I really start to worry about the youth of today when I see with my own eyes just how many Lego minifigures there are without heads and hands. Creepy

THE SIX: A Smart, Dark, Enticing Thriller
by Anni Taylor
4.3 Stars (985 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Crime Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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A slow-burn psychological thriller. High adventure, dark games and chilling horror set in a monastery on a remote Greek island.

Evie is in the grip of a gambling addiction. She’s terrified she’ll destroy the lives of her husband and two small daughters, especially with her rising debt. She grabs onto a lifeline – the offer of a program that promises to heal addictions and give her a fresh start.

There are six days and six challenges on the path to healing. Ten thousand dollars per challenge. Sixty thousand on completion. Enough to pay off debts and start anew.

Evie and 27 others from around the world travel to a monastery on a tiny Greek island to begin the program.


Evie’s husband Gray is gutted to find the note that Evie left behind. Why did she leave and where did she go? When Evie’s car is found burned out in woodland, the police suspect him of murdering Evie.

Gray has one chance to fly to Greece to try to find Evie – before he’s arrested for something he didn’t do.

Too late, Evie discovers the chilling truth about the monastery and the island. And the closer she gets to finding an escape, the closer the danger gets to her.

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Mountain Angel (Northstar Book 2)
by Suzie O’Connell
4.2 Stars (1,778 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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A strong-willed woman, a heart-weary deputy, and a cozy mountain cabin. What could possibly go wrong… or right?

Fiercely independent, Aelissm Davis prefers to manage her own affairs. But when an obsessive friend refuses to take no for an answer, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Unfortunately, her meddling uncle’s solution — send his best deputy “on vacation” to protect her — could be an even bigger complication.

For three years, Pat O’Neil has buried himself in his work to get past a violent relationship, and it hasn’t done him any good. This assignment to protect his boss’s niece could be just what he needs. Aelissm is an irresistible breath of fresh mountain air, but as his heart learns how to breathe again, her past entwines with his and trouble comes knocking. Will she let him do his job or will her stubbornness put them both in danger?

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Problems at the Pub (Sugar Mountain Book 4)
by Kirsten Fullmer
4.4 Stars (297 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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It’s another charming and madcap mystery! The enchanting tourist town of Sugar Mountain, NC is rewriting its tax codes, and no one knows why. Mayor Winslow is up to no good, and he doesn’t seem to care what happens to the local business owners; at least that’s how it feels to Monique Brewer, the local tavern owner. She’s proud of making her own way in the world, and messing with her business is a sure way to get her riled.

Sounds like another job for The Sugar Mountain Ladies Historical Society! When Monique brings her concerns to the table, chaos erupts. The women don’t trust anyone, especially not the Mayor or his peculiar new assistant, Anthony Tidwell.

Will the group be able to come up with a solution to keep local businesses safe, or will the mayor finally get his way? Come along for the ride as the residents of Sugar Mountain learn they may be in for more trouble than anyone suspects.

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Mayhem at the Mill: A Humorous Fantasy Coming of Age (The Osten Chronicles Book 1)
by Daniel Thorman
4.4 Stars (62 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Action & Adventure

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In days of old when knights were bold and cell phones weren’t invented, there was magic in the land of Osten. Grim horrors stalked the land and threatened the kingdom’s borders. His majesty’s mages held these all at bay while his goodly knights kept a gladsome peace within the realm. It had been many years since Osten had suffered a serious threat to its monarch’s reign. And all was well.

Meanwhile, in the far-flung reaches of the north, in a barony newly won, a humble miller’s son was having a very bad day…
“Mayhem at the Mill” is the first in a series of tales wherein two young men chosen by fate seek their proper place amid hilarious adventure and mayhem. Intended as an adult read, the language and themes are suitable for younger readers or anyone who enjoys a playful romp through medieval times fraught with whimsy and the delight of discovery.

Come and join the good folk of the hamlet of Meadowfork in their struggles – both everyday and epic.

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Greenhouse Gardening For Beginners: The Step By Step Guide To Build A Year-Round Solar Greenhouse And Grow Herbs, Organic Fruits And Vegetables, Plants, And Flowers [No Prior Experience Required]
by Green Div
4.6 Stars (70 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Science & Math

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Greenhouse Gardening For Beginners

Would you like to feed yourself and your family with organic fruits and vegetables? Or grow rare and exotic plants directly at your home? Or even just relax yourself while gardening? Then keep reading…

Having a greenhouse can really change your life.

It can help better your health and your family’s by improving your nutrition;

It can help having quality time with your kids by gardening together (kids LOVE gardening);

Or it can just help you relax by taking care of your plants.

Unfortunately though, EVERYTHING can destroy a greenhouse:

• – Pests and diseases

• – The wrong level of heat or humidity

• – Weeds that creep up from the floor

• – And the list goes on and on…

All these threats make people feel anxious and worried, so usually they ask:
“Is it possible to avoid all these inconveniences… or do I have to go through them?”

The answer is:

“YES, it’s possible. But you need an instruction manual that tells you what to do at all times: from how to build your greenhouse to how to maintain it.”

This step by step guide is the instruction manual you’re in dire need of.

What will you find inside? Here’s a glimpse:

• Which kind of greenhouse suits the best the place you live (which glass, floor, materials are the best to choose)

• How to grow the fruits and vegetables you like the most (even the ones that don’t grow in your region)

• How to “immunize” your greenhouse from parasites

• How to utilize lighting for better the health and the aspect of your plants

• And so much more!

If you’re ready to build your greenhouse…

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