Do you know how I get my two baby bassets to go out and ride their bikes to get some fresh air and exercise? I insist that they come out to the backyard so that I may tell them all about the exciting bug activities that are taking place. They literally ran out the front door. I’m hurt. How can they not find all the latest news about the Monarchs, Swallowtails, and Preying Mantis? Let’s just say… the population is BOOMING! I don’t mean to brag or anything, but it has been a successful season. My sweet kids are also getting a lot of exercise. WIN WIN!

Soon to Be Mine: A Detective Emily Tizzano Vigilante Justice Thriller
by KJ Kalis
4.5 Stars (153 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Action & Adventure | Crime Fiction

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When a dead car battery turns into something far more devious…
Terrorized by a man who won’t leave her alone, Federal prosecutor Nicole Strickland doesn’t know what to do. Everywhere she turns, she feels eyes on her, watching. Her brother, FBI Agent Cash Strickland, knows she needs help, but there’s no actionable proof to stop the man that’s hunting her.

With no evidence and even little hope, Cash turns to the one person he thinks might be able to help, only because she bends the law getting justice for those who need her – former Chicago PD cold case detective, Emily Tizzano.

But Cash and Emily have unfinished business. She’s suspicious of his motives and even more suspicious of his sister’s job as a prosecutor.

Is he really worried about his sister and her safety, or is it a set up?

If you love the fast-paced, page-turning novels of James Patterson, L. T. Ryan or Tom Clancy, you’ll love this series!
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Quest of the Highlander (Crowns & Kilts Book 5)
by Cynthia Wright
4.7 Stars (147 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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New York Times Bestselling author Cynthia Wright “magically blends passion and history!” – RT Book Reviews
Lennox MacLeod was raised on the Isle of Skye as the grandson of the powerful chief of Clan MacLeod, yet his kind heart and artistic talent set him apart from other Highland warriors. When Lennox uncovers a shocking secret, he angrily sets out on a quest to discover where he truly belongs.

Beautiful, strong-willed Nora Brodie has devoted her life to becoming a master weaver of royal tapestries, even though men scoff at a woman achieving such a goal. At Stirling Castle, Nora is determined to make her dreams come true, until the night a dissolute Englishman steals something she can never replace.

Hiding a shameful secret, Nora must leave Stirling, and the only person who can help her is the splendid Highlander, Lennox MacLeod. Traveling together, Lennox and Nora forge a passionate bond as lovers and soulmates. But upon arriving in Tudor London, truths are revealed and choices loom. Does the flame of love stand a chance against powerful winds of fate?

This full-length Scottish historical romance is book 5 in the Crowns & Kilts series, but can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. In QUEST OF THE HIGHLANDER, readers will reunite with Andrew & Micheline from OF ONE HEART (Crowns & Kilts, Book 2).

CROWNS & KILTS: The St. Briac Family
1526: YOU & NO OTHER (Thomas & Aimée)
1532: OF ONE HEART (Andrew & Micheline)
1538: ABDUCTED AT THE ALTAR (Christophe & Fiona)
1539: RETURN OF THE LOST BRIDE (Ciaran & Violette)
1541: QUEST OF THE HIGHLANDER (Lennox & Nora)

The St. Briac Family in the Regency
1808: THE SECRET OF LOVE (Gabriel & Isabella)
1818: HIS MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE (Justin & Mouette)
1829: HER IMPOSSIBLE HUSBAND (Justin & Mouette)

Cynthia Wright always delivers, book after book. If you are a tried and true fan already, you can’t wait for another new release. If you are new to her books… well, lucky, lucky you. Let the reading begin!! ~ Elizabeth Clayton, Amazon reader

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Grounded: Death Gives You 24 Hours Notice (Paranormal Penny Mysteries Book 1)
by Sarah Hualde
4.2 Stars (355 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Suspense | Fantasy

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As the music played…
… she knew one thing.

Somebody was marked for death.

Penny Nicols is an 18-year-old girl with the “gift” of seeing terrible omens. It has kept her from making friends. She doesn’t want the pain of being responsible for their demise. Always running from the Raven, she finds herself in the great northwest.

