Welcome to Stone Ridge, Texas where salt of the earth chivalrous cowboys pursue their happily ever afters. In this small town, women are especially revered. They’re in the minority, so they’re coveted and protected. Good for the women, not so good for all the single men. From cowboys falling for their best friend’s sister, to first love second chance reunions, to accidental pregnancies with visiting Nashville stars, read as these cowboys chase and find the women they love.

Cowboys of Stone Ridge: Books 1-3
by Heatherly Bell
5.0 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

The three book box set of the bestselling Cowboys of Stone Ridge series includes: Lucky Cowboy, Nashville Cowboy, and Built like a Cowboy.
“What a thoroughly delightful story! I adored it.” ~ Lori Wilde, New York Times bestselling author on Lucky Cowboy

“Lucky Cowboy is an engaging read you can really sink into and enjoy!” ~ Cora Seton, New York Times bestselling author on Lucky Cowboy

“Be prepared to fall in love, with a story that will warm your heart and curl your toes!” ~ New York Times bestselling author, Marina Adair on Lucky Cowboy

“Great characters to root for, some laughs, some sighs, and a swoony hero. I especially loved that Winona and Riggs had some mileage on the odometer. Excellent story.” ~ Vicki Lewis Thompson, New York Times bestselling author on Built like a Cowboy

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Cowboy, It’s Christmas : Falling for your brother’s friend holiday romance (The Cowboys of Stone Ridge Book 4)
by Heatherly Bell
4.7 Stars (158 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction

When Daisy asks Wade to teach her in the ways of love, it could mean trouble or everything he’s ever wanted…

It’s Christmas, and this cowboy could use a miracle. Wounded rodeo cowboy Wade Cruz is back home to restore his run-down family ranch. The local biddies are convinced he’d be the perfect candidate for their future reality dating show, but Wade isn’t interested. Then his best friend’s sister, Daisy Carver, suggests a fake dating relationship between the two of them to throw the contest off his back.

In return, she asks Wade to teach her in the ways of love…

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Mr. Cowboy: A second chance romance (The Cowboys of Stone Ridge Book 5)
by Heatherly Bell
4.6 Stars (99 Reviews)
Genre: Small Town & Rural | Romance

Reality TV comes to the woman-scarce town of Stone Ridge, Texas and nothing will ever be the same…

The men of Stone Ridge are finally getting what they want… more women!

A cowboy born and bred, Sean Henderson is always willing to help a neighbor in need. Throw in a small town contest in which he’s “forced” to date dozens of gorgeous women at once, and fine, you’ve twisted his arm. Ladies: meet Mr. Cowboy.

But what he doesn’t expect is for a woman from his past to be one of the contestants.

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Soldier Cowboy: A fake marriage romance (The Cowboys of Stone Ridge Book 6)
by Heatherly Bell
Genre: Westerns | Romance


Colton Henderson has been gone for years from his small Hill Country town. The former Special Ops soldier is finally back, but his family is shocked when he brings along his new wife.

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