My little chicken Naughty was originally meant to be a companion for my very round little bantam Heather. Heather seems to have other plans. She spends all her time hanging out with Summer, and this is a bit of a surprise since Summer was very aggressive towards her in the beginning. For a while I wasn’t sure Heather would ever be integrated in with the bigger ladies, but now the two seems inseparable. Summer being such a vain lady I would think she would be threatened by Heather’s adorable good looks, but once Heather opens her beak and that extremely dorky cluck comes out, you realize Summer has nothing to worry about.

Within: A Medical Suspense Novel
Ben Scott Craig
4.1 Stars (105 Reviews)
Genre: Medical | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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WITHIN is the story of Andy Stone, his terminally-ill mother, a secretive doctor with a breakthrough cancer treatment, and a drug company that will stop at nothing to suppress it.

Andy’s mother was given conventional medicine in the past – cut, cut, radiation, chemotherapy, chemotherapy.A nurse herself, she grew skeptical of conventional hospitals with cookie-cutter treatments and the one-shot-fits-all solutions of drug companies.

After a terminal cancer diagnosis, she flees her local hospital for the treatment of the enigmatic Doctor Lydia Bailey.She utilizes a mysterious injection.It works as a kill switch that sends the tumor into a rapid, yet temporary remission.She then administers a unique, comprehensive – and unable to be patented – recovery plan that shows great promise, despite its murky legality.

Not everyone is ready to embrace the groundbreaking doctor, however.Medina Pharmaceuticals, a leading cancer drug maker, learns of the secretive treatment.The head of Medina becomes determined to stop it from coming to light, at any cost.

Andy Stone soon becomes wrapped up in an increasingly dangerous quest to bring a hopeful new cure to those who need it.

A hopeful new cure his mother desperately needs.

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World War 2 Spies & Espionage: The Secret Missions of Spies & Espionage
Ryan Jenkins
4.6 Stars (31 Reviews)
Genre: Politics & Social Sciences | History

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Witness the Effect that Spies Had on the Outcome of WWII

Spies, in one way or another, have been a large part of business, sports, and more for generations. It makes sense that the art of war would have an important place for spies as well, and World War II certainly fit that bill. Pick up your copy today to learn how the espionage of these men and women helped to direct the tide of the war, for better or for worse.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* The origins of spies used for war

* Mata Hari

* Codename “Ramsay”

* Englandspiel (The English Game)

* Garbo

* and much much more

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Point Apocalypse (a near-future action thriller)
Alex Bobl
3.8 Stars (48 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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He enters a prison world. A place of no return harboring the death of the universe. No proper food or drinking water, no modern technologies. He doesn’t know who he is. He can’t tell friend from foe. He has no idea what brought him here. He has no time to think. He lives from one objective to the next.

The Earth’s laws end here. No one to turn to for help. The lives of thousands of people now depend on him alone.

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No Hope for Gomez!
Graham Parke
4.2 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Romance

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It’s the age-old tale:

Boy meets girl.

Boy stalks girl.

Girl already has a stalker.

Boy becomes her stalker-stalker.

We’ve seen it all before, many times, but this time it’s different. If only slightly.

Gomez is eternally bewildered by the ease with which others navigate the world. He’s never had much luck with women, or jobs, or anything really. Even gravity seems to pull on him a little harder than it does on others. But when he enters a medical trail and a super sexy research assistant falls for him, he thinks his luck has changed – even if that assistant has trouble expressing herself in terms outside the realm of science.

But when one of the trial participants turns up dead and another goes missing, Gomez begins to fear for his life. No longer sure whom he can trust and which of his experiences are actually real and which merely drug induced delusions, he decides to go underground and work out a devious plan.

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Maura Gallagher
4.9 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Literary Fiction

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This is the current edition of the author’s debut novel SHATTERED SEEDS: ‘SOFIA’S STORY’ in all editions except for one, ANEW, Vol. I, a stand alone novel in the author’s new collection of stories about immigrants to the United States during various times in the country’s history.

Although born on different continents and at different times in the 20th Century, the two main characters in SOFIA’S STORY, THE SHATTERED SEEDS have a commonality – both are writers and both are immigrants to America. The novel opens in 2008. Thirty-something Janene McDeenon, a writer/editor of a magazine in Atlanta, is traveling to Pittsburgh to interview a famous writer, Sofia Blackburn-Anderson (pen named ‘Sophie Simon’) who is also the founder of the largest chain of adoption centers for needy children in the world, the World Organization of Quilts. Orphaned in infancy in S. Vietnam and adopted by a loving American couple in 1972, Janene is the mixed race daughter of a Vietnamese woman and an African American soldier. She hopes the current assignment on “Adoption in America” will also help in her personal search to find her biological mother. Raised in Atlanta, she had little contact with others of her race. On the other hand, Sofia was born in Berlin in 1919 and raised with the many traditions of her German family. Once married to a Nazi Officer in an arranged marriage, she ran away from her evil husband in 1944, a flight that shattered her life, taking away everyone and everything she ever loved. Consequently, she denounced all ties to her heritage, vowing never again to acknowledge she was a German.

Strangers, Sofia sets the tone for Janene’s interview by reciting one story after another about her life, including the fact that she believes that Janene is actually her long lost granddaughter. Janene doesn’t know what to believe, but as she listens to Sofia recite stories as if she is reading them from a script, she forms a bond that transpires Time and the distance of three continents. Sofia asks Janene to be her guest at her mansion and the meeting becomes a weekend of marathon story telling in which Janene also shares hopes and aspirations for the future, including finding her biological family, especially her Vietnamese mother. Sofia promises to help Janene in her search. In ill health and facing death, Sofia secretly hopes to find the proper disposition for the one item in her vast estate she values most, her beloved Oma’s quilt. It is the last relic she has of her German family made by her Oma. She wants to put her affairs in order before she dies and embrace her German heritage one final time.

A story within a story, Sofia tells about her tragic but triumphant life, sharing tales about her German family, farmers outside of Berlin who became homeless after losing fields due to the economic conditions in Germany after the loss of WWI. Although Janene knows nothing about her Vietnamese ancestors, the plot eventually reveals that Janene’s maternal ancestors were also farmers in the rice paddies of Vietnam until the Viet Cong destroyed the village. This explains the author’s selection of the title, comparing the process of prematurely ‘shattering’ the seeds of plants to destroying the genes of another generation of humans through the practices of war.

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