They always talk about mothers being so strong and take care of their sick babies even when they themselves are sick. Oh how strong and brave they are. Yaa. Okay, yes I have done it before, but golly knows I don’t want to do it again. GEEEZ! How the heck can I be hot and cold at the same time? I’m sweating and freezing my tushy off. My oldest is looking pretty bad himself with a fever and a horrible cough. Hubby had to go to work today and did his best to set us up for the day, but he could only do so much. I am currently holding on to the last Thera-Flu packet like it was my precious. It’s my favorite medicine with its warm soothing hot tea like feeling. I love my babies, but I am no saint. They get the regular medicine.

Mrs. Tuesday’s Departure: A World War Two Novel of Second Chances
by Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson
4.1 Stars (604 Reviews)
Genre: History

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A heart-wrenching historical inspirational romance novel spanning seventy years, two continents, and a an imagined story that holds the power to create a safe future for a young girl during World War Two. This page-turning family saga soars to a breathtaking ending that redefines the meaning of love.

When Natalie and Anna, sisters and life-long rivals, hide an abandoned child from the Nazis in Budapest Hungary, their struggle re-opens a star-crossed love triangle and inspirational romance, threatening their safety and testing the bonds of their loyalty.

Hungary’s fragile alliance with Germany during World War Two insured that Natalie, a best selling children’s book author, and her family would be safe as World War Two raged through Europe. The Holocaust that has only been whispered about until now becomes a terrible reality for every Jewish family or those who hide Jews.

Beautiful but troubled Anna, a poet and university professor is losing her tenuous hold on reality, re-igniting a dangerous sibling rivalry that began in childhood. She threatens not only Natalie’s inspirational romance, but both of their lives.

The streets of Budapest, Hungary echo with the pounding boots of Nazi soldiers at the height World War Two. Danger creeps to the doorstep where the sisters’ disintegrating relationship threatens to expose the child they are trying to protect. In one night, Anna’s rash behavior destroys their carefully made plans of escape, and Natalie is presented with a desperate choice.

Interwoven with Natalie and Anna’s story, is Mila’s. The abandoned child whose future Natalie lovingly imagines in a story about an old woman named Mrs. Tuesday.

Mrs. Tuesday’s Departure is an example of Christian Historical Fiction and how God’s love is always available in our darkest hour.

Mrs. Tuesday’s Departure is an inspirational Christian historical novel spanning two generations and exploring the un-breakable bonds of sisters.

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Famous in a Small Town (An Entering Southern Country Novel Book 1)
by Diana Anderson
4.3 Stars (192 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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The quiet town of Cypress, Mississippi is turned upside down when a former citizen, Raven Sawyer, returns for a funeral. Raven’s fictional novel goes viral when the town folk realize that she’s the author, and soon they’re thinking that her book is not fiction but truth. Every little dirty detail is revealed in her book and has the people of Cypress wagging their tongues and shaking their heads at a few of the upper-class citizens and — the Sheriff.
All Raven wants is to get through the funeral and go back to New York, but Sheriff Cal Rayburn can’t allow her to leave after she discovers and turns over evidence that may be connected to a double homicide that he’s investigating. At least, that’s the excuse he’s giving her, and he’ll go to any length to keep her in Cypress until he can make her believe the affair, that she thinks he had six years ago, never happened.
When more dead bodies turn up, Cal feels they’re connected to the double homicide, but with the evidence he has, he can’t make a connection. He’s left with more questions than answers. He’s told that Raven’s novel may have answers to questions that could help with his investigation, but what it reveals is more than what he wants to know.
Famous in a Small Town is book one of An Entering Southern Country Novel trilogy. It has murder, lies, fiction, and truth — and more twists and turns than the back roads of northwestern Mississippi. Enter at your own risk.

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For Fukui’s Sake: Two years in rural Japan
by Sam Baldwin
4.4 Stars (111 Reviews)

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Far from the high-tech, high-rise of the super-cities, there lies another Japan.

