Driving around the neighborhood I see a lot of people still have their Christmas decorations up. I can even see a few fully decorated Christmas trees lit up inside. I am not gonna lie. I like it. I still love seeing the twinkling bright lights and fun front yard characters. Why is it when the nights are darkest and cold do we not have an additional holiday that has a bunch of happy lights? I need this.

The Blind Trust (The 509 Crime Stories Book 3)
by Colin Conway
4.4 Stars (1,031 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Women’s Fiction | Action & Adventure

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A quiet death in a small town. A double homicide in the big city. Only a murderer knows they’re connected.

Whitman County Sheriff Tom Jessup wants a nice, safe county. Unfortunately, things are about to get deadly.

A seemingly normal death points Jessup north where he finds Detectives Quinn Delaney and Marci Burkett investigating a double murder.

Their cases are tied together by blood — family blood, but nothing else.

Or so it seems.

To further their investigation, Delaney and Burkett turn to a man they don’t trust. He’s a questionably motivated officer who seems to answer only to himself. Meanwhile, Sheriff Jessup struggles to connect the cases across county lines.

As the deaths continue to mount, the four race in opposite directions, each hunting a killer in their own ways.

Will they find him before he strikes again? Or will distance and department politics let a killer escape?

The Blind Trust is the third book in The 509 Crime Stories, a series of novels set in Eastern Washington with revolving lead characters. If you like police procedurals with compelling personalities, then you’ll love this story.

Pick up The Blind Trust and discover this exciting new series today!

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The Life List: The difference between doing something and nothing is everything. (The List Trilogy Book 1)
by Chrissy Anderson, Margie Aston
4.4 Stars (386 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance

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When she was just sixteen, Chrissy Anderson made a life list…
… The outcome is a dream husband, a career to envy, and the kind of best friends every girl wants. Then out of nowhere… an affair. What would you do if you realized the life you created wasn’t right for you? You think you know the answer? Think again. Follow Chrissy as she lies and cheats and ultimately learns to tell the truth to herself and those that she loves.

At twenty-eight, Chrissy has been steadily checking off the boxes on her life list as she mocks the style and life choices of everyone around her. She’s got it all — or so everyone thinks. Her life begins to fall apart when she unexpectedly meets a much younger man, Leo, who makes her question just how perfect her “perfect life” really is. With the help of her no-nonsense therapist, Dr. Maria, Chrissy learns more about herself than she anticipates. But it isn’t until she stares an untimely death in the face that Chrissy is catapulted into an overdue reality check. Only then does she scramble to correct the mistakes of her past… trying to figure out if it’s her husband Kurt, her lover Leo, or both that she has to leave behind to make everything right.

Women of all kinds will be able to relate to the pressure of constructing the ideal life, only to fall short. Not everyone will agree with Chrissy Anderson’s decisions, but all will pause as they follow along on her journey to ask, “What would I do if I were her?”

The Life List, book ONE of The List Trilogy, will take you on a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows as Chrissy makes mistakes on her bumpy road to happiness. Come along for the ride and you’ll be left breathless and ready to find out what she does next in book TWO, The Unexpected List.

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Maison Cristina: a novel
by Eugene K. Garber
4.7 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Literary Fiction

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A man of words. A deeply wounded woman.
Will the story they tell together end in tragedy or redemption?

Peter Naughton, former naval officer, story-teller, and soulful seeker, must revisit a dark past to vanquish a demon and heal his buried wounds. A crime has landed him in the asylum of Maison Cristina. Wearied and troubled, he must make a heroic effort to save another, and thereby redeem himself.

Charlene, a fellow patient, is the victim of a mysterious psychosexual wound that has left her catatonic. Working closely with head nun Sister Claire — his equal in intelligence, his superior in faith — Naughton takes Charlene on an excursion through his memories and imagination. Can Naughton’s storytelling unlock the secrets of her tragic wounding and restore her health, or will his tales create a tragic transformation?

