If you’re going through a tough time and feeling tired and lost, “Keys to the Troubled Soul: A self guide to daily struggles” is a great book to help you out. The other book-“The Ordained Demon: The Story of a Young Priest” is also available on Kindle. They both offer excellent spiritual guidance and inspiration to improve your mental and Spiritual health. Written by a Pastor and Psychiatrist, the book provides practical solutions to help you manage negative thoughts and develop a positive mindset. Both cover various topics, including depression, relationship problems, betrayal, and drug addiction. The books offer coping skills, instills hope, and encourages proactive steps to improve your life. Each chapter ends with bullet points summarizing key takeaways. By following the book’s principles, you will surely experience a sense of freedom, peace, and joy.

Keys to the Troubled Soul: A self guide to daily struggles
5.0 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

“Keys to the Troubled Soul” is a self-help guidebook by Dr. Oladapo Osuntokun, a pastor and a psychiatrist. The book provides practical and uplifting advice based on Biblical teachings, offering readers sound wisdom to overcome life’s challenges and achieve a positive mindset.
This book can benefit pastors, missionaries, parents, and the upcoming young generation as they transition into adulthood. It provides numerous tools and insights for unlocking one’s destiny in life.

The author leads readers to the “real truth” in life, stating, “His name is Jesus.” Within this book, he offers keys to spiritual life in overcoming that include perspective, prayer, and meditation.

This book addresses universal problems that impact all individuals on the planet. It provides practical guidance rooted in Biblical teachings, giving readers hope and motivation. By adhering to the wisdom imparted within its pages, one can cultivate a winning mindset and triumph in life.

Stating that “There is no growth without obstacles” and “adversities are common,” this self-guide is written with great compassion. Knowing the plethora of human struggles that can take place in one’s life, the author also relates that darkness and hopelessness can plague the mind and soul of an individual, especially wherein one feels isolated with no one to help or talk to. Reading this book is like consulting a caring friend and finding help in various life areas common to humankind.

The author gives readers a “how to” achieve “spiritual and mental clarity” while also addressing practical solutions and “steps to overcome challenges,” this book is laid out efficiently and double-spaced with powerful statements. Rather than using traditional paragraphs, the author employs a style that allows each sentence to sink in more deeply.

The author has written a book to help people manage their stress levels and improve their mental attitude through incorporating daily Christian practices, such as prayer. The book is convenient and practical, making it functional and user-friendly for readers.

All readers will find here a discussion of how to deal with specific issues such as jealousy, betrayal, sorrow, resentment, despair, depression, drug, and alcohol use, stress or feeling “stuck,” regret, Depression, defeat, and failure to produce an accurate self-help guide.

You will discover who you are, and this will help you to tame emotions. Readers will have a deeper understanding of your inner thoughts and how to foster maturity and undergo transformation to find genuine success. It assists individuals in developing resilience to overcome life’s challenges.

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The Ordained Demon: The Story of a Young Priest
by Oladapo Richard Osuntokun
4.9 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Religion & Spirituality

“The Ordained Demon” by Oladapo R. Osuntokun, MD, is a thrilling and thought-provoking book about a young priest named Michael.
The book is a thrilling combination of self-help, Christian fiction, and insights into Satan’s tactics and temptations. Anyone can learn how to overcome them and be saved.
Michael’s life is full of potential, but his pride, flawed character, and lack of reliance on God’s Spirit reveal how Satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. The author weaves fictional stories from Biblical representations to teach essential lessons from the Bible in each chapter.
The book starts with a narrative similar to Hannah’s in the Bible.
Hannah prays to end her infertility, and God blesses her with a child. Michael’s mother also prays to God with hope and receives the same result. This outcome makes her conclude Michael is the answer to her prayers, and the story follows his life from childhood to adulthood.
At first glance, Michael embodies the ideal child, displaying exceptional academic performance and placing trust in the will of God. However, confusion, emptiness, and a lack of focus come into play, and his life destiny seems blindsided by temptations.
The book prevails in teaching how Satan attacks the children of God, altering and impacting their futures that were meant to be determined by a higher power.
The end of each chapter features “Reflection” and “Straight Talk” sections that offer Biblical wisdom, encouragement, and tips for navigating life’s temptations.
This thrilling book is about a demon destined for destruction, not a Catholic priest anointed for the good of the people. The fictional story is plausible and provides a wonderfully creative and vivid read, teaching and encouraging those who read it to know Christ but remember to watch out for Satan’s craftiness even more.

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