I am in so much pain from my first day at the new gym that I can barely even walk. I didn’t even push myself that hard. I know once I start moving around the pain will decrease a bit and I will be able to do another workout today. The getting started is the worst part. If they are doing leg day again today I think I might die. Nope… I will not let a little pain stop me. I will go today, shuffle through the workout, and try really hard not to cry. There’s no crying at the gym right? I bet plenty of people cry at the gym. No no… I will move slow and not cry. Maybe if I cry now I won’t cry later. Hahaha… oh man.

Death at Whitewater Church (An Inishowen Mystery Book 1)
by Andrea Carter
4.1 Stars (532 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Crime Fiction

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A missing groom — a deconsecrated church — a hidden crypt — a skeleton wrapped in a blanket

When a skeleton is discovered in the hidden crypt of a deconsecrated church, everyone is convinced the bones must be those of Conor Devitt, a local man who went missing on his wedding day six years previously. But the postmortem reveals otherwise.

Solicitor Benedicta “Ben” O’Keeffe is acting for the owners of the church. She is reluctant to get involved, but when Conor’s brother dies in strange circumstances shortly after coming to see her, she finds herself drawn into the mystery. Whose is the skeleton in the crypt and how did it get there? Is Conor Devitt still alive, and if so, is there a link? What happened on the morning of his wedding to make him disappear?

Negotiating between the official investigation — headed up by the handsome but surly Sergeant Tom Molloy — and obstructive locals with secrets of their own, Ben unravels layers of personal and political history to get to the truth of what happened six years before.

Death at Whitewater Church is the first in a series of Ben O’Keeffe mysteries set on the Inishowen Peninsula in County Donegal, Ireland.

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To Wield a Plague (Passage to Dawn)
by Derrick Smythe
4.5 Stars (51 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

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There will be no victory here for anyone but those who thirst for blood.

Forced to choose between his mother’s life and his own exile, Dwapek embarks upon a journey wrought with trials no ordinary Renzik could hope to survive. Relics of legend, plagues of old, and monsters of unthinkable dread all collide in this epic fantasy adventure as a weapon capable of destroying an entire people is set to be unleashed.

This standalone story will be enjoyed by new and established fans of Smythe’s bestselling Passage to Dawn series. Patrons of Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Michael J. Sullivan, Edward W. Robertson, Patrick Rothfuss, and Michael Wisehart rejoice!

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Becoming Beast (The Paws that built the Land of the Beasts Book 1)
by Jack Vir
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Foreign Languages | Fantasy

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Instincts vs personality disorder vs life experience

A tripartite conflict in the middle of the endless Plain, where help will not come.

• An old bear that ran away from grief and guilt.

• A young chimpanzee is unable to defend himself due to repressed anger.

• A hyena fights a hidden enemy in its mind… a parasite that hides in the head of the perfect hunter.

Which of them will prove to be a tough nut to crack?

Three storylines intertwined toward the final when characters with different life experiences and beliefs come face to face with their enemies.

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Ashwater: A young adult sci-fi romance
by Melissa Koberlein
4.3 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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Adam has a secret. One he’d kill to keep.

For fans of Riverdale and Stranger Things, prepare for a reading experience like no other. Ashwater comes with a Spotify playlist with featured 80s’ songs from the book!

Ashwater, Colorado seems like a quaint tourist town. But locals know otherwise. Mysterious disappearances spanning decades and rumors of strange experiments at the nearby Bio-Core facility are part of the town’s everyday lore.

After escaping Bio-Core, Adam just wants to fit in–a hard task for an android. He finds a home at Jack’s Arcade, and everyone loves his new dance game. When he meets Evie, a girl who lights up his CPU, he wavers between kissing her and obeying his programming to kill her.

When Adam reveals his secret to Evie, will their connection keep her safe, or will his killer instinct win out?

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CBT Toolbox for Children and Adolescents (Mental Health Workbooks Book 2)
by Yevhenii Lozovyi
4.9 Stars (70 Reviews)
Genre: Parenting & Relationships | Teen & Young Adult

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Powerful tools to help kids and teens build healthy coping mechanisms, develop resiliency, and manage moods are here!

