The Salty Dog by Debbie White, is a sweet sigh on the literary landscape; it’s a book that will  restore your faith in love and humanity. A story of learning to let go of the past so one can embrace the future. Enjoy!

The Salty Dog
by Debbie White
4.2 Stars (85 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance

Libby had it all. Handsome husband, beautiful condo overlooking San Francisco Bay, and a faithful companion in a golden retriever named Harley. When her life is suddenly turned upside down, the only thing she has left is Harley… or so it seemed. Determined to pull out of her depression, and settle into her new life, Libby elicits the help from friends as she embarks on a new adventure. Torn between two men, Libby is tormented by her past, and unsure of her future. What will she do? An inspirational romance, The Salty Dog, is a tale of love and loss.

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