Heroes of the Multiverse by Lucas Flint is an epic superhero multiverse adventure fans of science fiction and fantasy will not want to miss. Grab your copy TODAY!

Across the Worlds (Heroes of the Multiverse Book 1)
by Lucas Flint
4.4 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure

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Ashley Jason, Busker Burn, and more return in Lucas Flint’s newest, unmissable superhero crossover epic!

Banished from her universe by an interdimensional criminal with a grudge, Ashley Jason (Crafter) finds herself aboard a dimension-hopping ship with five other superheroes. Recruited by the enigmatic Prince Tojas Malock, Crafter and her fellow superheroes must retrieve the pieces of the fabled Trinity Blade, the most powerful weapon in the multiverse, before they fall into the wrong hands.

Such as the hands of Tojas’ evil twin brother, Prince Karos. Dreaming of conquering the multiverse, Karos assembles a team of the multiverse’s worst supervillains to gather the Trinity Blade parts for him.

With the multiverse itself at stake, Crafter and the Heroes of the Multiverse must find and reassemble the Trinity Blade before Karos’ supervillains do and give Karos unstoppable godlike power to annihilate all who oppose his iron-fisted rule.

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Across the Rift (Heroes of the Multiverse Book 2)
by Lucas Flint
4.5 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure

The other side of the story… Trickshot is in trouble. Captured by Karos’ Fallen Court and held prisoner aboard Karos’ warship, Trickshot’s only hope of escaping six of the multiverse’s most dangerous supervillains a seven-year-old magician who is a bit of a brat.

Doctor Mind isn’t in trouble. Guilty over failing to prevent Trickshot’s kidnapping, Doctor Mind decides to investigate the real reason Prince Tojas wants the Trinity Blade. Even if he risks his own life in the process.

Busker Burn is looking for trouble. Like Doctor Mind, Busker suspects there’s more going on than meets the eye. Unlike Doctor Mind, Busker isn’t afraid to make some noise to discover the truth.

This is the other side of the story, where the Heroes of the Multiverse uncover the truth behind the Trinity Blade conflict… and why they would be better off not knowing.

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Across the Multiverse (Heroes of the Multiverse Book 3)
by Lucas Flint
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Scattered across the multiverse…
Prince Karos Malock has gathered all four pieces of the legendary Trinity Blade. With support from the Fallen Court, Prince Karos moves forward with his plans to assemble the Trinity Blade and conquer the multiverse.

The Heroes of the Multiverse, the only force in the multiverse that can stop Karos, has been scattered to every corner of the multiverse. To stop Prince Karos, the heroes must reunite and find the power they need to challenge the sheer power of the Trinity Blade itself.

Time is ticking and the Heroes of the Multiverse don’t have enough of it.

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