10 days left until Christmas! Or is it 11? Do you count Christmas day? No? But you count today. Okay then… 10 DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! Time to panic. I actually don’t really feel the need to panic. My baby bassets are long past the days of having to get the latest toy. The “Must Have Toy” of the season that does all the spiffy things only that toy can do. I remember feeling so stressed out and almost sick with worry that I would be the reason Christmas was ruined that year if I didn’t get it. This year was easy. Legos, clothes, and new headphones. HOLY MOLY! I am actually enjoying the Christmas Season! Tonight is my youngest’s school band Christmas concert. I will make myself some tea and enjoy the music. This is too easy. Now I’m worried.

The Rosebud Girls
by Julia Clemens
4.2 Stars (1,350 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Contemporary Fiction

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The very best of friends, the Rosebud Girls are about to embark on the adventure of their lives.

To own the Rosebud Lodge had been the dream of the Rosebud Girls since the summer after high school too many years before. The five of them promised that if it ever went up for sale, they’d buy it. Together. So when real estate mogul Callie sees it for sale, she knows it’s time to pounce. Except that all of her friends seem to be holding back when they should be pressing forward. So Callie decides it’s up to her to help them take the leap.

As part owner of one of the hottest restaurants in San Francisco, Saffron is living the life. Well, if the life includes working fourteen hour days and having the work load of her partners heaped onto her while they sat back and accepted all of the accolades. But she’s great. She is fine. She’s still executive chef and doing what she loves. Except when she begins to realize that she isn’t spending any time with the people she loves. So when Callie storms into Saffron’s kitchen telling her that the lodge is up for sale, their lodge is up for sale, Saffron has to re-evaluate. Is she really living her dream?

As a high-powered CFO, Kenzie has achieved every success she could have imagined. She is married to the beautiful man of her dreams, is working the job she’s always desired, and has a penthouse condo to boot. But when that man of her dreams drops earth shattering news, Kenzie is second guessing everything. She’s where she’s supposed to be, isn’t she? Then why when the going got tough did home, the Rosebud Girls, and even the lodge call to her?

The only thing worse than a divorce… a public divorce. But when one is married to the biggest country star of the decade and then becomes no longer married to him, that’s news. And while Hazel isn’t too broken up about the end of her marriage, it was a long time coming, she is concerned about her two teenaged boys who love her and idolize their father. She knows tearing their family apart isn’t what she would have wanted to do. And she didn’t. But when Owen, her ex, asked for a divorce, Hazel wouldn’t fight him. And she does come out of the divorce with everything she wants, including full custody of her boys. So she moves to the place that will heal them all, Rosebud. But when healing doesn’t come fast enough for either of her children, Hazel isn’t sure what to do, especially when her oldest, Chase, decides that everything wrong in his life is Hazel’s fault. Will Hazel be able to fix things before Chase tries to leave Rosebud for good?

Laurel has a secret. One she can’t even tell her friends. So even as the four of them decide that they need to buy their lodge, Laurel can’t. Not without revealing what is about to blow not only her marriage and her life, but the maybe entire town of Rosebud apart. And she can’t do that. Not yet. So it means she has to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime with the girls she loves like family.

Meet the Rosebud Girls as they join back together to fulfill their childhood dream. Ups and downs are promised as well as an eventual happy ending. Because with women like this who always have one another’s backs, if things aren’t happy, the journey isn’t quite at its end yet.

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Blood of the Sons: A Mafia Crime Thriller (The Consentino Crime Saga Book 2)
by Vincent B Davis II
4.1 Stars (61 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Crime Fiction | World Literature

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Family, Violence, Revenge
New York City, 1930

The crime families that run New York are at war. Power struggles and ancient vendettas threaten to destroy the lives of anyone involved in the Big Apple’s underworld.

And the Consentino family is caught right in the middle. Sonny and his twin brothers, Vico and Enzo, are still searching for the man who killed their father. And they’ll stop at nothing to get answers.

But the war threatens not only their lives, but the relationships with those they love the most. Will they continue the hunt for vengeance if it means losing everything?

