Get ready for an exciting and fantastic read with this fast-paced read by author Grace Faolian. Find out what happens when our heroine, Evelyn, breaks the cardinal law of the pack, keep the secret at all costs. The price she pays may be higher than she expected. Enjoy!

Grace Faolian
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

Evelyn is most definitely not a werewolf. Sure, some people may call her that, but she prefers the term Thayne, what she and the rest of the species call themselves. They’re not the ones you need to worry about, though. Those are the Acendani, wolves who can turn human. Pure instinct laced with human cruelty, and all signs point to an uprising within the ranks. When Evelyn discovers a former classmate, Josh, being attacked, she intervenes at the cost of exposing what she really is. Because she broke the cardinal law of the Pack, keep the secret at all costs, she is tasked with protecting him while the Alpha investigates the breach in the Peace Accords and the possible civil war between the species that may follow. Keeping him alive may be hard, but following the custom of not getting involved with a human may be harder.

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