Your backyard is nature’s playground. You do your best to make sure the birds have seed, and that the environment is safe for everyone. But are you really providing the best watering options for your pets and wild friends? This book by author Thomas Hollyday, will ensure that you create the ideal habitat for all animals who come to visit you!

Water for Backyard Pets and Wildlife
Thomas Hollyday
4.7 Stars (3 Reviews)
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Water in your backyard is so important and I’m afraid we just don’t pay enough attention to it. These tips on ways to do watering are simple. Just putting the water on the sunny side of the house in winter and the shady side in summer makes sense. In winter the biggest source of heat in your backyard is your house. Just placing the water bowl close to the side of the house helps to keep it from freezing a lot longer. If you want to learn more, I’ve also provided a list of organizations that can answer questions. This booklet belongs with your other nature reference books.

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