From Lucky Luciano to Al Capone, Blood of the Sons is filled with (in)famous gangsters on both sides of a bloody conflict.

Prepare to experience the world of organized crime like never before!

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The Only Skinny Bear: A Heartwarming Story About Learning to Accept Who You Are
by Ilan Yehoshua
3.8 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks

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Show a child how easy it is to accept others, even if they look different than you! A heartwarming, original tale of acceptance and bravery for children of all ages!

It’s time for the traditional Fall Tournament, and all the bears in the forest are excited. All but Joshua Bear, the only skinny bear in the forest. He wants to show his friends that he’s a real bear, too – can he find the courage to be who he truly is?

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Shoot the Breeze (Detective Kate Rosetti Mystery Book 1)
by Gina LaManna
4.5 Stars (1,306 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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For fans of Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg, and Kendra Elliot…

Welcome to St. Paul, Minnesota — home to strong coffee, deadly winters, and Detective Kate Rosetti — a rising star in the local homicide department. When a young woman turns up dead along the Mississippi River in her latest assignment, Detective Rosetti quickly realizes it’s the work of a notorious cross-country serial killer.

To complicate matters, Kate’s troublemaking sister turns up out of the blue in need of a place to live. An strikingly handsome FBI agent appears at the crime scene, convinced this case belongs to him. And a certain British billionaire is a little too interested in the murder… and in Kate.

As she begins to close in on the killer, the investigation takes a turn for the personal. It’s one riddle after the next, and if Kate can’t sort out the murderer’s identity before his next kill, she’ll be up next on the autopsy table.

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EMBARK: (Book 1)
by Jon Justice
4.4 Stars (233 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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As Earth faces its end, the fight to rule the stars begins.

The stars are within reach, with interstellar travel possible and space flight available to the masses. But, when an industrial accident inside a civilian and military spacecraft factory sets off an apocalyptic chain of events, all of Earth is at risk.

Unaware of the disaster, pilot Taft Gaurdia thought he was taking a routine training flight with Kaytha Morrow. He couldn’t have been more wrong. After Kaytha receives a cryptic message from her past, they make a shocking discovery.

Excitement turns to fear when war erupts during the global evacuation. Taft quickly realizes the significance of what they’ve found, and so does the enemy. Now, Taft, Kaytha, and a ragtag squadron of pilots are humanity’s only hope for survival among the stars.

EMBARK is a fast-paced, action-packed epic that will thrill classic space opera and military science fiction fans.

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by Martha Williams
4.8 Stars (298 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Fire up your kitchen and discover a delicious collection of fun & festive Christmas Cookies!

Bursting with a mouthwatering collection of delicious festive cookies, this delightful Christmas-themed baking book offers a delectable selection of fun & colorful treats for the whole family to enjoy! Featuring tons of amazing designs, shapes, and flavors, you’re bound to find something that everyone will enjoy!

Step-by-step instructions will guide you through each recipe, and plenty of delicious-sounding recipes will inspire you to fire up your oven and embrace the joys of Christmas baking. All of these recipes are designed to be quick & easy to make, so you can wow your friends and family with overflowing platters of fresh, homemade cookies.

Inside, you’ll find the best tips & tricks for making the perfect cookies, essential beginner-friendly guidance, plus expert decorating instructions to help you create an unforgettable Christmas!

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

• Features an Amazing Collection of 100 Christmas Cookie Recipes to Try!

• Includes Classic Gingerbread People, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Festive Designs, and Plenty of Different Shapes & Colors

• Step-By-Step Instructions Guide You Through Each Recipe, So You Don’t Need to Be an Expert Baker

• Quick & Simple Recipes Make It Easy to Whip Up a Batch of Warm, Homemade Cookies on Demand!

• Contains Gluten-Free, Diabetic-Friendly, Low Sugar, and Vegan Cookies to Suit Readers of All Diets

• Perfect as a Sweet, Enjoyable Treat for All of Your Friends and Family

• And So Much More!

So, grab your cookie cutters and get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth! This wonderful festive collection offers you plenty of magical Christmas cookie ideas from around the world.

Are you ready to embrace the magic of Christmas with baking?

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