Dive into this wonderful collection of horror and dark fantasy stories by Reed Blitzerman. A fantastic addition to any horror and mystery lovers library. Enjoy!

The Fell : Stories
by Reed Blitzerman
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Prophetess – A sometimes psychic faces off against two brothers hiding a duffle bag of stolen money. By the time it’s over, she’ll either get rich or die trying.

Captive King – A dead mobster (The Deuce) makes his estranged son an offer he can’t refuse: to take his business legitimate, and settle a score with the “boss” who murdered him. But The Deuce is keeping a secret that could blow the whole scheme apart.

Second Sight – A photographer takes a picture of something impossible. To keep his sanity, he’ll have to embrace what he could never conceive; not before he gained second sight.

Strangelove – An entrepreneur struggles with a pending divorce as the vampire pandemic rages. At least she’s got her cat. But her ex isn’t done with her, and something familiar draws closer in the shadows.

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