Is your child showing signs of depression, irritability, and anger issues?

Do you feel helpless watching them in chronic distress, self-loathing, and even self-harming?

Do you wish there was a productive way to step in and help them without overwhelming them?

You’re in the right place!

Children and teens can go through a barrage of confusing experiences that they aren’t yet equipped to handle. With it comes feelings of frustration as you watch your child struggle with negative emotions.

You want to help them but you don’t exactly know how.

And perhaps most upsetting of all is that, even with all your good intentions, they still can’t see that you’re only trying to help them — especially teenagers.

But don’t feel hopeless just yet. This is all a normal part of growing up. What our kids are going through now are so different than what we went through before.

According to the CDC, approximately 8.5 million children aged 3-17 years have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety combined — a staggering number that needs swift intervention for anyone involved.

But where do you even start?

In “CBT Toolbox for Children & Adolescents”, is a holistic distress tolerance workbook that offers carefully curated worksheets and exercises for anger, anxiety, craving, addiction, and stress management.

Using evidence-based insights, this toolkit:

• Harnesses the power of Cognitive Behavioral Training: Take advantage of a proven and organized process that aims to effectively take down negative habits and behaviors and replace them with healthier ones

• Uses science-based exercises: Help your child manage the impact of anxiety and panic-related situations, control negative emotions, and build a stronger sense of self-care and self-love

• Helps kids and teens independently find calm: Using exercises to help visualize a safe space, your kids will slowly build up the strength to not give into addiction

• Provides therapeutic activities to help cope with trauma: Help your child handle their triggers better and find effective and healthy ways to deflect in any situation

• Addresses impulse control issues: This guide helps manage your child’s hyperactivity so that they can learn to reframe their mind to focus on only the bigger picture

• Boosts your child’s mood and self-esteem: Help your child thrive in any situation and become the best version of themselves using grounding exercises

• Improves sleep: Better sleep is key to a happier, healthier child. Show them effective breathing exercises that increase their sleep quality so they can tackle the stresses of daily life

And so much more!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow, age-appropriate guide that will help your child live out their best years yet, instead of being chained to negative emotions and thoughts that hold them back, then this guide is will give you all the tools you need to make that a reality.

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Glad One: Crazy is a Relative Term (Val Fremden Midlife Mysteries Book 1)
by Margaret Lashley
4.4 Stars (2,128 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Foreign Languages

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A Midlife Meltdown Leads to Southern-Fried Mayhem in this Hilarious and Heartfelt Mystery Series.

After being duped out of her life savings in Germany, Val Fremden retreats home to Florida with more than just her pride in tatters. At 45, she’s broke, divorced, and virtually unemployable. Starting over will be tough enough as it is. But when her only friend suddenly turns up dead, Val begins to seriously wonder if the world is out to get her.

Maybe it is…
The sugar-white sands of Sunset Beach attract weirdos like mosquitoes to a bug zapper. So when the will of Val’s friend makes the local newspaper, lunatics and con artists stumble from their beach shacks to scuffle for a piece of the leftover pie.

Determined to find her friend’s true heir, Val reluctantly turns to three crackpots for help — a drunk, a redneck, and a snarky beach bum. Working at odds with each other, their bumbling investigation attracts the attention of a hot cop. He quickly gets into the fray and under Val’s skin. Whether it’s in a good way or bad only time will tell. Because sometimes, it’s not until you reach the bottom of the barrel that you find out who your true friends are.

Love your mysteries with a side of snide? The Val Fremden Midlife Mysteries are for you! Get set for a wickedly witty slide down the social ladder with a surprising cast of unexpected misfits!

If you love slightly edgier cozy mysteries like Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum or Jana Deleon’s Fortune Redding, you’ll probably find yourself resonating with Val Fremden, too. She’s a lovable, bungling mess who’s a bit older, a tad more jaded, and a ton more experienced in big-time failure. Life’s been tough for Val. Still, she always manages to find her way with sardonic humor and an intrepid spirit. A gin and tonic now and then helps, too.

Life’s a beach and then you die. If you’re ready for a good laugh and a great mystery, check out Glad One. Funny Florida mysteries don’t get any wackier — or truly heartfelt.

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