Radically Improve Your Performance, Creativity, and Productivity in Every Area of Your Life! Elite athletes do it. Successful executives do it. World-class musicians do it. Top-performing students do it. They take advantage of flow to achieve remarkable goals and accomplish extraordinary feats. THE ART OF FINDING FLOW provides a masterclass on getting into a flow state at will. It offers a step-by-step action plan to help you develop this exceptional ability at your own pace. Learn how to perform at your highest level and finally unlock your potential!

The Art of Finding FLOW: How to Get in the Zone, Maintain Razor-Sharp Focus, and Improve Your Productivity and Performance at Will! (The Art Of Living Well Book 3)
by Damon Zahariades
4.6 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

Until now, the flow state of mind has been treated as a mystery. Most people leave it to luck. Some leave it to their muse. Others rarely experience it, if ever. They can’t imagine being able to focus for more than a minute or two, much less for hours on end.

If you can relate, THE ART OF FINDING FLOW is for you.

Flow isn’t a mystery. Not even close.

People who have developed the ability to trigger flow know the truth: anyone can learn how to do it. And once they do, they can access a cognitive state that allows them to perform at their highest level.

When you’re in a flow state of mind, you’re:

• more engaged

• more aware

• more focused

• more creative

• more productive

• more optimistic

• more relaxed

• less inhibited

• less self-conscious

• less emotional

• less cynical

In short, you’re able to tap into a wellspring of potential that was previously sealed and bolted shut. You’re able to do your best work with confidence and satisfaction.

In THE ART OF FINDING FLOW, you’ll discover:

• How a flow state of mind can positively affect surprising aspects of your life

• The 4 types of triggers that induce a flow state

• The 8 enemies of flow (and how to counter them)

• A step-by-step action plan for learning to get in the zone at will

• How to tell when you’re in a flow state of consciousness

• 5 tactics for staying in flow once you arrive

• The potential dark side of flow (and how to stay in control)

BONUS MATERIAL: a special bonus section has been included offering an additional 10 activities you can do (at your leisure) to keep your “flow” muscles in shape.

You’ve heard about other people using flow to achieve amazing things — at work, at home, at school, in sports, etc. It’s time for you to experience it for yourself. Grab your copy of THE ART OF FINDING FLOW today and finally unlock your potential.

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