Today is a sourdough baking day. I didn’t realize when I started my sourdough journey, it would multiple like a rabbit.  Every day or so you need to take out a cup of the starter and feed it fresh flour and water. The part you take out (for those who don’t do sourdough starter) is called discard. I made the mistake of calling it sourdough discharge. This made my recipe searches very umm…. Anywho, I refuse to just throw the discard away, so I have been saving it up to make crackers. I have enough for about four batches. Looks like my neighbors will have a snack for today. Thankfully if I want to put the sourdough baking on hold, I just have to put the starter in the refrigerator, but for now it’s fun. I am a little pissy that hubby has decided to go on a low carb diet. NOT GOOD TIMING BUB!! Well.. off to baking. Enjoy the Kindle books!

Honey Buns and Homicide: A Funny Culinary Cozy Mystery (Mom and Christy’s Cozy Mysteries Book 6)
by Christy Murphy
4.4 Stars (47 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Mystery

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Exes and Woes!

Christy’s ex-husband, Robert, is getting death threats, and he’s convinced Mom and Christy to cater his record release party to find out if he’s in real danger or if it’s a hoax. But when Robert’s girlfriend gets in an auto accident, everyone is sure Christy caused it.

Can Mom and Christy solve yet another whodunit? And will Christy’s burgeoning relationship with a certain handsome detective survive?

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C-Bar: Blood on the Mountain (The C-Bar Ranch Western Adventure Series Book 12)
by Mark Baugher
4.9 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: History | Classics

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From the bestselling author of the “C-Bar” series comes his latest Western. This is “C-Bar: Volume Twelve” from Mark Baugher!

Guns! Glory! Action! From Mark Baugher, the bestselling author of “C-Bar,” comes his latest Western, “C-Bar: Volume Twelve.” Action, adventure and gun-smarts come in many forms. For Baugher, it comes in the form of his ability to write Westerns — a Western he knows how to write better than almost anyone else.

In the 12th volume of the C-Bar Ranch saga, Roy and his crew from Wells Fargo are chasing the Mexican gangster known as Chacon. In the process, they run into Roy’s dear old friend, Easy Breezy. Sit around the fire and listen to Easy’s adventures as he catches up the group on what’s been going on with him.

The C-Bar saga continues with this exciting Western adventure!

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Written in the Stars: A Sweet Island Resort Romance Series Set in Alaska (A Northern Lights Romance Book 1)
by Noelle Fox
4.6 Stars (39 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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A Father’s Dying Wish…
Miserable after the failure of her restaurant, chef Grace Cooper receives a deathbed letter from the father she thought was already dead, offering a free vacation at an Alaskan island resort. Exhausted, Grace jumps at the chance to escape, and to learn about the father she never knew.

Polaris Island and the Northern Lights Retreat seem to offer everything — ocean, mountains, forest and isolation. Then she bumps into Connor Reed, a humiliating nightmare from her past, and resort owner Derek Wakefield reveals upsetting truths about her dad.

Connor has no idea why Grace hates him. But one look at the woman he’s carried in his heart for the last seven years convinces him not only that he needs to find out, but that his philosophy of living only for today has to change. As Grace’s brittle shell crumbles, Connor starts dreaming of his future — with her.

As she struggles to separate truth from lies, Grace comes to rely on Connor’s masculine energy and solid support — until the final shocking truth about her father obliterates her ability to trust her feelings. She only wants to run. But where else can she find what she’s been looking for all her life?

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The Path Of The Nightmare: A Jarrod Hawkins Technothriller (Dark Vigilante Book 2)
by J. J. Carlson
5.0 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Thrillers | Science Fiction

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DARPA spent billions researching genetic modifications and neural rewriting in an attempt to create the perfect soldier. Instead, they created a nightmare.

Jarrod Hawkins is no longer human. He has become a living weapon — cold, calculating, and unstoppable. After escaping an underground laboratory, his subconscious sends him on a mission of vengeance. He travels to Africa and begins tearing apart a human trafficking ring, leaving blood and whispered tales in his wake.
Meanwhile, Daron Keeler and Eugene Carver learn of an impending attack on the Pentagon. They race against time, chasing a shadowy terrorist organization that always seems to be two steps ahead. As casualties mount, they quickly realize they have only one option — to summon The Nightmare.

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Fried Rice Recipe Cookbook: 20 Easy Dishes (Jeen’s favorite Rice Recipes Book 2)
by Jeen van der Meer
3.8 Stars (23 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Fried Rice Recipe Cookbook – 20 Easy Dishes

The second book of the series “Jeen’s Favorite Rice Recipes”

This cookbook contains 20 easy fried rice recipes from the basics to unique
twists. This is an excellent way to incorporate rice into your meal
planning without a lot of fuss.

Rice is very healthy for the body giving good energy. Most of the recipes call for brown rice,
which is the healthier choice because it has the rice bran intact.

This is where most of the nutrients are and it gives the rice a mild nutty texture and flavor when fried.

The other rice called for is jasmine rice which is “the fragrant rice” found in many Thai dishes.

Some of the delicious recipes included in this Fried Rice Recipe Cookbook:

Dirty Rice with Pork,

Fried Rice with Pineapples,

Fried Rice Kimchi Style,

• Vegetable Stir Fried Rice,

• Apple Cherry Fried Rice,

• Lychee Raisin Fried Rice with Cashews,

• Hawaiian Fried Rice,

• Italian Fried Rice Balls,

Chinese Fried Rice,

• Spicy Chicken Fried Rice,

• and a lovely Vegetarian Fried Rice.

There are recipes to fit every style and flavor. Many are delicious as a main
dish or as a hearty side dish. Some make great appetizers and wonderful
for rice restaurant style meals.

You are bound to find your favorite spice and flavor here, which always goes well with rice.

Turn a simple rice dish into a flavor extravaganza with these fried rice recipes

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