It was pretty cold this morning. Brrrr. It was time to turn the heater on for the first time this season. I went to the thermostat  and turn on the heat. So exciting! when the temperature popped up I went into my usual mode of rapidly pressing the up arrow to jack the heat up to 80. I don’t want it at 80, I just want it to heat up faster. I know it doesn’t work that way, but it makes me feel warmer when I do. But once it hit 70, it wouldn’t go higher. HUH?? ARRRGGGG!!! Hubby put a limit on the heater! Erg. I am too lazy to try and figure out how to reprogram it, so I left it and just grumbled to myself. Maybe I will watch a YouTube video later on how to change that.

The Case of the Missing Photographer in Las Vegas (Tiffany Black Cases Book 1)
by A.R. Winters
4.7 Stars (764 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Cupcake-loving croupier and part-time private investigator Tiffany Black has a strange new case – and her close friends and family are seeking new directions in their lives.

What happened to Monica Galgavan: why did she go missing twenty-five years ago, and is she still alive? Is Tiffany’s client correct in thinking that Monica wouldn’t just leave on her own – and if so, is the person behind Monica’s disappearance willing to strike again?

Meanwhile, Ian and Sally prepare to leave on their cruise, which means that Tiffany is without an assistant – until the mysterious Rosie shows up and insists on being part of Tiffany’s life.

What secrets is Rosie hiding, and why are strange men following her?

Most worryingly, Stone is still stuck in the hospital, and seemingly getting worse each day – is this a natural consequence of what he’s been through, or is there an enemy lurking in the shadows, trying to bring him down?

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Just Visiting (Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Book 1)
by Graham Wilson
3.6 Stars (45 Reviews)
Genre: Drama & Plays | Suspense

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Her hands and feet are tied and her mouth is gagged.She is a captive. She is being taken to a river full of crocodiles and she is terrified. How could it have come to this.

Susan goes on an idyllic holiday in Australia, The Barrier Reef is beautiful, Sydney and Melbourne wonderful.

She wants to see the Outback. An Australian man offers to take her. She likes him and goes with him

When a fresh faced young English girl visits Australia she goes first to the Barrier Reef. He she meets a charming man from the outback of Australia.

Almost before she can think they are engaged in a passionate affair. She finds him and his life fascinating. She agrees to meet him in Alice Springs and travel with him through some of the remotest parts of the Northern Territory.

But a series of chance events leads her to believe that he is not who he says he is.

Yet she is incredibly drawn to him. Their relationship deepens and becomes ever more intense.
She must choose, whether to leave or stay. Can she take a chance and risk being drawn into his murky world.

Finally it is just her and him at a remote river, infested by crocodiles. With the crocodiles lie both their destinies.

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The Art of Danger (John Kite Book 1)
by Stuart Doughty
4.2 Stars (851 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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John Kite’s mission is to pay society back for his father’s life of crime.
Ex-cop Kite’s job is to recover stolen art, but when three men are murdered to get a painting by a forgotten artist, he knows it’s not a regular heist. A foreign spy is planning mayhem, not an art show. And why is a sassy female MI5 agent on his tail as well? She’s both kooky, and a tough cookie, their paths collide, and getting the picture back becomes a matter of life and death for both of them – as Kite has to prevent two nations starting a war.

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I Am My Affirmations. Emotional Self Care for Black Women
by Regina Thompson
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Self-Help

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“I Am My Affirmations: Emotional Self-Care for Black Women: A Guided Journal for Self-Esteem & Peace: Daily Prompts, Powerful Quotes, and Positive Affirmations to Provide Relief from Anxiety and Stress”
Embark on a transformative voyage towards emotional resilience with the empowering pages of “I Am My Affirmations.”

Why Choose “I Am My Affirmations” Journal?

Empowering Connection: Connect with other Black women, sharing stories and experiences as we navigate life’s highs and lows together.

Powerful Prompts: Engage in gentle yet stirring prompts that aid understanding, challenge negative bias, and ignite healing.

Journaling Superpowers: Discover the transformative power of journaling – a judgment-free space for self-reflection, structured thoughts, and emotional clarity.

Journal Structure

Dive into five sections, guiding you through the depths of your emotional self-discovery:

1 Understanding Your Emotions: Explore the impact and range of your emotions in this foundational section.

2 Recognizing and Embracing Your Emotions: Embrace the beauty of your feelings as essential parts of your life experience.

3 Releasing Negative Emotions: Let go of emotions that no longer serve you, making space for healing and growth.

4 Cultivating Positive Emotions: Fill your emotional space with positivity, joy, and peace.

5 Building Emotional Resilience: Harness your emotional awareness to build resilience and navigate life’s challenges.

Daily Prompts & Reflective Exercises

Engage in daily prompts that encourage deep emotional exploration and introspection. Reflective exercises, including visualization tasks and thought-provoking questions, guide you on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and growth.

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Beautiful Highland Spy: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance
by Effie Donnelly
4.2 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Historical

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He is destined to hate her, but he fell for her wildness.
Laird Alistair MacIntyre was not afraid to love passionately, but when his betrothed sold his men out to the MacKinnons, hatred left him numb. Now, he only seeks revenge and a chance to destroy his enemy. Destiny, though, has other plans for him, as a young and wild lass trespasses on his land.

Greer MacKinnon craves anything but being the niece of the Laird. She wants to explore the mysteries of nature and breathe the air of true freedom. Until the day her recklessness sends her straight to the enemy’s dungeons. However, his tough exterior does not intimidate her.

At first sight, their souls are forever intertwined. Her uncanny resemblance to Alistair’s ex-betrothed, invokes painful memories, strengthening his hatred toward the MacKinnon clan. She is nothing like them, though. Is their love enough to conquer all the obstacles in the end, or will fate conspire to tear them apart?

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