Today I nearly screamed at the local Goodwill store. I found the most fantastic vintage casserole dish made by Heath ceramics! OH MY GOLLY!!! I cradled it like a baby while I paid for it. The drive home was so nerve racking. I felt every single bump on the way home. The whole ride home I was so excited to see how much it was worth. I paid $12 for an items that is worth well over $200! It’s great scores like these that keep me going back to the thrift stores. So many treasures I can’t even handle the excitement. I have to calm down and get back to work. Enjoy the free books!!

The Ghost Hunter Next Door (The Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries Book 1)
by Danielle Garrett
4.5 Stars (538 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

The first rule of being a ghost whisperer: Don’t tell anyone.
Seriously. Don’t.

Sure, it might sound harmless. A fun party trick, even. I assure you, it’s not.

How do I know? Well, let’s just say that I’ve had a lot of experience with this sort of thing, and nine times out of ten, it turns into an all-consuming disaster. Being plagued by needy ghosts twenty-four/seven is one thing; being harassed by a horde of curious — or worse, grieving — flesh-and-blood people is an entirely different circus. I mean really, who wants to hold an impromptu séance in the middle of the cereal aisle? Not me, and the manager of the grocery store probably isn’t too crazy about the idea, either.

So, that’s it. If you’re a ghost whisperer, just keep your mouth shut and act normal. Ghosts? What ghosts?

Now, if only I would start listening to my own advice…

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Cascadia Fallen: Tahoma’s Hammer (A Pre-Apocalypse Disaster Thriller)
by Austin Chambers
4.5 Stars (337 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Action & Adventure

FREE for a limited time

A 9.0 earthquake… A massive tsunami… the eruption of Mt. Rainier…

… All lead to the total annihilation of all infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

In Slaughter County, gun club manager Phil Walker leads an impromptu band of people, working together for mutual safety and survival. Meanwhile, his son Crane is but one of hundreds at a nearby naval shipyard, working feverishly for days on-end to avert nuclear disaster.

As unprepared survivors must adapt on the fly, unlikely alliances form — and the dregs of society begin to make their moves in a new world without law and order. The best and worst of humanity surfaces, as one family learns about ultimate sacrifice, while a ruthless and prepared menace builds in the shadows.

Will the American Spirit be enough to see them through their own personal apocalypse?

From Navy veteran Austin Chambers comes the Cascadia Fallen trilogy, the opening stories in a post-apocalyptic world, born of unprecedented disaster, fueled by complex characters, and written like a Clancy thriller. A must-read for fans of Kyla Stone, Franklin Horton, and Ryan Schow.

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Beach Cove Home (Beach Cove Series Book 1)
by Nellie Brooks
4.5 Stars (461 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Contemporary Fiction

FREE for a limited time

Join the women of Beach Cove as they grow friendship into sisterhood.

Maisie has avoided Beach Cove for a decade. Now in her early fifties, a desperate search brings her back to her old beach house, new neighbors, and the friends she’d left behind.

Ellie’s fish market is in trouble, and she feels alone and isolated. When the local gossip about her old friend reaches her, Ellie gets back in touch with the women who used to support her.

Cate’s daughter moved back in, and her husband has become distant. Cate feels like she’s starting to crack when a phone call changes everything.

Struggling with resentment, Sam barricaded herself in her store for old and vaguely magical books. She doesn’t want to deal with the return of her best friend, but knows that sooner or later, everyone must face everyone else in this small town.

Beach Cove Home is a powerful story of love and loss that will keep you turning pages.

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Intangible (Piercing the Veil Book 1)
by C.A. Gray
4.3 Stars (202 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

**Magic and Quantum Physics meet Arthurian legends**

Peter Stewart grew up on a unique version of the Arthurian legends taught him by his father, a harebrained quantum physicist who asserts that anything is possible. But Peter disbelieves anything which cannot be scientifically explained, despite a nagging sense that there is more to the world than meets the eye.

Lily Portman is an orphan with a secret: she can see creatures that are invisible to everyone else. These creatures control every human being she has ever met to varying degrees… until she meets Peter and his father.

When a mysterious stranger stages an accident which nearly costs Peter and Lily their lives, suddenly Lily learns that she is not crazy after all, and Peter discovers the truth of his father’s stories… including the existence of Arthur’s ancient nemesis, one who calls himself the Shadow Lord, and a prophecy with implications so profound that it will alter not only the course of their lives, but potentially the fate of the world.

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Elizabeth Taylor: A Life from Beginning to End (Biographies of Actors)
by Hourly History
4.1 Stars (315 Reviews)
Genre: History

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Discover the remarkable life of Elizabeth Taylor…

Elizabeth Taylor was born to become a legend. By the time she was a young teenager, she was already making news and attracting attention. Taylor would go onto star in movies such as A Place in the Sun, Butterfield 8, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Cleopatra, where she played opposite Richard Burton. Her affair with Burton caused a worldwide scandal, and the movie almost ruined Twentieth Century Fox. Taylor and Burton were married and divorced twice, with the world watching their every scandalous move.

In her fifties, when Taylor was no longer in demand for leading lady roles, she developed her own brand of perfumes and jewelry. These were so successful that she made more money from her brands than from her movies. She also became the voice for AIDS when everyone else in Hollywood ignored the subject. Her grandchildren have now taken over the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and continue her work long after her death. Elizabeth Taylor, the “most beautiful woman in the world,” will continue to affect people for years to come.

Discover a plethora of topics such as

• Born Beautiful

• Becoming Mrs. Hilton

• Cleopatra and Eddie Fisher

• On the Campaign Trail

• The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

• Late Life and Death

• And much more!

So if you want a concise and informative book on Elizabeth Taylor, simply scroll up and click the “Buy now” button for instant access!

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Greek Takeout Cookbook: Favorite Greek Takeout Recipes to Make at Home
by Lina Chang
4.4 Stars (138 Reviews)
Genre: Travel | Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Prepare your favorite Greek takeout recipes at home!
Download FREE with Kindle UnlimitedGreek cuisine is a remarkable blend of East and West. It is Mediterranean cuisine at its best with diverse influences. From the East are the touches of exotic spices, and from the West are the Italian additions of garlic and tomato. Greek dishes make use of fresh produce and what is abundant in different regions in Greece such as grains, legumes, vegetables, meat, seafood, olive oil, and rice. To savor Greek cuisine is to savor history, culture, and love. Every Greek home cook prepares dishes using the freshest ingredients – thoughtfully seasoned with herbs and spices – prepared in age-old tradition to preserve nutrients, for a happy and healthy family.

Inside find:

• A brief history of Greek takeout food.

• Ingredients used in Greek cooking, cooking methods and required cooking equipment used to prepare Greek meals

• Easy to prepare appetizers like the Zucchini Fritters or the Fried Calamari

• Traditional salads like the Classic Greek Salad or the Marouli Salad

• Heartwarming soups like the Avgolemono, a delicate lemon and chicken-rice soup

• Classic takeout sandwiches like the Souvlaki Pita Sandwich

• Delicious beef, pork and lamb recipes like the Pork Souvlaki, the Beef Kebab, the Lamb Chops or the Greek-Style Stuffed Peppers

• Favorite chicken recipes like the Greek-Style Grilled Chicken or the Chicken Gyro

• Delightful seafood recipes like the Grilled Greek-Style Fish or Stuffed Squid recipe

• Healthy vegetable and side recipes like the Spanakorizo, a lemony spinach rice pilaf, or the Baked Lemon Potatoes

• Sweet desserts like the Classic Baklava or the Rizogalo, a delicate rice pudding

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