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No Safe Place (The Grace Series Book 1)
by Craig Dawson
4.2 Stars (744 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Crime Fiction

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Tony Grace is running for his life.

His peaceful existence is shattered when a past he thought he’d put behind him comes crashing back into his world. Old acquaintances unhappy that he left them for a new life in a sleepy seaside town, now want their revenge.

With his hopes and dreams in flames, the only road left leads back to his past. Back to the gang that wants him dead.

Tony can only do one thing – fight back or die trying.

NO SAFE PLACE is the debut novel from a new, exciting voice in crime fiction

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The Husband Checklist: A Brother’s Best Friend Romance
by Jasmin Miller
4.3 Stars (712 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Contemporary Fiction | Classics | Humor & Entertainment

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There are moments when you think life is going one way and a major curveball sends you the complete opposite direction. That’s me, standing in the rain, wondering how things went so terribly wrong.

What do I need? To hide at my brother’s house to lick my wounds.

What do I get? My brother’s roommate, sexy-as-sin best friend, Carter Kennedy.

The cute, adventurous boy who was my teenage crush. The inspiring, irresistible man who will never be mine.

But then things get complicated with fun-filled days and pleasure-filled nights.

If Carter wasn’t the most commitment-phobic person I know, I could consider the cliché of dating my brother’s best friend. But he will never fit the husband checklist I made to find the man who will be my world, and I’m not willing to compromise on that.

At least, that’s the plan.

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The Dream of the Iron Dragon: An Alternate History Viking Epic (Saga of the Iron Dragon Book 1)
by Robert Kroese
4.4 Stars (491 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Historical Fiction

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Trapped 1300 years in the past, they have one mission: survive.

In the 23rd century, humanity has been hunted to the verge of extinction by an alien race. When an exploratory ship accidentally travels back in time to Viking age Scandinavia, the human race is given a second chance. Pursued by the power-hungry King Harald, the four surviving crew members join a ragtag band of Vikings as they pillage their way across Europe. It will take all their ingenuity, courage and technical know-how just to survive. But survival is only the beginning. To save humanity, they must somehow return to the stars.

Thus begins a decades-long effort to teach the Vikings to build a craft capable of reaching space — a ship that will come to be known as the Iron Dragon.

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The Haunting of Hardlocke House (The Haunted House Collection)
by Amy Cross
4.2 Stars (417 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

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Forty years ago, paranormal researcher Diana Moore encountered the one haunted house she could never explain. Now, finally, she’s ready to go back and discover the truth.

Offered the chance of a lifetime, Jessie Banks agrees to go with Diana and act as her assistant. They find Hardlocke House abandoned, but soon they begin to notice small signs that something is lurking in the shadows. Hardlocke House has a dark history, having been built many centuries earlier as an orphanage, but are its past residents really trying to make their presence felt?

Soon, Jessie and Diana find that the house hides far more secrets than they ever could have expected. What dark force lingers in the small chapel to the side of the house? Do the ghosts of the house’s dead children really haunt the forest? And what really happened to Sarah Clarke, governess of the house all those years ago, when she tried to stand up against a malevolent force that still yearns to wreak its revenge upon the world?

The Haunting of Hardlocke House is a horror story about a girl who refuses to believe in ghosts, about a woman who has spent forty years denying the truth about what she really saw, and about a house that has never been able to let go of its horrific past.

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Texas Ranger 8: A Classic Western Series (Capt. Bates 15)
by Ash Lingam
4.5 Stars (146 Reviews)
Genre: Classics | Romance

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Someone has murdered the sheriff and bushwhacked one of the captain’s men — is it possible the culprit is a person close to the Texas Rangers? A Comanche war party attacks a wagon train — will Captain Bates arrive on time, and who does he have to save, the settlers or the warrior braves? Miss Nati Buena Fuente is in mortal danger — but why and from whom? Will Rowdy lose yet another close friend?

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Easy Calzone Cookbook: Easy Calzone Cookbook 50 Delicious Calzone Recipes (2nd Edition)
by BookSumo Press
4.2 Stars (132 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Calzones 101.

Get your copy of the best and most unique Calzone recipes from BookSumo Press!

Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply.

In this book we focus on Calzones. The Easy Calzone Cookbook is a complete set of simple but very unique Calzone recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?

Here is a Preview of the Calzone Recipes You Will Learn:

• Country Applesauce and Oat Breakfast Calzone

• Backyard Barbecue Chicken Calzones

• Parmesan, Ricotta, and Mozzarella Calzones

• Athens’s Style Provolone and Veggie Calzones

• Vegetarian Green Leaf Calzones

• Calzone Toscana

• How to Make Dough for Calzones

• A 2nd Grader’s Lunch

• Basil Backroad Chicken and Onion Calzones

• Prepared Pesto Deli Meat Calzone

• Little Party Calzones

• Maria’s No Meat Calzones

• Marinara Calzones

• 5-Ingredient Calzones

• Summer Garden Calzones

• Ground Beef Red Pepper Calzones

• Calzone Pinwheel

• November Calzones

• Simple Siena Calzones

• Sunny Florida Calzones

• Much, much more!

Again remember these recipes are unique so be ready to try some new things. Also remember that the style of cooking used in this cookbook is effortless. So even though the recipes will be unique and great tasting, creating them will take minimal effort!

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