The Old House by the Woods by Soma Kar, is a vibrantly illustrated, thrill-packed YA Mystery book with twists and turns ideal for readers who love classic “whodunit” mysteries and daring adventures.

The Old House By The Woods – Detective Ria Robertson Mystery Stories: Thrilling Cozy Mystery YA Novel for Mystery-Suspense-Crime-Thriller Book Lovers
by Soma Kar
4.6 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Arts & Photography

A fast-paced, thrilling, and visually captivating mystery book for all mystery lovers!

“The maid called the police, who launched an official investigation[… ] The investigation concluded – Death by an unknown animal.”

When martial arts expert, an ex-police officer, and private detective extraordinaire Ria Robertson is hired by Eve to investigate unexplained paranormal activities and mysterious occurrences in her newly bought home, Ria can’t wait to solve the mystery of the century-old haunted house surrounded by a dark, ominous forest in Mistgrove.

Joined by Jenny and Andy – her teenage sister and best friend – and the last words of a dying man, they set out to uncover the secrets of the creepy, old, haunted house. Little do they know that a mysterious killer is on the loose and that no one is safe in the old house by the woods. Soon they walk into a fast-paced murder mystery and cold case investigation, tangled with hidden clues, frightening beast, and imminent danger.

Running against time, will the crime-solving trio be able to solve the mystery behind the strange paranormal occurrences and save everyone from a criminal conspiracy far more dangerous than they could have ever imagined? Can they dodge the beast lurking in the woods and the serial killer targeting people in the haunted house long enough to figure out who (or what) is behind the unsolved murders?

“Exceptional book – I greatly enjoyed the storyline and the other elements I looked for in a good book such as the characters. They are rich, well-developed and all of them play a significant role, even when they only seem to be minor characters. The thousand strings that tie together in the end are sublime. This is a great masterpiece that had me engaged from the start, highly recommended.” -Amazon US Reviewer

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