It felt so nice to be able to get out in the garden yesterday, and prune a few plants back. It was still pretty cold, not freezing, but cold. I really hope I didn’t trim too early. I really want there to be a huge change in the garden after I get back from vacation at the end of this month. I love vacations, but I really love coming back home, and seeing a huge difference in the garden. New blooms, sprouts on branches. In order to get that I gotta do a bunch of trimming before I leave. I was able to finish the back yard yesterday, so today I will tackle the front and side yard. I most likely will be feeling it on Friday, so I have to get as much done as possible before my body tells me nope nope. It seems I am in a constant race to do things before my body has time to react.

The New Friend: A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking ending
by SL Harker
4.2 Stars (228 Reviews)
Genre: Psychological | Thrillers

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You saved her life. You gave her a home. You know nothing about her…

Divorcee Claire is learning to begin again after discovering her ex-husband’s affair. The last thing she expects to find is a young woman precariously balanced on the edge of a bridge. Vanessa is homeless and desperate, lacking options in her life. Claire takes Vanessa under her wing, saving her from the icy-cold waters of the churning river below.

Vanessa is grateful to Claire, especially when she offers her a room in her empty beach house in a quaint coastal town.

The two women find they have a lot in common and enjoy each other’s company immensely. Vanessa finds a job in the local town, and Claire takes up sketching again.

But their harmony is short-lived. When a brick comes crashing through a window, Claire must confront Vanessa about her past.

Did this sweet young girl bring someone dark into Claire’s life? And what if Vanessa has a hidden agenda?

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Tempted: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate)
by Rebecca Rivard
4.3 Stars (284 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy

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Readers 18+

He prowled toward me.
Dark. Unsmiling. And wicked beautiful…

He’s the dark prince I dreamed about, like a fairytale… with a twist.
Because he really is a prince, a Vampire Syndicate prince — and I’m his newest obsession.
I know he’s dangerous, but I can’t give him up.

She’s sunshine… and I’m night.
A field of summer flowers, and I’m the cool green forest.
Human, and I’m a supernatural.
But from the evening I come upon her trespassing on syndicate property, I crave her with an unreasoning desire that shreds my control — and threatens everything I’ve worked for.

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Shot in the Bark (Dog Groomer Cozy Mysteries Book 8)
by Chelsea Thomas
4.7 Stars (83 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Growing old can be murder… … especially in Hollywood.

Amy Stewart came home to California expecting to groom cute dogs, hang out with old friends, and maybe find a romance or two.

What she didn’t expect was murder.

This time around the victim is connected to one of Amy’s favorite actors from way back in the day. The investigation takes Amy into the depths of Hollywood scandal. She’s lucky she’s got her grumpy granny, Petunia, to watch her back. Loyal friends are essential in life.

But will granny’s loyalty be enough to protect Amy from the killer? And what about the cops?

Everyone has it in for the plucky young dog groomer, so if Amy’s not careful she’ll end up in jail or worse.

This cozy animal mystery is the most thrilling adventure in this series yet. The murder gets off to a quick start. Every character is surprising. And every page is informed by the author’s time living in Los Angeles, working as a screenwriter in the cut throat world of Hollywood.

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First Cut: A Detective vs. Serial Killer Mystery Thriller (The Family or Foe Saga with Detectives Daniels and Remalla Book 1)
by J. T. Bishop
4.6 Stars (715 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Literature & Fiction | Crime Fiction

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A serial killer returns to torment the woman once determined to catch him. This time, she’s not backing down.
Former detective Jill Jacobs is forced to confront the Makeup Artist, an elusive psychopath whose trail of terror left seven dead and whose obsession with her almost destroyed her.

When the Artist strikes again in a new city, Detectives Gordon Daniels and Aaron Remalla seek out Jill, whose strange telepathic connection to the killer is their best hope to catch him.

Desperate and plagued by guilt, Jill’s only chance to find closure is to confront the man who stalked her and his grisly crimes. But there’s a catch. She must return to the mindset that bound her to him. The mindset the killer still seeks from her.

But choosing to help Daniels and Remalla will not only risk her life but also her heart, when she falls for one of them, drawing the attention of the man she’s driven to capture.

After losing everything, can she find the courage to face the murderer who took it all away, and is eager to do it again?

First Cut is book one in the Family or Foe Saga, a four-part crime thriller with a paranormal edge which introduces the charismatic Detectives Daniels and Remalla. It is followed by Second Slice, Third Blow and Fourth Strike, or enjoy all four books in the Family or Foe Saga Boxed Set.

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Kingdoms at War: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (Dragon Gate Book 1)
by Lindsay Buroker
4.5 Stars (5,400 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Fantasy

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As a cartography student, Jak has always dreamed of finding the lost dragon gate and exploring and mapping distant worlds.

Developing magical powers and becoming a powerful wizard? Not a chance.

Wizards are cruel and inhumane, warring with each other from their great sky cities and keeping most of humanity enslaved. Jak wants nothing to do with them.

But when he and his archaeologist mother unearth the gate, they attract the attention of the very wizards they sought to avoid. Even more troubling, Jak starts developing magical powers of his own, powers that could rival those of the great rulers.

