Democrat or Republican, if you like a good thriller that will have you thinking long after you complete this book, then Richard Rudomanski’s Article V is the perfect novel. Enjoy!

Article V
Richard Rudomanski
4.4 Stars (104 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The year is two thousand and thirteen. The United States is braced for a potential government shutdown and a US default on its debt. Washington is at the height of political dysfunction. Renowned Harvard professor, Winston Bernard Huntster II, believes it is time to stop the run-a-way spending, abuse of power, and the self-serving politicians who have ground the gears of Washington to a halt. He airs a controversial documentary which draws the attention of millions of Americans across the United States. But as the movement takes hold and the numbers multiply each day, its leader, Winston Huntster, is found murdered in Boston Common from a gunshot wound to the head. His death has outraged an angry nation and incited its citizens to take to the streets. They will soon learn there is but one weapon that can crack the stronghold on Capitol Hill — the power of Article V.

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