Get ready to lead like never before, with Systems Inspired Leadership by Frank Uit de Weerd and Marita Fridjhon. This book is your roadmap for collective growth and change, resulting in a shared story of success — for each individual and your organization as a whole!

Systems Inspired Leadership: How to Tap Collective Wisdom to Navigate Change, Enhance Agility, and Foster Collaboration
by Frank Uit de Weerd, Marita Fridjhon
4.9 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Business & Money

Today’s 21st Century leaders face tremendous pressure in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world, where traditional leadership models have become obsolete. To transform and transcend these challenges a new type of leadership is essential.


Systems Inspired Leadership (SIL): a powerful alternative for innovative leaders. Instead of an outmoded and ineffective top-down, leader-knows-all style that results in stress, pressure, and anxiety, SIL offers a fresh, proven approach for achieving optimal results for your organization.

This approach helps to overcome barriers and open doors to growth and innovation by tapping the collective wisdom of the organization. Instead of trying to force solutions that lack context or alignment, SIL creates an environment where answers emerge naturally by leveraging the synergistic power of the system.

With meaningful collaboration at its core, SIL inspires everyone to learn new ways of being, taking action, and developing conscious, intentional relationships resulting in improved job engagement, greater sense of belonging, and personal growth.


Sustainable results. Engaged and empowered team members
Enhanced agility and capacity to navigate change
Increased self-confidence and awareness
Less stress and overwhelm for everyone
A collaborative, “we” culture, in which people work together as a unified whole

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