It has now been one day without buying a plant. I am feeling pretty optimistic about today as well. Although I do have to go to Costco to pick up some vitamin C, I should be able to avoid the plants if I just stay focused. I want to check out the bakery section for heart shaped cakes for Valentines day, and I know the path through the store I would have to take to avoid all plant temptations. I have a very solid plan. I will be successful today. I feel like I have a clean slate right now because I planted all the bulbs and flowers that I had purchased. I have seeds as well, but those won’t get planted until later, so I am still on track. Clean slate, staying strong. It will be a good day.

Final Bearing (The Hunter Killer Series Book 1)
by Don Keith, George Wallace
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Genre: Thrillers

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“This team spins a great tale.” – W.E.B. Griffin, author of the bestselling Brotherhood of War series


Commander Jonathan Ward and his crew on the old attack sub Spadefish are on one last mission. A US Navy SEAL team is inserted into South America. Their orders are to destroy the secret laboratories of the world’s most notorious drug cartel, and the Spadefish has been sent to provide assistance.

But Juan de Santiago, the violent billionaire drug lord, has an entire private army and a futuristic new mini-submarine of his own. He will do anything to protect his empire.

And he knows the Americans are coming…

Final Bearing is the first book in The Hunter Killer Series.

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An Invitation To Murder (Lady Katherine Regency Mysteries Book 1)
by Harmony Williams, Leighann Dobbs
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Genre: Mystery

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A cozy classic who-done-it with a clever mystery and a dash of humor.

To stop a high-society killer, she’ll have to play matchmaker one last time…

Lady Katherine would rather chase clues than suitors. Her reputation as a matchmaker could give her the cover she needs to follow in her detective father’s footsteps. If she catches the Pink Ribbon Killer before he strikes again, she’ll win her dowry and her independence in the process…

One look through the exclusive Northbrooke estate house party doubles her suspect list. With the help of her trusty maid and her precocious pug, Katherine risks it all to unmask the killer. But is winning her freedom worth putting another debutante in mortal danger?

An Invitation to Murder is the first book in a charming cozy mystery series set in the Regency era. If you like high-society parties, rich historical details, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love this unique mystery from USA Today bestselling author Leighann Dobbs and Harmony Williams.

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Highlander’s Ransom (The Sinclair Brothers Trilogy, Book 1)
by Emma Prince
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Genre: Historical Fiction | Literary Fiction | Romance

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He was out for revenge…
Laird Robert Sinclair will stop at nothing to exact revenge on Lord Raef Warren, the English scoundrel who brought war to his doorstep and razed his lands and people. Leaving his clan in the Highlands to conduct covert attacks in the Borderlands, Robert lives to be a thorn in Warren’s side. So when he finds a beautiful English lass on her way to marry Warren, he whisks her away to the Highlands with a plan to ransom her back to her dastardly fiance.

She would not be controlled…
Lady Alwin Hewett had no idea when she left her father’s manor to marry a man she’d never met that she would instead be kidnapped by a Highland rogue out for vengeance. But she refuses to be a pawn in any man’s game. So when she learns that Robert has had them secretly wed, she will stop at nothing to regain her freedom. But her heart may have other plans…

This steamy, emotional, page-turning Highland historical romance is part of the Sinclair Brothers Trilogy, but can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. Escape to medieval Scotland today!

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The Magelands Epic: The Queen’s Executioner (Book 1)
by Christopher Mitchell
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Genre: Fantasy

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Rahain – a land where the mage-born rule and everyone else is expendable.

A slave, a politician and an assassin find themselves the unlikely heroes that could bring the republic to its knees.

Killop is a slave with a secret: his sister is a renegade Fire Mage. Hunted by the Rahain, her capture could lead to the death of thousands.

Laodoc is a politician who loves his country but has grown to hate many of its ancient traditions. He risks losing his family, his career and his liberty to fight for what he believes in.

Battle Mage Daphne Holdfast is on the run. Working in Rahain as a killer for hire, she is biding her time until she can clear her name and return home, when a chance meeting with Killop changes everything.

When half a million migrants arrive at the Rahain border with a newly crowned Queen and her Dark Mage sister, there will only be one winner – and the Magelands will never be the same again.

The Magelands Epic series contains strong language.

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Air Fryer Cookbook: 250 Recipes for Everyday Cooking Designed for Two People
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Air fryer is the kitchen tool that helps you cook healthy and delicious meals easily.

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In this air fryer cookbook for beginners we gathered 250 best air fryer recipes for two servings only!

This book was created especially for those who do not ready to waste their time for the boring recipes and untasty food. Every recipe was created with love and inspiration. You can be sure that you will love every meal you find here.

Forget about leftovers – all these air fryer recipes were created to serve just two.

Check out some of them:

• Avocado Rolls with Bacon

• Maple Syrup Turkey Breast

• Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

• Marinated Eggplants with Sesame Seeds

• Sponge Cake with Vanilla Frosting

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