If you love contemporary romance with a touch of humor, you will love author Lily Zante’s A Perfect Match Series.  Find out for yourself why so many fans have fallen in love with high-flying career woman Nadine, and the sexy, smoldering hunk of a man, Ethan. Enjoy!

The Proposal (A Perfect Match Series Book 1)
Lily Zante
4.0 Stars (310 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Romance

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A high-flying career woman with no time for romance finds herself at a loose end for her company’s annual marketing convention. Partners are encouraged,and Nadine Stefano has every intention of fitting the image she believes her boss wants.

At her sister’s recent bachelorette party Nadine finds herself irresistibly drawn to Ethan, one of the male strippers. A single woman, desperate to present the image of being in a settled and happy relationship, she hires Ethan to act as her pretend boyfriend. Not only is he five years younger, but he is also sexy as sin.

Theirs is a strong attraction, and the over-worked and uptight Nadine soon finds herself falling for the easy-going young man. But company politics and nasty colleagues stand in their way.

Will they follow their hearts, despite their differences, or will Nadine dump Ethan in order to pursue her career goals?

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Lost In Solo (A Perfect Match Series Book 2)
Lily Zante
4.8 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance

The prequel to The Proposal…follow the lives of Ethan and Nadine before they met on that fateful night at the bachelorette party

Nadine Stefano doesn’t care for romance. She would rather work her way up the career ladder than find herself all loved up and staring into the eyes of a man. As it is, Nadine has enough to contend with on the work front right now.

Ethan Adams is a sexy, smoldering hunk of a man who is going through some tough times of his own. Getting laid off from his job is just the beginning of his problems as Ethan struggles to make the rent, pay the bills and eat.

Ethan and Nadine properly meet for the first time in The Proposal, Book 1 of The Perfect Match series.

In Lost In Solo you can discover the course of Ethan and Nadine’s lives before they found each other on that fateful night.

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Heart Sync (A Perfect Match Series Book 3)
Lily Zante
4.5 Stars (37 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance

What matters more than finding and keeping your soul mate?

A serendipitous meeting at her sister’s bachelorette party leads ambitious career woman, Nadine to cross paths with Ethan, a sexy and struggling artist.

Comfortable in her corporate world, Nadine has no idea just how much her life is about to change due to her chance encounter with this smoldering hunk of a man.

Younger than her, sexy as sin and determined to better his life, Ethan is unlike any man that Nadine has ever met. And unlike the women who throw themselves at him, Nadine isn’t immediately drawn to Ethan’s charms either. Yet in Nadine, Ethan believes he has finally found the perfect woman for him. Although it seems that theirs is a perfect match, the differences between them and the choices they have to make, threaten their happily ever after.

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A Leap of Faith (A Perfect Match Series)
Lily Zante
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance

A Leap of Faith, Book 3.5 in the Perfect Match Series, is a novel of around 46,000 words. It continues on from Heart Sync but does not go as far as the epilogue mentioned in that book.

What happens when the dizzying rush of crazy love subsides? How do you settle back into ordinary life?

Having taken their relationship to another level, Ethan and Nadine quickly discover that life is no easier. With career demands greater than ever, insecurities threaten to unsettle Nadine, no thanks to the constant and cruel remarks from Sandra.

As well, Ethan struggles to balance work and to accept the success his metal sculpting has brought him. As he soon learns, being well-known attracts more business but it has drawbacks too. Work dominates and threatens their commitment to one another; it’s not just their earning levels that seek to divide them. And sometimes, people and situations aren’t always as they seem, as Nadine finds out when she makes a startling discovery about the foundations of her romance with Ethan.

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Misplaced Love (Tainted Love Book 1)
Lily Zante
5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

The Tainted Love Series is a spin-off from the Perfect Match Series. Discover Zoe’s story

Longing. Yearning. Misplaced Love

Cutting short her trip around South America and returning to the city she left behind, Zoe Carter is more determined than ever to forge ahead with her life and to start anew.

Already hating herself for crushing on her boyfriend’s best friend, she is set on changing her life and pursuing bigger goals. Learning new skills and juggling part-time work are crucial to her new sense of self. Finding love isn’t as important as finding her purpose in life. But putting the past behind her isn’t easy either, especially when the man she’s trying to forget keeps turning up.

But then Tyler Moore–a sexy escort and someone she vaguely knows from her past–moves into her apartment, almost threatening to make her homeless. Forced to live together, Tyler and Zoe grudgingly accept that they have to get on. But when opposites attract and they find themselves drawn to one another, jealousy and obsession get in the way…

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