Fate may have given him the opportunity to change the world.

But the wizard rulers don’t like change, and when they detect threats, they send their elite assassins to eliminate them.

If Jak can’t unlock the power of the gate, and the powers within himself, the world will remain enslaved forever.

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A Taste of Germany: Traditional German Cooking Made Easy with Authentic German Recipes (Best Recipes from Around the World)
by Sarah Spencer
4.5 Stars (295 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Bring the flavors of Germany to your table with this collection of authentic German recipes containing all kinds of dishes!

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Germany is famous for its lush, green beauty, deep forests, ancient cities, and castles. The country has plains, forests, mountains, rivers, and seas, so regional foods vary significantly. Still, because of the short growing season, they tend to center around meats, dairy, grains, and potatoes. These foods are filling, delicious, and made with the care and dedication to quality ingrained in German culture.

Inside this illustrated cookbook, you’ll find:

• Delightful beef dishes such as the Beef Rouladen and the Sauerbraten

• Wholesome pork meals like the Pork Schnitzel and the Bratwurst

• Bountiful chicken recipes such as the Beer Grilled Chicken and the Black Forest Chicken Cordon Bleu

• Satisfying seafood dishes such as the Cod in Mustard Cream Sauce and the Marinated Fried Herring

• Delicious sides recipes such as the Traditional German Potato Salad and the Braised Red Cabbage

• Heartwarming soup recipes such as the Oxtail Soup and the Onion Soup

• Renown bread recipes like the Pretzels and the Pumpernickel Bread

• Luscious dessert recipes such as the Apple Strudel and the Bethmannchen Cookies

Recipes come with a beautiful image, a detailed list of ingredients, cooking and preparation times, the number of servings, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

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Back At The Ranch – The McCoys Before The Feud: A Western Novel (Book 3)
by Thomas McCoy
4.7 Stars (96 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Westerns

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Caught between criminals, the Pinkertons, law and order, and their own personal needs. The McCoys must devise a way to give everyone what they’re asking for. An ingenious plan is put into action.
Kansas, 1865. The Pinkerton detectives are hot on the trail of the McCoys and the gold coins stolen from the stockpiles overseen by a Northern general. To divert the Pinkertons’ suspicions away from the McCoys on the ranch near Lawrence, Kansas, Tommy McCoy devises a cunning yet dangerous plan. To clear their name, they need to pin the theft of the gold coins on the larceny and savagery of the highwaymen prowling the countryside since the end of the war. Only five McCoys out of the eighteen living around the ranch are determined to follow this risky and potentially deadly plan through. The others hit the road aiming to get as far away from Pinkertons as possible. Their ultimate goal is to find safety in a place where they can use their newfound wealth to live in peace.

Back at the Ranch, the third saga in the thrilling four-part series by author Thomas McCoy, divides the tightknit McCoy family and forces one group of them onto the road again where they’ve battled and won before against the Northern soldiers. Now they must face the dangers of the wild American West, Pinkerton detectives and the local sheriff. Tommy’s plan requires that the few McCoys who are willing to take part in his scheme, must go back to the beginning — traveling to the locations from which they originally retrieved their rightfully-owned gold coins.

Such a radical and dangerous plan forces the McCoys back into doing what they do best; trusting themselves individually and each other as a family. They must improvise as they go in order to devise a cunning and strategic plan to free them from the danger and the bondage of the Pinkerton Detectives who are hot on their trail. The McCoys are determined to clear their names once and for all. Their fast-paced and risky plan brings the McCoys to perilous cliffs of emotion and grit, as they must accommodate the swiftly changing conditions of their wild journey.

Back at the Ranch is the third book in the McCoys: Before the Feud historical Western saga. Historical author, Thomas McCoy has once again delivered in this thrilling fact-based novel that will leave readers on the edge of their seat.

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Battle of Midway – World War II: A History From Beginning to End (World War 2 Battles)
by Hourly History
4.3 Stars (246 Reviews)
Genre: History

FREE for a limited time

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 had dealt a catastrophic blow to the United States Navy, but it had not knocked out all of the U.S. carriers. That was an omission that Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Japan’s fleet commander, intended to rectify by invading a site close to Pearl Harbor. The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor had worked out well for the Japanese — why not try another one on Midway Island? The plan was to destroy the Americans when they launched a counterattack. Japan, then, would rule the Pacific and continue the expansion of its empire. What Yamamoto didn’t know was that Japanese fleet codes had been broken and Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Chester Nimitz, privy to what the Japanese planned to do, was able to place the American carriers where they would catch the Japanese off guard as they prepared to launch air strikes on Midway Island.

Inside you will read about…

Not Ready for War
The Crucial Codebreaker
Nimitz, Commander-in-Chief
Preparing for Battle
The Battle that Changed the Tide of War
The Legacy of the Battle of Midway
And much more!

After the Battle of Midway, the Japanese were forced into the position of trying to defend the territory that they had previously taken; their dreams of expanding their acquisitions and becoming the dominant power in the Pacific were gone. The tide of war in the Pacific had shifted.

Series Information: World War 2 Battles Book 7

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