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The Vanished (Crocodile Dreaming Series Book 4)
by Graham Wilson
Genre: Suspense | Mystery

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Four passports are found of girls missing in Australia. The one who found them has vanished too.
Who are these girls? Where have they gone? Are they dead? Could any be still alive?

A dead man’s diary and a search across the world give tiny glimpses. But their stories remain elusive.
Police search, friends and families search. But the five girls remain gone, their fates unknown.

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The Hope Cove series: Books 1-3 (The Hope Cove Boxset Series Book 1)
by Hannah Ellis
4.4 Stars (1,220 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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Three wonderfully uplifting stories of love and friendship.

The three books can all be read as standalone stories, however they are best enjoyed in order as the characters and stories overlap.

Book 1: The Cottage at Hope Cove

The summer that changed everything…
Lizzie Beaumont has it all: a great career, a wealthy fiancé, and the wedding of her dreams just months away. But when her fiancé puts work before her again, she sets off for a week in the picturesque town of Hope Cove. She’s hoping for time away from the chaos to find herself.

Instead, she finds Max.

When the gorgeous guy next door asks her for decorating help, Lizzie finds herself all too eager to please. The week she expected to drag suddenly flies by, and before she knows it, she has to return to her other life. The life with the impending marriage and the fiancé she loves.

Or does she?

One week with Max has left her questioning her life choices. Is her fiancé the man of her dreams, or just the man who asked? Now Lizzie must decide what her life will be. Will she go for the safe and predictable route, or take a chance on a man she hardly knows? No matter what she does, someone’s heart is going to break. She just doesn’t want it to be hers.

Book 2: Escape to Oakbrook Farm

Village life is supposed to be quiet…

Josie Beaumont is a free spirit. She changes jobs about as often as she changes her relationship status. Frequently! The only constants in her life are the comfy old shoes that she refuses to part with.

When unemployment looms again, she’s intrigued by a job opportunity at a dog kennels in rural Devon. As someone who thrives on change, a move to the sticks doesn’t faze her at all. She’s expecting life in the country to be quiet and uneventful.

What she’s not expecting is Sam.

The charming, sensitive neighbour makes life much more interesting. In fact, when she gets involved in the local community, things really aren’t as dull as she anticipated. But just when she finally feels settled, she’s offered the job of her dreams back in London. It’s time to move on.

Or is it?

Being part of a small community has stirred something in Josie and she begins to question what she really wants. Can she turn her back on her new life and say goodbye to Sam? Or is she ready to hang up her running shoes and stay put? Maybe she’s finally found something worth sticking around for…

Book 3: Summer at the Old Boathouse

Of all the guys, she falls for the one who’s off limits…

Emily Winters would do anything for her best friend Josie. Every week they meet for a catch up at the Old Boathouse – an idyllic little café by the Thames where Josie’s boyfriend Jack works.

As the summer draws on, life seems perfect. Emily’s writing career is taking off and she’s throwing herself into the dating scene.

There’s just one problem: she compares all the men she meets to Jack.

And none of them measure up.

Now all she needs to do is figure out how to fall out of love with her best friend’s boyfriend. Because even when Josie moves to the countryside, and her relationship with Jack crumbles, Emily knows there are rules to friendship that you should never break.

But can they be bent in the name of love? Is there a way Emily can get the man of her dreams without ruining her friendship with Josie? One thing’s for certain: when you’re in love with your best friend’s guy, the course of true love will be anything but smooth…

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The Gathering Darkness (A Carlie Simmons Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Book 4)
by JT Sawyer, Emily Nemchick
4.5 Stars (327 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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Fort Lewis: the last bastion of civilization left in the western U.S.

The Undead: nearly seven billion hungry flesh-eaters roaming the world.

Carlie Simmons and her elite team: unstoppable and perhaps humanity’s final hope.

