Besides being an incredible author, Sharon Skretting have been a teacher for 22 years with a desire to give reluctant readers a new reason to read. She writes so that young readers will relate to the characters, laugh out loud and get caught up in suspense, whilst they are learning amazing facts about our world. The Jewel of Peru includes free chapters to the sequel and Spider Quest includes a free “Secret Journal” download for kids and teachers. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Treasure Quest I: The Jewel of Peru
by Sharon Skretting, Troon Harrison
4.4 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks

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The Jewel of Peru is a magical adventure through time, taking young Captain Christopher and his loyal crew of orphaned stowaways on a perilous quest in search of Christopher’s missing parents.

After his father’s ship is found abandoned at sea, Christopher makes an unexpected discovery on board — The Ultimate Treasure Chest! Inside is a message that beckons him to set sail after the treasure and his parents. When a savage pirate and a corrupt businessman join forces to steal the treasure for themselves, the gang gets caught up in pirate chases, time travel, and an underground network of spies. Will Christopher find the Jewel and his parents, or will all be lost forever?

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Spider Quest (The Secret Life Of Lollipop Lisa Book 1)
by Sharon Skretting, Elizabeth Porter
4.6 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks

A girl with a secret journal. A hunt for missing spiders. Panic in the classroom!

When Lisa’s teacher wants the class to begin writing in a journal, Lisa hates the idea. She worries that her precious, secret thoughts will be read. That’s when she get’s the idea to keep a separate journal that’s totally PRIVATE!

In this entry, the students are in a panic when the class spiderlings go missing. Want to laugh out loud while you learn impressive spider facts? Then hold on to your belly as you read Lisa’s hilarious account. How does Lisa really feel about spiders? Will the class find all of the missing critters and will her secret journal stay a secret?

This is the first of Lisa’s many amusing SUPER SECRET journal entries that will inform young readers as much as they entertain. Discover all the answers and get tangled up in this exciting learning adventure series today!

Includes a Free “Secret Journal” download for kids and teachers.

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