Back in my day I had absolutely no problem using a payphone. I would grab the receiver, put it right up on my ear, mouth almost touching it, and I would blab on it until the money ran out. I played with the cord, and I repeatedly looked for change in the coin return thingy. I never washed my hands after using it. I saw a payphone the other day. Just the thought of touching it made me gag a bit. How the heck did I not die from using one of those things?

Condos and Corpses (Sapphire Beach Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)
by Angela K. Ryan
4.5 Stars (697 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Religion & Spirituality

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A life of service is her passion, but this stunning place could be perfect. That is, aside from the dead body…

Connie Petretta wonders if it’s time for a change. After eleven years at a Boston nonprofit, the dedicated humanitarian worker struggles to find her way as she deals with the bequest of her beloved aunt’s Florida beachside condo. But selling it goes sideways when somebody plummets from an adjacent balcony seven stories to his death.

Sleuthing on the side to absolve her friend next door of the crime, Connie finds herself enchanted by the charming gulf-front town. But with the accused’s baffling behavior throwing a wrench into the investigation, the only legacy she might be leaving in the seaside resort is an innocent woman’s conviction for Murder One.

Can Connie clear her neighbor’s name and bring a killer to justice?

Condos and Corpses is the delightful first book in the Sapphire Beach cozy mystery series. If you like clever characters, beautiful landscapes, and endearing friendships, then you’ll love Angela K. Ryan’s wholesome whodunit.

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Love, Chocolate, and Beer: Luke & Dani (Cactus Creek Book 1)
by Violet Duke
4.3 Stars (1,665 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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* * * A USA TODAY best-seller * * *
Chocolatier and town newcomer Luke Bradford loves his shop’s new home. Mostly because it means he gets to do his new favorite thing every day, which is to lock horns with the feisty beer-brewing beauty next door, both business-wise and otherwise.

But to be fair, in his defense —

Just kidding. He has no defense.

Brewmaster and town sweetheart Dani Dobson is declaring war against her hot, maddening new menace of a neighbor. And his shop. He absolutely started it. She’s just picking up the chocolate-covered gauntlet he unintentionally threw down.

The terms? Her business versus his in the arena of romance.

The stakes? Very likely, her heart.

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Prentice Ash (Rage of Lions Book 1)
by Matt Barron
4.5 Stars (771 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Religion & Spirituality | Religious & Inspirational Fiction

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Trained as a knight, condemned as a heretic, exiled as a convict, Prentice’s every moment is a struggle just to survive.

The Duke is dead and now Duchess Amelia, his young and inexperienced bride, must rule the Western Reach alone. But when an unknown enemy invades her lands, slaughtering all in their path, her knights are too eager for glory to see the danger. She must turn to Prentice, a convict, wise in the art of war and the only one she can trust despite the dishonor it brings.

Thrust into the front lines, Prentice must fight to survive not only the violence of the enemy, but the inexperience and foolishness of his own commanders. In the midst of conflict, Prentice will earn the battle name Ash, for no matter how intense the fires of war, even if all burns away, Ash will still remain.

Prentice Ash is a medieval fantasy set in a unique but familiar world full of knights, magic, prophecies, and warfare. If you’re a fan of Song of Ice & Fire and Dune, you’ve found your next favorite read. Don’t take our word for it, grab Prentice Ash today and find out for yourself!

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The Fallen Girls (Detective Clara Jefferies Book 1)
by Kathryn Casey
4.5 Stars (1,812 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Crime Fiction | Mystery

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She didn’t notice the corn stalks shiver a few feet to her right. By the time she looked up, the man towered above her. In a single movement he wrapped one thick hand around her waist, the other he clamped over her mouth, muffling her screams.

Detective Clara Jefferies has spent years running from her childhood in Alber, Utah. But when she hears that her baby sister Delilah has disappeared, she knows that the peaceful community will be shattered, her family vulnerable, and that that she must face up to her past and go home.

Clara returns to find that her mother, Ardeth, has isolated her family by moving to the edge of town, in the shadow of the mountains. Ardeth refuses to talk to the police and won’t let Clara through the front door, believing she and her sister-wives can protect their own. But Clara knows better than anyone that her mother isn’t always capable of protecting her children.

When Clara finds out that two more girls have disappeared, all last seen around the cornfields near her family’s home, she realizes it’s not just Delilah who’s in danger. And then she gets a call that a body has been found…

Clara will have to dig deep into the town’s secrets if she’s going to find Delilah. But that will mean confronting the reason she left. And as she gets closer to Delilah, she might be putting her more at risk…

Gripping and spine-chilling, readers will love Detective Clara Jefferies, reading The Fallen Girls deep into the night. Fans of Kendra Elliot, Lisa Regan and Melinda Leigh won’t stop turning the pages of this unforgettable new series from bestselling and award-winning author Kathryn Casey.

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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners
by Alec Poole
4.8 Stars (771 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle Harnessing the #1 Diet to Lose Weight Over Time Without Compromising Flavor

Looking to lose weight and restore vitality without going through starvation diets?
Want to discover the sensation of eating flavorful food while losing weight and strengthening your health?

The mantra of “No Pain – No Gain” breathed life into the speed culture, deeply undermining our well-being and losing roots with nature. The sedentary lifestyle we are becoming increasingly accustomed to leads to eating fast, unhealthy foods with serious health consequences.

The Mediterranean Diet is different: based on conviviality, this is an age-old way of enjoying healthy and tasty food that allows us to embrace a happier body and a healthier life without giving up the love of good food.

Moreover, with its combination of fresh and nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and fish, the Mediterranean diet helps prevent various chronic diseases and maintain a healthy weight easily.

Adopting it right away is not difficult at all, thanks to the ease of finding all the basic ingredients for the popular dishes you’ll find in this cookbook. Here’s what you’ll discover:

• The tastiest and most colorful Mediterranean dishes you’ll ever taste, featuring pasta, meat, fish, and vegetables, not to mention lots of different kinds of delicious diet desserts;

• 500+ recipes that you can prepare in less than half an hour, making it easy to maintain your figure and lick your chops;

• 9 tips from an experienced cook on shopping and meal planning to facilitate the Mediterranean diet.

• Clear instructions with complete, easy-to-understand information on the nutritional values of each dish;

• A 16-week meal plan to follow right away that will enable you to achieve an enviable figure without suffering the diet;


If you’re afraid you can’t follow a diet all the way through, don’t worry – the Mediterranean one is a real lifestyle that offers a wide range of food options, delicious recipes, and fresh ingredients to make your meal times healthier, delicious and enjoyable.

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