The Book Club meets Hocus Pocus in the funny paranormal women’s fiction series! If you love ordinary women facing life’s challenges and discovering magic, strong women friendships and fantasy with a side of romance, you’ll love the Hex after Forty series!

Witch in Time: Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Hex After 40 Book 4)
by Shelley Dorey
4.0 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction

Bonus Edition! Legacy, a full length novel is included!


Magic has a steep learning curve? More like Mount Everest! Try navigating that while a hot flash sears your spandex. Yeah, midlife and magic. But the three besties have each other’s back and they’re almost at the summit. Their powers are increasing — MJ’s ability at telekinesis means she’s a walking talking TV remote! Shannon’s done a deep dive into spellwork, and now Libby’s so damn good at talking to and healing animals she puts Dr. Doolittle to shame.

Everything’s just ducky.

Umm… not so fast.

You can have all the magic you want, but ya still have to pay the bills. And they’re piling up. Shannon’s tax bill threatens foreclosure of her house. Libby needs a wad of serious cashola to open a business and escape death by boredom at her new job. And Mary-Jane has never had a real vacation or set foot outside of Wesley.

Why not try a money spell? Sure, Alice Walker, the spirit of the Witching Well has forbidden using Magic for personal benefit, but these three ladies have come up with the mother of all work-arounds. They’re so clever.

What could go wrong?

Which is when hell breaks loose.

Wards are broken. Ghosts appear. And there’s an ancient adversary seeking a confrontation.

Ghosts, witches and secrets… Oh my!

In Witch in Time, Book 4 of the Hex After Forty series, the three midlife witches stumble upon a nemesis who would destroy the order of magic. Men! It takes strong women in a coven of witches who’ve got each other’s backs to sort through the tangled mess.

If you like seasoned heroines, quirky friendships and characters mastering magic and life, you’ll love Witch in Time, Shelley Dorey’s newest Paranormal Women’s Fiction.

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Devil In The Details: Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Hex After 40 Book 3)
by Shelley Dorey
4.5 Stars (724 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction

THE FINAL EPISODE OF HEX AFTER 40! These four women are the Worst Witches Ever
Shannon’s coven really ought to have their act together by now. With the addition of Cynthia, younger but waaay more experienced in the White Arts, the world should be at their feet right now. Well, at least Wesley, N.Y., okay?


• Shannon’s familiar, Robert the bobcat, is still missing in action after being shot at by Steve. And that budding romance is also shot to hell, by the way.

• Libby hates her new job, but it looks like every four legged creature in Wesley is in love with her!

• Mary Jane? Oh boy. What’s so great about having magical powers if your marriage is on the rocks?

• And dear Cynthia, the youngest member (someone in their 30’s is the youngest? Damn!)… she’s antsy as hell.

They’re still meeting weekly, practicing charms and spells while trying to figure out the contents of Shannon’s Grimoire. But the harder they try, the screwier things get.

• Shannon tries to amp up her love life and winds up screwing over Mary-Jane’s marriage.

• Libby enlists the town’s wildlife to help find Robert the bobcat and in return her entire neighborhood is transformed into some sort of Critter Hotel.

• Mary-Jane? Oh boy, oh boy… Almost burning down her restaurant was the least of her problems. Now? Huh. Now she’s trying to cope with an insanely jealous husband… who’s also too damn busy hanging with his buddy than having a roll in the hay! What the hell… ?

• And poor Cynthia. She feels left out of the three’s shared motherhood. She’s single and he own bio-clock is ticking away.

Has Mary-Jane been screwing around with spells again like she did against Shannon? Is Cynthia really trying to become ‘leader of the pack’ despite Shannon being the heir to the Witching Well?

These four women can not get their collective asses in gear despite the Spanx.
Are they really this crappy at magic? Are they really just a bunch of mid-life broads over reaching? Or is it something else?

Or is it someone else?

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The Witching Well: A Paranormal Women’s Midlife Fiction Novel (Hex After 40 Book 1)
by Shelley Dorey
4.5 Stars (1,370 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction

“I want a divorce.”
And just like that, twenty-three years imploded. Four words, casually said, ripped through my life like a chainsaw. The warm home in the suburbs? Sold; every stick of furniture divvied up like a burglar’s swag. Every memento, in just four short words, became meaningless detritus.

