Research suggests reading Butch & Louie’s Book of Stress Relieving Humor for only six minutes a day can reduce your stress by 68%, improve your ability to relate to others and cut your chances of getting Alzheimer’s by two and a half times. This laugh-out-loud, brain stimulating humor book is the best way to have a better, more relaxing day. And thanks to Butch & Louie, you’ll remember it!

Butch & Louie’s Book of Stress-Relieving Humor: Feel Better Fast
by Butch and Louie
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Foreign Languages

Ride with us as we share why Hasbro really changed Mr. Potato Head’s name, why people spend $1400 on an iPhone, what’s up with pole dancing, what happened to the New Year’s Eve possum drop, the pros and cons of sexting, the truth about Girl Scout cookie sales, how flatulence is undermining efforts to stop global warming, the Covid-19 restrictions in all 50 states that you didn’t know about, and a whole lot more. Experience panhead humor firsthand. You’ll like spending time with us. We guarantee it!

Nothing makes you feel better faster than reading Butch & Louie’s Book of Stress-Relieving Humor.

Marta Tandori, author of The Ties That Bind, Too Little Too Late, Turn A Blind Eye and 8 other books. “You both clearly have a wicked sense of humor and an interesting take on life and this really shines through in your book, making it an interesting read”

Grant Leishman, author of The Second Coming, The Photograph, Love Beyond, Tortured Minds and 6 other books. “Good comedy is extremely hard to write and whether you agree or not with Butch and Louie’s darkly funny insights into life, you will have to agree they are genuinely funny and for that the authors have achieved their goal, to make you laugh, and kudos to them for that. As with any collection, there are some slices of life that struck me as pure genius and one in particular that elicited a deep belly laugh. A Better World Through Plastics genuinely had me leaning forward and clutching my stomach in hilarity.”

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