Some love is forbidden… Others destined… But when the two collide, a love story like no other is born. Follow three fiercely independent women as they navigate supernatural politics, skin-tingling moonlight magic, and the all-consuming love that only the men of the Adolphus pack can deliver! Get the explosive beginning to the highly acclaimed ‘A Soulmark Series’, from breakout author, Rebecca Main today! This Box Set includes the first three installments in ‘A Soulmark Series’.

A Soulmark Series: Books 1-3
by Rebecca Main
4.4 Stars (727 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

Coven (A Soulmark Series Book 1)

Zoelle couldn’t predict one late night run would change the course of her life forever.

Now, she must navigate a world she only ever read about in fairytales. Yet, no story could have prepared her for Xander Adolphus — the volatile Alpha of the Adolphus Pack — and the seductive soulmark that binds their souls together.

Trapped in a carnal game of cat and mouse, she must tread unfamiliar ground where one false move could result in war. Can she outrun a wolf bound and determined to mark her as his? Or will this new world swallow her whole?


Midnight Scoundrel (A Soulmark Series Book 2)

Stealing isn’t personal. At least not to Quinn Montgomery.

Yet, when her latest heist to steal from the Adolphus family tailspins her into the supernatural world that’s hiding in plain sight, she must learn to steel her nerves… and her heart.


Wardens of Starlight (A Soulmark Series Book 3)

Evil hides in all shapes and forms — of this the Wardens of Starlight are certain — but it’s those of the supernatural variety they hunt without remorse.

By a cruel twist of fate, Starlight Warden Calliope Sawyer is forced to question everything she’s come to know when confronted with her soulmark: a dangerous lycan. Now, these two enemies must decide whether to fight for love or fight for each other.

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