fruit that is in season.If not, there is the frozen fruit aisle which normally has a variety of different fruits and berries available year round.

Ten great reasons for making it yourself

1.You can save money.Lots of money! You can often make your own preserves for next to nothing, or if you follow the frugal tips, you can make a batch of jams or jellies for exactly $zero dollars!

2.You will know exactly what ingredients are the jar.No weird, unpronounceable or dangerous chemicals.

3.It is incredibly satisfying to turn a batch of mundane ingredients into a gourmet goodie that would cost $8 or more if purchased from a specialty store.

4.It is FUN! Whip up a small batch of jam while making supper.

5.You can make low-cost gifts that impress recipients with your skill, caring and derring-do! They will think you spent hours, no need to tell them it only took you 30 minutes.

6.You can create goodies that are NOT available commercially.

7.You can make jams, jellies, conserves or marmalades year round.

8.You can become eco-friendly. Jars can be recycled dozens and dozens of times.AND you can rescue used jars from friends, neighbors and the recycling center.

9.You can spend quality time together with friends.

10.Teach your children to make preserves. Not only will you be teaching them a life-time skill but you will be spending quality time with them creating their favorites.Imagine them giving Grandma a jar of her favorite gourmet marmalade.

51 Recipes

16 Jam Recipes

10 Marmalade Recipes

7 Conserve Recipes

18 Jelly Recipes

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