Caroline Clark is a bestselling British author of Ghost and Haunted House fiction. She likes to mix true stories into her books and is always researching new hauntings .Described as nail biters that keep you on the edge of your seat, these tales based on true to life hauntings, will grip you and truly creep you out. Enjoy!

The Battle Within (The Ghosts of RedRise House Book 2)
by Caroline Clark
4.8 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Horror

The Ghosts of RedRise House have escaped. Something evil is stalking the city and only Rosie stands between it and a chain of misery and death.

Having escaped the haunted RedRise House with her life Rosie begins to wonder if she escaped with her sanity. She is hearing voices, seeing strange things, and waking up covered in blood. What did she bring back with her?

The voice in her head wants to kill her friend. Can Rosie survive long enough to find out what is wrong? Can she regain control and beat so ancient a spirit?

Biding her time she must be clever. Must use her knowledge of the world and find help but will it be enough?
The race is on and the price for losing is more than she can bear.

Find out if Rosie can survive in The Battle Within, book 2 of the Ghosts of RedRise House.

Though this book can be read alone you will enjoy it more if you read book 1 The Ghosts of RedRise House – The Sacrifice first both are free on Kindle Unlimited.

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The Sacrifice: Ghosts and Haunted Houses (The Ghosts of RedRise House Book 1)
by Caroline Clark
4.3 Stars (37 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Horror

Dark things happened in RedRise House. Acts so bad they left a stain on the soul of the building. Now something is lurking there… waiting… dare you enter this most haunted house?

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Rosie is running from her past. Looking for peace and a new beginning. House sitting in the luxurious and romantic RedRise House seemed like a perfect plan to rediscover herself and rebuild her life.

It is so far away from the past that she knows she can look to the future and yet something is not quite right. She hears voices, footsteps in the night. She wakes from terrible nightmares. Strange figures stare down at her bed with hidden faces–was it all just a dream?

Then there are the ghostly children. Are they all part of her imagination or did something terrible happen here?

Like animals, the children fight for her blood. Will they get it or is something darker waiting and watching for its chance to escape?

Find out if Rosie will ever leave RedRise house or if she will join the children to stay in this haunted house for all time.

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The Haunting of Brynlee House: Based on a Real Haunted House
by Caroline Clark
4.0 Stars (74 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

Based on a real haunted house – Brynlee House has a past, a secret, it is one that would be best left buried.

Emma has been hiding for a year. Hiding from an abusive ex who broke more than her bones. Now it is time to start again and she has been left an old house in which to make a new beginning.

Brynlee house is remote, old, and kinda creepy but she knows that this is the second chance she needs. That is until things start to go wrong. The sound of a child laughing, or screaming haunts her dreams. Strange sounds, smells and marks on the wall make her doubt her own sanity and what is it with the black cat?
Is this just stress? Has her ex found her and is he playing games?

When Emma starts to research the house she reads of witch trials, of burning, and torture but surely that can have nothing to do with today?

In her panic she goes to the police. Brent is a Detective Inspector, he searches the house but can find no intruder. All his training tells him this woman is seeing things… and yet his gut says something is not quite right.

Welcome to Brynlee House, dare you look into its past? Could the murder of a mother and child have left a stain on the house? Watch out for the cat, he has been here longer than anyone!

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The Haunting of Seafield House (The Spirit Guide Book 1)
by Caroline Clark
4.1 Stars (49 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Horror

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED or just 0.99 to own Gail wants to create some memories – if she survives the night in Seafield House it is something she will never forget.

Gail Parker never believed in ghosts and yet she knows her boyfriend does. Jesse saw ghosts as a child and has spent the last decade trying to reconnect with spirits. Every haunted house he has investigate has been a hoax or he has found a logical explanation for the phenomenon. That was until he found Seafield House.

Stay after dark and you will never leave. That is the legend, but Gail does not believe in ghosts.

At first the house is just dark and uncomfortable and Gail has enough problems of her own. There is a secret she must tell Jesse and she promises to do so after this weekend. Only things don’t go as planned. Soon she begins to doubt her own sanity. Strange noises, and draughts can be easily explained but did she really see those hands? Gail does not know if this is real or if she is hallucinating.

When darkness falls Gail is trapped in the house with a lost child and she cannot find Jesse.

Will they survive?

Will they escape?

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DarkMan: Ghosts and Haunted Houses (The Spirit Guide Book 3)
by Caroline Clark
4.4 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Horror

Alone in the dark, Margie must face unimaginable terror.
Is this thing that haunts her nights a ghost or is it something worse?

Jesse and Gail are just starting their paranormal investigations business. This first case should be easy and they can’t wait to get started. Their client is claiming a spirit is assaulting her. Touching her, hounding her and that she is never alone in her house.
Gail isn’t convinced that this is a haunting. Tales of blue flying lights and whispers in the night make her think that Margie is imagining things. Especially when she learns what happened to her husband.
Only Jesse has heard of such cases. Spirit orbs are well documented and cases of spiritual assault have been seen worldwide. He knows they can get very nasty, very fast.

When they visit Margie’s home it is not the normal haunted house but a quiet and light bungalow. Yet as soon as they enter they sense a strong and dark force.
Something is lurking in this quiet suburb, terrorizing Margie, pushing her to the very edge of sanity.
What does it want?
Why is it here?

Can this DarkMan be beaten or have they taken on more that they can handle?
Scroll up now to find out in this exciting Haunted House novel by bestselling author Caroline Clark.

This book is part of The Spirit Guide Series of books but each book is completely standalone and they can be read in any order.

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