“The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” – Douglas MacArthur.

Today I would like to personal thank my father for his service. He had a long and full military career in the army, joining when he was only 17 years old. I think my grandpa had to sign a waiver since he was under age. He retired from active duty after his second tour in Viet Nam and the year I was born. The scars from that run deep to this day (the war..not my birth). He then went on to work at the Presidio of San Francisco until it closed in 1989.  Thank you dad….for everything.

Many Colors Of Love: A Novel About Art & Passion
by Sarit Ratson
4.9 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Friendship | Women’s Fiction | Psychological

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One small mistake can shatter an entire life…

Rivi is a school counselor who took early retirement and devotes her free time to her favorite hobby — painting.

Through her great love of art, she meets Daniel, a talented pianist, who has opened a music studio in an abandoned house, which leads them to forge a close friendship.

Daniels’ sudden disappearance leaves Rivi stunned and full of unanswered questions.

When she discovers the serious trouble Daniel is in, she does everything in her power to remedy the situation.

But will that be enough in order to put the broken pieces back together?

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A Hopeless Murder (A Hope Walker Mystery Book 1)
by Daniel Carson
4.7 Stars (242 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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A funny cozy mystery series full of bold women, a quirky and lovable town, and one seriously hopeless romance.

It’s been one helluva morning…
And Hope hasn’t even found the body.

At least not yet.

After a twelve year absence, investigative reporter Hope Walker is back home.

In Hopeless, Idaho.

And it’s not going well.

It seems the town and its citizens haven’t changed much.

Still weird. Still nosy. And a few of them?
Downright hateful.

And now Hope has a serious problem.

Because one of the hateful is dead.

And she’s the prime suspect.

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Still Life in Shadows
by Alice J. Wisler
4.5 Stars (68 Reviews)
Genre: Classics | City Life

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It’s been fifteen years since Gideon Miller ran away from his Amish community in Carlisle, Pennsylvania as a boy of fifteen. Gideon arrives in the Smoky Mountains town of Twin Branches and settles in at the local auto mechanic’s garage. He meets a host of interesting characters -the most recent acquaintances are Kiki, an autistic teen, and her sister Mari. Known as the “Getaway Savior” he helps other Amish boys and girls relocate to life in modern America.

One day the phone rings. On the other end is his brother Moriah calling from Florida. Of course Gideon welcomes his brother to stay with him and offers him a job. But Moriah is caught in a web which ends in his death and forces Gideon to return to the town of his youth, with his brother’s body in the back of a hearse and Mari and Kiki at his side. He must face not only the community he ran away from years ago but also his own web of bitterness. Will he be able to give his anger over to God and forgive his father?

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations or strong language. May also contain content of an inspirational nature. Amazon customers who purchase the print version have the option to purchase the Kindle eBook at no charge.

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Black Storm: A Post-Apocalyptic Horror Thriller (The Exterminators Trilogy Book 1)
by Mark Gillespie
4.3 Stars (45 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Men’s Adventure

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A chilling end of the world novel.

You’ll never take sunlight for granted again…

The Black Storm – a permanent state of darkness has engulfed the Earth.

Now the world is going mad without sunlight.

Ex-movie star, Cody MacLeod will do anything to protect his daughter Rachel from the Black Widow – a chilling, ghostly figure who has emerged from the Black Storm.

They’ve got one chance to get away.

A plane is scheduled to take off from San Antonio Airport. To get there in time, Cody and Rachel must drive through the darkness together.

But the road is a dangerous place. Civilization is crumbling. Desperate people are lurking in wait – people with bad intentions towards strangers.

A breathtaking race to the finish line awaits. Will Cody and Rachel get to the airport in time?

Or will they succumb to the Black Storm?

Black Storm is the first book in a riveting post-apocalyptic horror trilogy. If you like post-apocalyptic, horror and dystopian novels, you’ll love Black Storm.

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Mug Recipes: The Ultimate Collection
by Jennifer Hastings
3.9 Stars (28 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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** Over 30 Delicious Recipes **

Quick, Easy, and Simple recipes that fit in your mug, literally. Great for on the go, lazy cooking days, or unique party favors. Delight your mornings with a fully cooked breakfast in only minutes.These recipes will be filling up your mugs in no time. We have collected over 30 of the most delicious recipes from around the world. Enjoy!

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