Today is one of those days where I got carried away with work and didn’t even pay attention to the fact that I am still in my pajamas and robe. I asked hubby, who works from home, if he slept in those shorts and shirt. YUP! Thank golly. I would hate to be the only one looking lazy. I have been busy as heck, but just not looking the part. Quite honestly, I bet the pj’s are making us more productive than if we were in street clothes. So there!

COASTAL CONSPIRACY: Coastal Adventure Series Number 1
4.3 Stars (1,244 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Sea Adventures

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Michael “Murph” Murphy and his girlfriend, Lindsay, want to purchase a long-neglected marina and live out their dream. When a bomb goes off on the property, their plans are derailed. A mysterious enemy is intent on killing their real estate deal, and them along with it.

Dodging bullets and shrapnel, Murph and Lindsay work together to uncover the bomber’s hidden identity and nefarious plans. With time ticking down to save their new home, they must rely on the help of a wild band of marina charter fishing crews to survive.

Coastal Conspiracy is the first book in the Coastal Adventure Series, a group of novels full of mystery, adventure, and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each book can be read as a stand-alone story, or as a series.

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The Fire in the Glass (The London Charismatics Book 1)
by Jacquelyn Benson
4.5 Stars (1,375 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Fantasy | Historical Fiction

FREE for a limited time

London, 1914. Lily’s visions could stop a killer… if she’ll trust a reclusive aristocrat with her darkest secret.

A monster stalks the gaslit streets of Edwardian London, draining the blood of the city’s mediums. Lily Albright knows who’s next.

Lily is plagued by visions of the future she can never change. When a mysterious fiend threatens someone she loves, she’s determined this time will be different.

But she can’t do it alone. To save a life, Lily must reveal her darkest secrets to someone she has little reason to trust — the reclusive Lord Strangford, a man haunted by his own occult powers.

From the glittering galleries of Bond Street to the rookeries of Southwark, Lily and Strangford plunge into a dark conspiracy that lies at the heart of England’s rising eugenics movement.

To thwart it, Lily must face a past rife with betrayal — and embrace the power she has spent her entire life trying to escape.

This gothic historical fantasy series is perfect for those who love supernatural suspense, gaslamp vibes and slow-burn romance.

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After The Ending (The Ending Series, #1): A Post-Apocalyptic Romance
by Lindsey Fairleigh, Lindsey Pogue
4.2 Stars (4,645 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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The first book in the emotionally charged post-apocalyptic series, The Ending.

They may have survived the apocalypse, but the Virus changed them…

Grad student Dani O’Connor falls violently ill when a mysterious outbreak spreads across the globe. When her fever finally breaks, she barely recognizes the devastated world around her. Everyone is dead, and Dani is all alone. Or so she thinks…

Across the country, her bartender best friend Zoe, is used to dealing with hotheads and dirtbags, but nothing could have prepared her for the twisted thoughts of her fellow survivors. Anyone left alive is either sick, insane, or changed… like her. As her newfound super senses gain strength, Zoe must learn to control them before she loses herself to madness completely.

Can Dani and Zoe overcome deadly attacks and unseen dangers when deranged survivors lurk in dark corners everywhere? Or will they lose their way-and their lives-on the journey to find one another?

If you like unbreakable friendships, gritty dystopian settings, and a touch of romance, then you’ll love Lindsey Pogue and Lindsey Fairleigh’s heart-wrenching, superhuman, post-apocalyptic tale.

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The Perfume Killer (The DCI Gawn Girvin series Book 1)
by Linda Hagan
4.4 Stars (776 Reviews)

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A murder in a public place, a victim who hides his killer’s intent…

A German citizen is murdered in Belfast Botanic Gardens. Investigating, DCI Gawn Girvin concludes it is a revenge killing. But she draws a blank from CCTV and forensics.

The only clue is the top of a perfume bottle found at the scene. As frustration sets in, Girvin develops a hunch that by tracing the victim’s criminal connections, they’ve followed the wrong scent.

A young female university student seen nearby may hold the only key to unlocking the case. And like a bloodhound, Girvin follows the new leads.

But being ex-army, her cold demeanour is a magnet for risk takers. It means she gets results, but also puts herself in danger. And she could be charging into her biggest challenge yet.

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Rocking the Cowboy’s Christmas (Rowdy Ranch Book 4)
by Vicki Lewis Thompson
4.7 Stars (284 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance

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This Christmas a promise brings more than they expected…
Farrier Bret McLintock never dreams that delivering a Christmas tree for Molly Dixon will lead to a night of passion. She just moved to Wagon Train, and he’s eager to spend the holidays exploring their fiery relationship. Then he meets her adorable 10-month-old son. Stuff just got real.

Molly promised her late husband that baby Zach would grow up with a brother or sister. Her instant attraction to Bret dynamites her meticulous plan for finding the perfect daddy for Zach. Bret wants kids, but not anytime soon. She should give him up, but he’s everything else she’s ever wanted.

Will the magic of Christmas give them the gift of a happily-ever-after?

Saddle up for the fun-filled Rowdy Ranch series! Steamy western romances from the NYT bestselling author who brought you the Buckskin Brotherhood of Apple Grove, Montana. If you like sexy cowboys, charming small towns, and laugh-out-loud adventures, you’ll love meeting the McLintocks of Rowdy Ranch.

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A Deadly Legal Affair (Daisy McDare Cozy Mystery Book 1)
by K.M. Morgan
4.1 Stars (208 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Mystery

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“A page-turning new cozy murder mystery with a lovable sleuth and a charming setting that will bring a smile to your face!”

Welcome to Cozy Creek, a quaint tourist town nestled along the Pacific Coast.

Daisy McDare is busy nursing a broken heart, trying to build up her interior decorator business, and baking cookies when murder strikes Cozy Creek.

At first she leaves the investigation to Chris Crumple, the local bumbling police detective. But when Crumple arrests the wrong suspect, Daisy takes the investigation into her own hands.

Cracking the case won’t be easy. She’ll need help from her pastry-baking best friend Samantha, her wise-cracking Granny Annie, and her trusty West Highland Terrier, Shamus.

It’s up to Daisy McDare to find the murderer in Cozy Creek before they strike again.

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I BELIZE YOU CAN COOKBOOK: Belizean food recipes including Creole bread, Mayan Pibil and Garifuna hudut. (Caribbean cookbook Book 1)
by Gregory Arana
4.3 Stars (215 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

FREE for a limited time

This Belize cookbook is the first in Dr Greg Arana’s Caribbean Cookbook series. Dr Greg is a Belizean-American physician and author who enjoys cooking and eating Caribbean cuisine. This ethnic food cookbook contains scrumptious Belizean food recipes including

• Panades and enchiladas

• Tamales

• Relleno negro and Escabeche soups

• Conch Ceviche

• Belizean rice and beans and stew chicken

• Meatpies

• Tacos Pibil (Mayan and Mexican mix)

• Garifuna Hudut and Bundiga

• Caye lobster burrito

• Bread pudding, jam roll and coconut tarts

• Black fruit cake (Christmas rum cake)

Congratulations! You just discovered a treasure trove of delicious Belizean food. I Belize you can now cook up mouthwatering goodness in comfort of your own home kitchen.

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