Travel back in time to the psychedelic sixties and experience a world of innocence completely shaken by a subterranean reality too shocking to believe. Claim your copy of Pocketful of Rainbows and take a far-out trip into the unthinkable…

Pocketful of Rainbows
by Adam Ramos
Genre: Thrillers

Being a young hippie in late 1960s Southern California, life itself was nothing less than a nonstop party of exotic exploration, lurid nightclubs, carefree romance and sunshine. And for Avery Brisbane, he was the unofficial ringleader of the whole scene. His life was so bound up and entrenched within the loose setting that it would have been unimaginable to not have him around. But very soon, a drastic turn of events leads him and his wild bohemian friends into a perilous web that unveils secrets and situations so mind-boggling that one would have to doubt if it were all even possible.

Did this really happen?

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