A Japan where snakes slither down school corridors, where bears prowl dark forests and where Westerners are still regarded as curious creatures. Welcome to the world of the inaka – the Japanese countryside.

Unhappily employed in the UK, Sam Baldwin decides to make a big change. Saying sayonara to laboratory life, he takes a job as an English teacher in a small, rural Japanese town that no one – the Japanese included – has ever heard of.

Arriving in Fukui, where there’s ‘little reason to linger’ according to the guidebook, at first he wonders why he left England. But as he slowly settles in to his unfamiliar new home, Sam befriends a colourful cast of locals and begins to discover the secrets of this little known region.

Helped by headmasters, housewives and Himalayan mountain climbers, he immerses himself in a Japan still clutching its pastoral past and uncovers a landscape of lonely lakes, rice fields and lush mountain forests. Joining a master drummer’s taiko class, skiing over paddies and learning how to sharpen samurai swords, along the way Sam encounters farmers, fishermen and foreigners behaving badly.

Exploring Japan’s culture and cuisine, as well as its wild places and wildlife, For Fukui’s Sake is an adventurous, humorous and sometimes poignant insight into the frustrations and fascinations that face an outsider living in small town, backcountry Japan.

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by Scott McElhaney
3.7 Stars (149 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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The IG Andromeda, a Universal Command Science Ship, has just successfully jumped over 160,000 light years into the Large Magellanic Cloud, giving the ship and its crew the honor of being the first to travel to another galaxy. One of these crewmembers, Donovan Rost, was recently presented with an honorary commission as an Ensign in the Universal Command. It appears that the only thing he did to earn such a commission was a simple act of surviving a long time in cryostasis… a very, very long time. Donovan came from a 21st century Earth – an Earth that used to be dominated by humanity. Now, man is a minority and all that he knew of his civilization is buried and almost completely forgotten. He’s about to learn why he and five others were revived and why they were now searching the Large Magellanic Cloud for a technological race that the crew is certain exists somewhere in that galaxy.

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Crockpot Recipes: 39 Amazingly Tasty Gluten Free Crockpot Recipes
by Amelia Sanders
4.4 Stars (31 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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39 Amazingly Tasty Gluten Free Crockpot Recipes That Go Beyond The Traditional Stews

The simple crock pot offers a time-saving, flavor-enhancing dinner prep method, lending a welcome element of convenience into any busy cook’s kitchen. Rather than spending all day in the kitchen yourself, let your crockpot do the work with any of these 39 recipes

Beginner and veteran cooks alike are fans of the crockpot for the consistent, heavenly results the device yields, barely requiring us to lift a finger on meal prep. It’s an especially helpful tool for cooking large cuts of meat, marrying them with flavorful glazes and sauces until they reach a simmering, tender perfection by day’s end

A busy and hectic modern lifestyle may have made you virtually dependent on the convenience of easy to prepare processed foods – which may have also forced you to put a blind eye to the many ills that come with them. Well, it is high time that you rediscover the many benefits of the versatile Crockpot.

The Crockpot offers you the best solution on how you can free yourself from the bondage and total dependence on processed and packaged foods. It is high time that you experience once again the feeling of coming home to a hot, healthy, and hearty dinner just waiting to be served – without you having to enslave yourself to the kitchen.

The magic words here are ‘healthy’ and ‘effortless’. The simplicity of Crockpot’s ‘set and forget’ feature allows you to prepare healthy, gluten free meals with very little preparation. You can easily start slow cooking your way to great health with the 39 gluten free, easy to prepare Crockpot recipes in this book. Aside from the recipes, this book also contains useful tips on how to adapt any and all your favorite recipes for Crockpot cooking.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

• Slow Cooker Chocolate Chicken Mole

• Asian Pork Lettuce Wraps

• Mexican Peppers Stuffed With Pulled Chicken

• Crockpot Chicken Musakhan

• Spaghetti Squash&Meatballs

• Crockpot Curried Goat

• Ham And Sweet Potato Crockpot Quittata

• Sweet Cinnamon Garlic Spiced Chicken Legs

• Much, much more!

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