In masterful prose that ranges from the visionary to the wry, Eugene K. Garber delivers a rich and suspenseful story of two souls locked in a struggle for redemption.

Maison Cristina is a powerful novel that resonates on several levels — psychological, sexual, religious, philosophical. If you like complex but eminently accessible characters, stories, and themes, you will love Eugene K. Garber’s house of healing.

Open the door into winding passageways of wit, mystery, illusion, and startling revelation. Join the characters’ journeys toward self-realization.

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Arklight: Operation Nightfall
by J.M. Myrick
4.4 Stars (50 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Religion & Spirituality | Thrillers

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A cryptic legend… A fractured truth…
Arklight, the best kept secret in the U.S. arsenal, stumbles upon a power that exists independent of time. While on mission to capture the world’s most wanted terrorist, Arklight’s Spear Team unearths a remarkable Nazi conspiracy. The mysterious interaction leads the team to locate a dangerous truth, including a sinister plot to locate a weapon of immense potential. An encounter beyond belief forces the team back in time, one day into the WW II Allied assault on Bizerte, Tunisia. They soon discover an extraordinary purpose, forming an uneasy alliance of necessity.

In 1943, Hitler’s deranged attempt to conquer Europe, and beyond, stands on the fringe of reality, but Arklight provides the world a chance to alter destiny itself. Broken men experience a brutal truth, unlike anything before it in human history, creating an incredible revelation. The past we have always known becomes a paradox of faith, reshaping fact and reality. An ancient Knights Templar calling comes to light, uncloaking a dark enemy’s ominous plan to destroy all things.

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Inspiring Educational Fun Facts for Kids with Comic + Jokes: New Fascinating Graphical Science Book for kids 7-14
by Curious Roobi
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)

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Do you want your kid to read more and spend less on screen? Do you like your kid to get genuinely interested in science? Do you like your kid to select his/her job based on passion? Then you need to keep reading…
Have you ever had this experience of driving for groceries or going on a long trip. Then suddenly there is a fight among kids in the backseat over anything?

Wouldn’t it feel much better if the kids instead of fighting with their siblings tell a joke for you or Fun Fact about Mars or just ask some questions about science?

That’s a simple example but the deeper problem is that sometimes we are so exhausted from the work or just there are lots of things needed to be done around the house.

This leaves us with not much time to invest in kids’ entertainment that they end up spending too much time on the screen.

Scientific research done by Common Sense Media found that kids 8 to 12-year-olds in the United States now use screens for entertainment for an average of 4 hours, 44 minutes a day.

The same study shows the screen addiction gets worse as they grow older where 13 to 18-year-olds are on screens for an average of 7 hours, 22 minutes each day!!

Have you ever wondered what is the best beneficial alternative for the screen? Something as engaging as a screen?

In the Inspiring Fun Facts for kids, you’ll discover :

• Scientifically and psychologically engineered to increase interest and engagement in learning and increase divergent thinking.

• Graphical comics to help them self personify with the hero during their discovery journey in science.

• Well-organized and engineered inspiring Fun facts on STEM like Science, Space, Biology, History, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering to channel their curiosity.

• Inspiring stories for kids about real-life heroes and scientists who saved millions of lives and improved humankind’s quality of life through science.

• Inspiring stories of other young inventors from all genders and ethnicities around the world.

• Facts with their explanations.

• Lots of jokes related to each topic to make learning fun for kids.

• Explaining high tech in simple words like Artificial Intelligence, Nanotech, Robotics, chemistry, telecommunications.

• The full picture of the career path for the kids about each domain of science and final high tech and well-paid jobs in the industry in a very simple language.

A study on 43,000 Spanish students revealed that on average, students who were reading regularly for pleasure outside of class saw their grades rise by 0.22 points overall.

Even if your kid is hyperactive or has a short attention span this book is designed with a team of scientists, researchers, psychologists, and artists to keep them engaged and eager to learn more.

If you like to support your kid, become amazed by science, and discover the job they feel passionate about in science,grab your copy today.

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