With research for the antidote underway, Carlie and her team at Fort Lewis face a new threat from an emerging force in southeastern Washington. A brutal army of former military prisoners, led by demented Lt. Colonel Ryan Mitchell, seeks to destroy all that Carlie and her fellow operators have fought for. Armed with a frightening technology for manipulating the faster-moving mutants, Mitchell will stop at nothing to control the Pacific Northwest. Amidst the chaos of open warfare at their doorstep, Carlie must face her own personal battles while racing against the clock to save what could be humanity’s last chance for survival and her own chance for love in a world spiraling out of control. The Gathering Darkness is the fourth volume in the Carlie Simmons post-apocalyptic series.

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Dying Breath (Jack Daniels Book 12)
by J.A. Konrath
4.5 Stars (482 Reviews)

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His name is Phineas Troutt. He’s a problem solver.
Her name is Jack Daniels. She’s a homicide cop.
And then there’s Harry McGlade, private eye.

Phin is trying to find a lost girl.
Jack is on the trail of a serial killer.
Harry is looking for a runaway.
Little do they know, they’re all on the same case…
They call themselves The Club. A group of rich, privileged twenty-somethings who like to indulge in things that money can’t buy. Things like kidnapping, torture, and murder.

They think they can get away with it.

They’re wrong.

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Coffee, Milk & Spider Silk
by Coyote JM Edwards
4.0 Stars (411 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Literature & Fiction

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What should a battle-worn 11-foot tall drider do when she’s retiring from the Ember Guard and looking for a big change? Open a cafe, of course! Unfortunately, Gwen’s skills are highly specialized — she can contain a magical anomaly to protect the innocent without blinking, but taking inventory and tracking profits makes her sweat bullets. It’s not long before she wonders if patrolling the streets of Embervein wasn’t a safer bet.

Help comes in the form of the city’s finest — a tireless minotaur raising two kids alone, a teenage dryad with trust issues, and Gwen’s old partner in the Guard who can’t tell a coffee machine from a milk steamer. Is this unlikely group of friends really enough to save Gwen from certain failure?

Find out what it means to put it all on the line in Coffee, Milk & Spider Silk, a cozy modern fantasy novella.

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Chasing Glass Slippers (Happily Ever After Mountain Book 3)
by Cassi Hart
4.2 Stars (318 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Forced to rely on my hateful step-mother and working every day at a dead-end job, I’m left with little hope of a better future.

One night, desperate for something different, I agree to attend a party with my best friend. There, I meet the gorgeous and successful Henry. We’re instantly drawn to each other and bond over our mutual love of fashion, but the night ends too soon. I run, but Henry gives chase, and before I know it, I feel something I thought I never would again… love. Henry doesn’t know that I’ve lied to him, though. I’m not who thinks I am, and it’s only a matter of time until he learns the truth. When everything is finally laid bare, will I lose the future I’d only just begun to dream of?


My life is boring and mundane… until I meet her.

Cindy is beautiful, unique, and talented. She’s the only thing that’s real in my artificial world. But she’s keeping me at arm’s length, and I’m certain she’s hiding something. I can’t bring myself to care, though, not when I feel alive for the first time since my parents’ death. Cindy reignites a fire in me that I thought was dead forever, and I’m not letting her go. When her secret is finally revealed and the foundation of our relationship is rocked to its core, will I have what it takes to save the woman I love?

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Chicken Cookbook (Healthy Family Recipes)
by Vesela Tabakova, The Healthy Food Guide
4.0 Stars (134 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Simple and Easy Chicken Recipes Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet

From the author of several bestselling cookbooks, Vesela Tabakova, comes a delicious new collection of healthy, mouth-watering Mediterranean diet recipes. This time she offers us some of the best comforting and enjoyable chicken recipes full of your favorite superfood vegetables and legumes that are simple and easy to cook whether you need a quick weeknight supper or a delicious weekend dinner.

Chicken Cookbook: Healthy Chicken Soup, Salad, Casserole, Slow Cooker and Skillet Recipes Inspired by The Mediterranean Diet is an invaluable and delicious collection of healthy chicken recipes that will please everyone at the table and become all time favorites.

If you’re looking for delicious everyday chicken meals to help satisfy your family and your budget, this cookbook is for you.

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