Now You Know – the stunning psychological thriller perfect for fans of Mark Edwards, K. L. Slater, Miranda Rijks.

Now You Know: A psychological thriller with a nerve shredding climax
by Nora Valters
4.4 Stars (28 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Thrillers | Psychological

Everything I suffer, you will too…

Lauren has worked hard to create her dream life: a perfect fiancé, a great job, and a safe, cosy home.

But then, out of the blue, it all goes horribly wrong and Lauren finds her job is on the line, her fiancé is accusing her of cheating and someone is writing terrible things on her car.

At first, Lauren thinks this is a horrible run of bad luck. But as her life spins out of control in a series of escalating disasters, it begins to dawn on her that these aren’t random events.

She’s under attack. And she’s certain that whoever is doing this won’t stop until they’ve completely destroyed her life.

But she’s wrong – they won’t stop until she’s dead.

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