Did I steal this quote? Yes, Why wouldn’t I? It is so spot on my brain hurts. I don’t mind the pain because it did make me laugh out loud. “Hitting the age where I finally understand why people were so excited to win an appliance.”

A First Date with Death (A Love or Money Mystery Book 1)
by Diana Orgain
4.2 Stars (409 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Thrillers | Mystery

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Reality TV meets murder in the first in a new mystery series from the USA Today Bestselling author of the Maternal Instincts Mysteries and co-author the New York Times bestselling Scrapbooking Mysteries.

Some were there for love…

the others for money.

Will she find happiness or a murderer?

Being on a reality show was fun until the first date.

The accident was terrible and in an instant, one of the bachelors was dead.

Was it just bad luck?

Georgia had her doubts.

What would the next date bring?

Since the horrific day Georgia was left at the altar, life had been rough. But she was tough and more important, determined.

And yet, she wasn’t ready for the replacement on the show…
Paul Sanders, Georgia’s former fiancé, was all smiles and cockiness when he strolled onto the set… and what comes next changes everything.

You’ll love this thrilling mystery, because Georgia is a brilliant sleuth and a witty woman, trying to survive life.
You’ll cheer for her.
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Falling for the Grumpy Contractor: A Sweet, Off-limits, Single Dad Romance (Moonridge Book 2)
by Ashleigh Quinn
4.5 Stars (194 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Humor & Entertainment

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A workaholic perfectionist, a grumpy single-dad, and a rundown old inn… I had a plan: meet a good guy, get married, have a house full of kids, and live happily ever after.
But life had other ideas.

At thirty-five, I was newly single and childless with a biological clock ready to explode. My perfectly planned life was not so perfect.

After a surprise inheritance of an old bed and breakfast, I threw caution to the wind and flew across the country to DIY the property. How hard could it be?

I was wrong.
It was really difficult. Not even someone with my work ethic could’ve fixed it alone.

Enter Blake, the hunky contractor with a grumpy attitude and a daughter made of sunshine and sass.

He stirred up more than paint in my life and I feared I might fall for the grumpy contractor.

Oh, and did I mention that he’s also my boss’s brother?

Disclaimer: this is a clean romance not Christian Romance. Features values like moving in before marriage, short kiss scenes and an allusion to one night.
Same great story – new cover

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The Phantom Flotilla: An Exciting True Story from the Royal Navy’s History
by Peter Shankland
3.9 Stars (925 Reviews)
Genre: History

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It was one of the strangest, most exciting passages in the history of the Royal Navy – the true adventure which inspired C. S. Forester’s The African Queen.

In 1915, Germany dominated Central Africa with its naval control of Lake Tanganyika, which formed the boundary between German East Africa (now Tanzania) and the Belgian Congo. With the only completed railway lying in German territory, no Allied vessel could be brought against their gunboats. Consequently, no British or Belgian forces could advance into German territory because the Germans could always land troops behind them to cut their lines of communication. Breaking that hold was both a military necessity and a suicidal task.

For Lieutenant-Commander Spicer-Simson, the dilemma facing the Allied High Command was simply the chance for an adventure – and so the sailor turned explorer. Thus began one of the most astounding feats in naval history, as Spicer-Simson led an expedition of only two motor-boats through hundreds of miles of bush and mountains to reach the lake, all in a bid to defeat the German navy and claim Central Africa for the British Empire.

The Phantom Flotilla is the riveting account of a remarkable true story.

Praise for The Phantom Flotilla:

‘A wonderful adventure yarn made all the more absorbing because it really did happen’ – The Evening News

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The Unpopular Sheriff
by Andrew Allan
4.3 Stars (138 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure

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Kansas Law vs. The Mafia

Sheriff Pete’s job is to protect the citizens. But, they hate his guts.

They think crime is rising. They don’t feel safe.

And they’re dead certain Sheriff Pete will never measure up to his legendary lawman father.

But now, there’s a mafia assassin lurking in town…

He’s on the run from his old crew.

And they’re coming to Kansas hell-bent on bloody revenge.

The last thing anyone wants is a bunch of mafia psychopaths shooting up their town like it’s the Wild West.

So, guess whose help the town needs now…

Ride along with Kansas law… as Sheriff Pete stands off against his doubters and a murderous mafia in the dusty, deadly plains of the Midwest.

This tense, exciting thriller pulls no punches.

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The Man on the Rubber Balloon or Optimism (The Colombian Connection Book 1)
by Paul Kelly
4.5 Stars (66 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Men’s Adventure

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Would you travel halfway around the world to discover the secret of life? Max Hansell did, and he was never quite the same again.

Cheated and dumped by his dishonest employer, Max escapes recession-hit London to trek to the source of the Amazon River. He’s determined to start life afresh, but disaster follows and before long he finds himself on a far more dangerous path.

Meanwhile his unknown American cousin gets posted to Bolivia. He’s a DEA special agent, supremely confident that the War on Drugs is about to be won; but the cards are stacked against him and bit-by-bit he gets sucked into a web of corruption and treachery. When a bold initiative is launched to wipe out the cartel, they strike back and he gets trapped in a world of psychopathic narcos, vengeance and torture, deep in the impenetrable rainforest.

Fate has it that the lives of the two distant cousins cross, but can Max discover the secret of life AND save his distant cousin?

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