After three pain-filled months, I had to collect myself and start my life anew. I could say ‘all over again’, but that sounds overwhelming. Anew sounds almost fun! I put on my big girl pants and ‘a-newed’ my spreading butt to the Catskills.

From Philly to the Catskills? Yup. When I was a kid, I spent the best summers ever with my Aunt Maeve. She’s passed on now, and she left me her place. It has three beautiful aspects to it. First, it sits on a lake, and second, it’s paid for. A gal’s gotta watch her pennies, you know? And third, my two dearest besties from my youth still live there.

I’m going to anew the hell out of this. Right?

Not so fast.

Right from the minute I arrived, things got weird. Not odd, not strange, but freaking weird. Like a bad trip on magic mushrooms and tequila weird. (College experience talking here!)

There’s this odd wishing well in the woods behind my house. I spent ages living on this property when I was a kid, How come I never saw that well before? And to go from odd to weird, the thing talks to me! Yeah, I said it spoke to me. And not in my head either; but in a loud booming voice that scared the birds in the trees. And it likes a shot of bourbon now and then!

Like I said, weird.

And guess what? My wonderful lakeside home is haunted. And not with some creepy scary poltergeist. Nope. My dear Aunt Maeve isn’t quite as ‘passed on’ as I thought!

Turns out she was a witch. Yeah, that’s right. Aunt Maeve was the last of a line of witches from this property.

And guess who the old gal figures is the next to take up this mantle? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

A witch? Like magic? As in casting spells, owning a broom, and making wishes kind of witch?

Naturally, after I tell my besties about all this supernatural stuff going on, we come up with the ‘oh so brilliant idea to form a little group… okay, we formed a coven. A wannabe coven of witches, that’s us! Our plan? We’re going to figure this magic stuff out.

But it’s not as simple as that. Casting spells and making wishes is trickier than anything Penn and Teller can throw at you. There’s a steep learning curve and wish spells can go haywire. Like what I did to Mary Jane. She’ll get past it and start speaking to me again… I hope.

There’s an adage that you need to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Like how about wishing some hot guy would hit on you and then dealing with dating in your forties? Fighting spandex to pull the Mom-belly in and squeezing my feet into high heels?

It’s a good thing my besties have my back. Even poor Mary-Jane. I hope.

Witching Well, book one of the Hex After Forty series, is a story of a woman thrown into the deep end who surfaces, sputtering and flailing her way into her new life. Mid-life, divorce, and trying to stay sane aren’t the end. There’s magic, heart-warming friendship and maybe even love in this roller-coaster ride of life’s next stage. Come along, buckle your seatbelts and get ready for some tears and laughter — some at the same time!

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Spellbound: Women’s Fantasy Fiction (Hex After 40 Book 2)
by Shelley Dorey
4.5 Stars (793 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction

The Book Club meets Hocus Pocus in this Paranormal Women’s Fantasy!
A snobby bobcat, a catfight with your bestie, and a fiery blaze in a restaurant.
Yeah, Magic’s just great… Isn’t it awesome to point at something and make it move just because you can? Or touch someone and know their true inner thoughts? Or have a magical bobcat watch your back and guard you like some Navy Seal?
• The bobcat’s a pompous snot.

• Learning secrets violates boundaries and is sometimes TMI

• And the biggest thing you can magically propel is a glass of water. That spills.

Yeah, totally awesome.

Shannon, Mary-Jane, and Libby are still learning that the casting of spells comes at a cost.
As if the trials of middle age: empty nest, man troubles, difficulties at work, and business disasters aren’t enough, they’re also doing their best to get the hang of the powers bestowed by The Witching Well.

Sure, casting a spell is easy-peasy. You just twitch your nose or wave your wand and ta-dah!
Not so much in the real world.

And what happens if you piss off one of your besties and she hexes YOU?
How in the world (or even the next one with Aunt Maeve… ) is Shannon going to clean up these messes?

When you’re not laughing out loud, you’ll be brushing away a tear in this great new book by Shelley Dorey! Get your copy and start reading today!

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