When does a paranormal gift become a curse?

The moment she sees her boss’ death in a cup of coffee.

Janice may have only 24-hours left.

Four hours away, over the internet, she makes a friend. A podcaster, T.C., who isn’t afraid of Penny’s ability, encourages her to solve the case and save her boss, but will they unravel the lyrical clues in time?

With the help of her snarky cat, Spades, they go deep into the mystery.

A truck almost finished Janice off, and Penny knows it won’t be the last close call.

You’ll love the first book in this new paranormal mystery series because Penny and Spades are the perfect team of sleuths to thwart the Raven’s plans.

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4.3 Stars (62 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | History | Westerns

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Capt. Rowdy Bates travels aimlessly across the Oklahoma Territories. After the death of his wife at the hands of a half-breed renegade and Snake Pearson, he is left a changed man.

When he finds two dead miners in the log cabin in eastern Oklahoma, he didn’t think much of it. Only bone and cloth remain of the men who simultaneously shot each other at point blank range. Do the skeletons hold a deep secret?

Tuc and Potak reappear and agree to continue to travel with the captain. In their journey, they discover a man with such raw courage he becomes one of the few people they welcomed as a fellow traveler.

Alfred Packer was a guide for miners in the San Juan and Rocky Mountains. He takes expeditions to search for gold near Lake City and Breckenridge, Colorado. He holds a secret so wicked there is no chance for salvation.

Unwanted Reunion is a fast-paced, action-packed, western novel with a good dose of humor and no bars held. From saloon showdowns to main street gunfights. Captain Bates’s evolution is accelerating. His eyes, like an icy cold lake, are now full of violence. He is both the hunter and punisher with his shotgun justice. Rules and honor are no longer an issue. Rowdy has run completely off the rails. Where will his crusade end?

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Cast Iron Cookbook: From Stove to Table, Quick & Easy, Everyday Cast Iron Recipes
by Louise Davidson
4.5 Stars (100 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Everyday cooking with the most versatile pan in your kitchen! Cast iron skillets have survived the test of time and makes every meal taste so much better.

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The number of dishes one can cook with cast iron cookware and the ease of doing so are simply amazing. They also turn out delicious and cleaning up is a breeze. Yes, the cast iron pan is truly ancient, having been with us for centuries; but it’s no wonder it’s still around! It is the most versatile pan in your kitchen: from grilling meats and preparing the most outstanding breakfasts to simmering soups and stews on the stovetop or roasting and baking in an oven, the cast iron delivers incredible flavors. No wonder it was our grandmothers’ favorite pan.

This cookbook presents kitchen-tested recipes that you won’t be able not to love. Aside from steaks, there are hearty, one-pot power breakfasts, pilafs, paellas, main dishes, light snacks, marvelous vegetarian fare, and even decadent desserts!
All recipes include a detailed ingredient list, easy-to-follow preparation steps, and nutrition facts. You’ll also be able to learn about the cast iron pan’s history as well as pointers on how to care for it, so you always get the best results. The cast iron itself lends a rustic decorative appeal in this age of shiny, modern cookware. See your guests’ eyes open in amazement when it’s placed on the dining table, straight from the oven!

Inside, you’ll find:

• An introduction to the cast iron cookware, its history, benefits, capabilities, maintenance, and more

• Tasty breakfast recipes like the Banana-Nut Quinoa and the Hearty Paleo Breakfast

• Bountiful beef recipes such as the Spiced Sirloin Steak and the Cast-Iron Burgers

• Wholesome pork recipes like the Pork Chops Provençal with Potatoes and the Pork Medallions in Mushroom Gravy

• Satisfying chicken recipes like the Greek-Style One Pan Chicken and Rice and the Honey-Lemon Chicken

• Amazing vegetarian recipes such as the Potato-Rosemary Flatbreads and the Skillet Pesto Pizza

• Delightful dessert recipes like the Cranberry Upside-Down Cake and the Plum Clafoutis

Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon’s free reading Kindle App.

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