I have walked into the garage three times now, and did not do what I had intended to do. I got distracted and did something else. When I came back inside I remembered what I had intended to do, and got distracted again. The third time I went in I forgot what I was going to do and I just stood there wondering what on Earth I went in there for. Just so I didn’t seem crazy to myself I backed out of the garage. Typing that out I realize now that might have been a bit weird of me to do. Thankfully no one saw me do it, so it’s all good. Except you all know..hmmm. I still can’t remember what I was supposed to do. KETCHUP!!! I was looking for ketchup.

CONSTABLE ON THE HILL (Constable Nick Mystery Book 1)
3.9 Stars (2,231 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Mystery

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The brilliantly entertaining and heartwarming books behind the hit 90s TV series Heartbeat. One of the top ten most watched shows of the decade.

Policeman Nick Rhea has been posted to the country with his wife Mary and their three small children. They move into the police house, high on a ridge overlooking the moors. It sits on the edge of the village of Aidensfield — “probably the most beautiful site in the country”.

“These books… do for the police service in North Yorkshire what James Herriot did for the vets there… very relaxing, very readable.” Manchester Evening News

In the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside of the 1960s, Constable Nick’s roles are as varied as the eccentric villagers.

He handles every encounter with his characteristic humour, humanity and professionalism.

His investigations include the case of a clever pony who keeps escaping, a woman running through town naked, and a pack of Canadian timber wolves hanging out in a bus shelter.


He soon gets to know all the characters on his beat, from his superior officer Sergeant Blaketon to Claude Jeremiah Greengrass, whose lurcher Alfred lands him with a summons for “allowing a dog to worry livestock on agricultural land.” The ever-resourceful Claude Jeremiah offers the defence that Alfred’s victim, a budgie, cannot be described as livestock!

Perfect for fans of James Herriot, T.E. Kinsey, Gerald Durrell, J.R. Ellis or anyone who loves a great read.


Sergeant Oscar Blaketon. A good, solid and dependable character who runs his little police station with fierce efficiency but under a tough exterior, is full of warmth, generosity and kindness.

PC Alf Ventress. The old, easy-going constable whose local knowledge is vital to the running of Ashfordly Police Station. He does like Mrs Ventress’s hard-boiled eggs!

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Cargo: A Leine Basso Thriller
by D.V. Berkom
4.5 Stars (371 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Literature & Fiction | Crime Fiction

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An adventurous young backpacker, captured and sold. A black market merchant who will stop at nothing to amass the power he craves. The one woman who can stop him before he destroys everything…

Haunted by memories of an op gone bad, former assassin Leine Basso travels to Bangkok in search of a missing backpacker. With help from an old contact, she discovers the man responsible for the girl’s disappearance is connected to a violent Hong Kong triad and is the linchpin of an extensive trafficking network — both animal and human.

Making enemies isn’t new for Leine, but making one in the triad is — she soon finds herself a prisoner on board a cargo ship headed for sub-Saharan Africa. To ensure her survival and to continue her hunt for the missing girl, she must join forces with Derek, an ivory poacher who promises to help her.

For a price.

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Forever: Book One of The Abandoned
by Eric Marier
4.1 Stars (254 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Coming of Age

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Rich, popular Kate Hewitt destroys lives at Sussex High. Mute, violent Kev Anderwaith hasn’t been to school in months. On the day Kev does return, Kate is shocked when the overgrown, social outcast sits next to her in class and claims they’ve both lived previous lives, and keep finding each other, throughout the centuries, falling in love every time.

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The Witch who Couldn’t Spell: Felix and Penzi’s First Paranormal Mystery (French Country Murders Book 1)
by Katie Penryn
4.4 Stars (337 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Suspense

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Mpenzi’s a new witch in a new town.

Her long-lost mother’s been locked up for murder.

What should she do? Find the real killer – however dangerous that may be.

So far, Mpenzi’s done well. Despite her reading disability, she’s qualified as a lawyer in London and raised her two brothers on her own. But she doesn’t have the skills to hunt down a murderer.

True Mpenzi’s a white witch, so she could use magic, and she does have her mother’s Book of Spells, but she’s hit a stumbling block. Try as she may, Mpenzi cannot decipher the grimoire’s medieval script. She needs help desperately if she’s to save her mother from a life in prison.

Will the High Council of the Guild of White Witches listen to her plea and allow her an assistant in time to free her mother? An assistant with supernatural powers of their own?

If you love stories about witches, magic, and talking cats and dogs, all spiced up with a dollop of danger, you’ll love following along with Mpenzi and Felix, her shape-shifting sidekick, as they fight the good fight against evil in the small French seaside town of Beaucoup-sur-Mer.

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Gunfighters’ Law
by Stephen Wade
3.6 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Westerns

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Blood runs thicker than water in the wild west…

Joe Cook’s father, Ben, is dying. His final wish is that his headstrong son, Pete, should return to the Double Ring ranch and claim his inheritance.

But Joe knows all too well that his younger brother is stubborn. Pete stormed out of the ranch after a big argument with his father and he hasn’t been seen since.

Joe isn’t even sure where his brother is.

Following a modest funeral at the ranch, Joe feels it’s his duty to honor his father and track down his brother.

But Mary, Joe’s wife of eight years, is concerned. The badlands of Pecos and New Mexico are dangerous and Joe is heading straight for them.

He enlists the help of Charley Clay, an old Texas Ranger, who agrees to accompany him on his trip. He understands the terrain and the dangers that may be encountered.

However, only a few days into their search, they witness a deadly ride-by shooting.

When the two murders ride off, Charley and Joe desperately try to save the victim.

It turns out he’s the local doctor from Ellistown, and has been chased out of town by Noah Ellis and his men, who likes to think he runs the town.

Unable to save the doctor, Joe and Charley travel on, stopping at a ranch owned by Charley’s long-term friend Ed Felice, who quickly fills them in on how Ellis and his band of men are terrorising the local area.

So follow encounters with Mexicans, as well as the so-called ‘law keepers’ in Ellistown.

Will Joe ever find Pete?

Or will his travels simply land him in more danger?

Filled with deadly shootings and ruthless cowboys, Gunfighters’ Law is an action-packed western that has everything you could want from a classic of the genre.

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