HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Welcome to spending the next two weeks mistakenly writing 2022 on everything and silently cursing yourself. With the holidays behind me I am very much looking forward to spending a bit of time planning this years garden. I don’t want to spend the first month of the new year talking about New Year’s Resolutions that I am going to quit in a few weeks. Although, I always put a time limit of only two weeks on my resolutions, so I never really quit or fail. WIN!! Anyway, I have been working on filling my garden with plants that come back every year, as well as having flower beds with year round interest. If you looked at my garden now, you would see that I am having a bit of trouble with the year round interest part. That is what I am going to work on this month. Forget the New Year Resolutions, working in the garden will be enough to make me feel good.

The Promisor: A Suspense Thriller
by Dustin Stevens
4.5 Stars (2,077 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery

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Saying nothing in return, Reed listened as the phone cut out, the forest returning to relative silence around them.

His hands still cupping the underside of his partner’s face, he tilted his own down to match it, feeling the damp warmth of her fur against his skin.

“This girl just saved my butt,” he whispered. “That’s what the hell happened.”

For the past two months, Detective Reed Mattox and his K-9 partner Billie were in limbo. Victims of their own success, they were plucked from their post on the graveyard shift at the 8th Precinct and thrust into a newly created role working with the governor’s office when a young woman is shot down outside her front door.

Immediately written off by some in the small town as nothing more than a tragic hunting accident, closer examination proves it to not just be a murder but an execution. A very pointed and deliberate killing Reed fears may be the start of things as he and his partner begin unraveling what is behind such a heinous act.

Motivations stretching back several years, pulling them across much of the state and placing them both in harm’s way as they’ve never experience before…

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Sniper’s Kiss: Securities International Book 1
by E.M. Shue, Nadine Winningham
4.3 Stars (84 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction | Foreign Languages

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The 2018 Beverley Award winner for Romantic Suspense.
Police sniper Maya Aaron finds herself in the crosshairs of not just one but two madmen. One sends her flowers with secret meanings, the other? He’ll stop at nothing to control her, including framing her for murder.

When Maya gives in to former British SAS Officer Duncan’s dominant desires, her stalkers find out and set their sights on destroying him and her friends.

Maya decides to come out of the shadows, guns blazing, removing her stalker problems once and for all. Can she have a life she never dared dream of and keep everyone safe? When the smoke clears will she have a chance with the man who ignites her soul?

This is a hot and steamy mystery suspense with twists, turns, action, and a happily for now.

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Bag of Bones (A Stephen Attebrook Mystery Book 13)
by Jason Vail
4.6 Stars (955 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Mystery

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The Ludlow beggar One-eye Dick finds the scattered bones of two dead men on a hillside north of the town — and a precious gold ring. Hoping to make some easy money, he sells the ring to Will Thumper, a well-known criminal in town, who then resells the ring to a crooked Ludlow goldsmith.

But the ring is identified as belonging to a wealthy cattle merchant and his bodyguard who went missing weeks before. Thumper is arrested and charged with the merchant’s murder and that of the bodyguard. Given Thumper’s unsavory reputation, it is obvious that the local jury who know him well will be happy to send him to the gallows regardless of the evidence.

Yet Stephen Attebrook, newly appointed as coroner for southern Shropshire, has doubts. These are strong enough to entice him to promise Thumper’s family that he will do what he can to exonerate the rogue.

Thumper’s dilemma is the least of Stephen’s troubles. For he must confront the campaign of one of his greatest enemies, Nigel FitzSimmons, to convict him of treason and the vendetta of the brother of a man he killed in battle. Defeat by either man means Stephen’s death and the confiscation of his manor.

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Part-Time Monster Hunter: An Urban Fantasy Novel (Kat Drummond Book 1)
by Nicholas Woode-Smith
4.2 Stars (267 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Humor & Entertainment | Science Fiction

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You should never get used to the smell of rotting corpses…

When a necromancer killed my parents and left me for dead, I vowed revenge.

Now vampires, demons, and undead scum all haunt the dark alleys of Hope City. My city.

And it’s up to me to stop them. Well, me and the ghost inside my head…

But when a new necromancer threatens to unleash his army of undead minions I have to once more face the horrors of my past.

Am I strong enough to survive a second time?

My name is Kat Drummond and I’m a part time monster hunter.

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The Whole Shebang: A classic western action adventure Collection (Rip Campbell Collections Book 1)
by Curtis Long
4.2 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns

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One man.
Many adventures.

He’s not a gunslinger by trade, but he can handle the big iron.

Whether he’s riding herd, riding rails or riding in a posse, Rip Campbell is bad medicine for any bad hombre who stands in his way.

Fans of classic old west adventures where the hero’s wear white hats and the bad guys get what they deserve are going to love this trilogy of action packed old fashioned goodies.

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The Complete Keto Diet Cookbook: Useful Tips for Beginners, and A Stunning Collection Low-Carb, High-Fat Ketogenic Recipes for Weight Loss and Wellness
by Jerry Carr
4.7 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Featuring a dazzling range of options for every meal of the day — plus craving-busting snacks and desserts — this cookbook will never leave you without a delicious, satisfying option whenever hunger strikes.


The ketogenic diet is the world’s fastest-growing diet and with good reason. When practiced correctly, the keto diet has been proven to burn fat, reduce inflammation, fight cancer, balance hormones, and gut bacteria, improve neurological diseases, and even increase lifespan. Unfortunately, many people remain unaware of several important factors that are crucial to the diet’s success, setting them up for frustration, failure, and relapse.

Discover straightforward ketogenic diet recipes such as:

• Breakfast

• Lunch

• Dinner

• Snacks

• Desserts and Smoothies

Each Keto recipe also contains the image and additional information that will help you track your progress and improve on weight loss with:

• Estimated preparation and cooking times

• Number of servings

• Nutritional value is broken down into calories, proteins, carbs, fats

For those who have already been able to make the mental conversion to change, I trust that you will find this a far more accessible and easier to maintain eating method than those you may have tackled in the past. I am convinced that just a few weeks on the Ketogenic diet will produce such good results that you will be encouraged to turn it into a permanent way of life. Keep in mind that you are not only limited to the recipes provided in this book! Just go ahead and keep on exploring until you create your very own culinary masterpiece!

Start to burn fat step by step with this fantastic guide! Stay healthy and stay safe!

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