FBI expert Profiler Genevieve Callow begins a thrilling showdown with a sinister criminal known as the Ice Box Killer. She’s caught criminals before. But this time…he’s made it personal.

One More Victim: Callow and Oakley FBI Thrillers Book 1
by David Viergutz
4.8 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

Killers don’t play by the rules…

After nearly dying in the line of duty, the FBI’s top criminal profiler Genevieve Callow contemplates a quieter life while struggling with survivor’s guilt.

She’s reminded every day that while she was fighting for her life, another predator was stalking the night in her hometown.

The Icebox Killer.

She knows now that home isn’t safe.

But she’s haunted, tired, barely recovered. There are other agents on the killer’s tail. They should be able to catch him.

Or can it only be her?

Now, in one brazen act, the killer has called out to her by name, taunting her?a game of cat and mouse.

Callow has a choice: Run and hide, or do what she does best and catch a maniac before he strikes again.

Even if facing him means the Icebox Killer claims one more victim…

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