Color My Horse by Bev Pettersen, is a lovely novel that focuses on a real relationship filled with humor and warmth between the characters. Offering everything from dirty deeds to power-hungry men, the book really sells itself with its amazing look at beautiful horse breeds. This romance is fresh and the story is original, which will allow readers — especially horse lovers — to have a really good time. Enjoy!

COLOR MY HORSE (Romantic Mystery)
by Bev Pettersen
4.5 Stars (354 Reviews)
Genre: Sports & Outdoors | Sports

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Reader Views Award Finalist Best Romance

She’s the last woman this horse-loving loner needs… but will she turn into the only one he really wants?

Jessica barely knows one end of a horse from the other but shoveling manure is preferable to letting her rich grandfather yank her strings. The only problem is that her new boss is a little too fussy… and way too sexy.

She can handle sleeping in a mice-infested stall as well as the occasional midnight scuffle with a mysterious, knife-wielding assailant, but a lovable old gelding and his uncompromising trainer threaten to break her heart.

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